Cleansing of the Gulf of Aden.

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Westworld industry has poisened the Gulf of Aden.

 During instable political periods in the countries nearby the Gulf of Aden, especially Somalia and Yemen, westworld industry has taken the opportunity to dump industrial chemical waste into and poisened the Gulf of Aden. That has given  total devastating  consequences for all kind of life in the Gulf. The Somalians and the Yemenites has lost their most important food-supply. The fishermen have transformed to pirates and the westworld nations have sent military forces to combat the pirates.

Global Scientific Authority brandbuilding project.

Global Scientific Authority do not give aid. Global Scientific Authority interest is to be seen as a guarantee for human values. A guarantee that motivates the global population to pay a voluntary fee of one USD/ month and global individual for access to science and knowledge based on the presented and proven Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That will be more then 90 billion USD/year. The very best long term relation with the humanity is to invest the revenue where it has the best revenue in human values. The brandbuilding concept is to maximize human values. A cleansing of the Gulf of Aden has a very high human revenue. It also has a very high interests for the westworld population that are very little informed about what westworld industry saved cost has caused the Somalians and Yemenites and why there are pirates.

Global Scientific Authority do see a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden as a very good brandbuilding investment. Offered is to identify, and if possible, also pick up and take care of the dumped chemical waste. Hopefully some day the Gulf of Aden will be transformed from a dead poisened sea to a sea full with lifes. 

Global Scientific Authority do by investments also give the humanity the opportunity to participate in processes to maximaze human values. Billions of people will eager to pay a voluntary fee to be part of a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden.

Cleansing of the Sundsvall bay.

 In Sundsvall bay, Baltic Bay Sweden east coast,  has about 23 000 bins been dumped with industrial waste. Very little knowledge is there. How to detect, pick up, cover over and if picked up what is best to do with them are unanswered questions. For Global Scientific Authority the Sundsvall bay is a very appropiate cleansing project to build up competence and skill about how cleansing processes should be managed including to handle the picked up waste. Global Scientific Authority do therefore also offer full financing of a cleansing of Sundvall bay as a knowledge build up project as preparations for the cleansing of Gulf of Aden.

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