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Russia and Isreal declares, wars are over!

News on monday 19/3 Putin told the world that Russia will not act military on the political arena. They have chosen a new track based on intellectual skill. Russia has no more any interest and will not be a part in arms race. They have understod that the era of military strenght are over and have chosen to enjoy the era of science and intellectual skill.

Today 21/3 Israel tells the world about their bomardments in Syria 2007 was to destroy a nuclear reactor. That would be a total failour to do if there was a tense situation with Syria. Israel, Syria and all other arab countries in the region all have an interest to regain peace into Syria. They all want peace in the region.

Both the statements from Russia and Israel are diplomatic announcements that they have adopted the new era when global political influence is based on science and intellectual skill. They have chosen the track that is total superior to military strenght.

They have seen how UN, US and EU step by step are played out of influence in Syria and how North-Korea with guidance have played out UN and US from the peace and reunionprocess on the Korean peninsula.

Why spend money on military arms, something that by science and intellectual skill is played out of influence.

(Since 21/3 2018 a lot of provocations are made into the Palestine-Israel conflict. Provocations that have given very little and most traditional based political support.) ( 7/6 2018)




Carl Festin


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