How to release nations from foreign impact.

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All nations released from financial dependence. (19/2 2019)

 Lesser then a week after the presentation of Global Scientific Authority as an financial alternative for poor countries the financial problems for Pakistan are solved. Saudi-Arabia has put in 10 billion USD and libirated 2100 Pakistans imprisoned in Saudi-Arabia.  The quick action from Saudi-Arabia is not based on Pakistan urgent needs. They are based on fears from Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political authority to bring in democracy, free speach and other human values. What ever poor country is now released from non-democratic financial political impact but also released from international establishment political interests. Poor countries have a fair alternative that do want to maximize human values including national independence. Global Scientific Authority has given all poor countries a very fair and competative alternative and conquered their trust as a guarantee for human values. That, so far, without spending a dime. 

Financial dependence gives foreign non-democratic political impact.

 Global Scientific Authority interest is to be seen as a gaurantee for human values. One importent mission is to release poor nations  from foreign political impact based on depts to others but non-democratic countries. Global Scientific Authority is able to release poor countries from dependence, bring in democratic processes in and do that in very fair economical conditions.

Pakistan is an obvious target for Global Scientific Authority. 

 Pakistan has put them selves into a financial dependence of non-democratic China and Saudi-Arabia. Now they have asked the IMF for more financial help and they have already 10 billion USD in depts mainly to China and Saudi-Arabia. 

Global Scientific Authority financial capability. 

Global Scientific Authority has about 330 billion USD in accumulated claims on the Swedish state. Annual added revenue with more then 90 billion USD. It would be a very easy task for Global Scientific Authority to release Pakistan from financial dependence of non-democratic countries and also bring in democratic processes. Global Scientific Authority can do even better.

1000 billion USD to create national independence. 

 The Norwegian establishment close relations with the Swedish establishment have been each other helpful to hinder common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. The Norwegian establishment has "helped" the Swedish establishmen to let the Swedish nation loose a national revenue from copyright of about 330 billion USD. The same amount Global Scientific Authority has on Swedish state in claims. Norway do also share the responsibility for delayed knowledge that have caused, especially in the Middle-East, human suffering and lost lifes. The Norwegian population will be very thankful to Global Scientific Athority if  invited and accepted to participate to create human values. More then 1000 billion USD in the Norwegian oilfounding can be used to release nations from non-democratic nations interests. A fair deal for Norway to be a Global Scientific Authority representative as a guarantee for human values. 

The Norwegian population has a tense relation to China as China did put political pressure on Norway when Liu Xiaobo was honnered with the Nobel peaceprize.  The Norwegian population will fully back up Global Scientific Authority in the process to release all global financial dependence of  non-democratic Chineese communist government.  Global Scientific Authority and the Norwegian population will in a partnership for human values be able to sweep out China and other non-democratic interest from the international financial arena if the international establishment let us do.

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