How to implant democracy.

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UN-delay do costs lifes.( 12/2 2019)

 Global Scientific Authority has given the Yemen peace-process political tools far above what UN in the peacetalks in Sweden did use. The only reason was to keep UN in a political position when they not longer was competative to what Global Scientific Authority did and is able to offer into the peaceprocess and the Yemenites. Martin Griffiths now tells that foodsupply, grain,  for 3,7 million Yemenites is stucked in al-Hudaydah harbor in a high risk to become mouldy. We can add that to the guilt for both UN and Martin Griffiths himself as a human cost to do far below what was possible. A human cost in a try to keep the international establishment representative, their non-competative UN, in an international political position.

Positive processes in Yemen are moving on. (7/2 2019)

 The UN-representative, Mr Patrick Cammaert, has now handed over the UN representation in Yemen and the Yemen negotiations to Mr Michael Lollesgaard. It must be a strange mission to negotiate about a solution that all involved knows are not the very best for the Yemenites and a far better already in December was rejected. UN and both sides are by Global Scientific Authority dragged into positive processes as they are far behind what could have been.

Global Scientific Authority implants democracy in Yemen.

 If UN and the international establishment did not do everything possible to hinder common knowledge about the Mediterranaena refill 3500 B.C., Global Scientific Authority promt would have the financial resources to implant democracy into Yemen. 

UN was by Global Scientific Authority told that they had to tell both sides in the Yemen-conflict that there was no other choise for them then to set and support a democratic constitution and fulfill Global Scientific Authority ethical standards. If not, Global Scientific Authority will decide to do the second best. Take active part into the democratization process by planting a Yemen Atlantis Party that do fulfill ethical standards. Standards that will give access to Global Scientific Authority unlimited financial support and an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority. Non-democratic political alternative, terrorists and criminals that uses weapons to keep their dominating ruling positions will have an impossible task to mobilize for their mission. Atlantis Party will aslo be able to pay policemen better then criminals and terrorist are able to do. That will raise the cost for criminal and terroristorgnisation to keep solidaric gangster in duty and will be the strategy to financial drain them.

"Democratic" elections in Yemen.

"Democratic" elections can very easy be made for Yemen. Democratic elections if defined as much more democratic then ever before, better then alternatives and with a purpose to be a part of a process to approve democracy. Global Scientific Authority will give the Yemenites the possibility to send their votes and do their election by cellphones. An already very often used technique and with one vote for each cellphone can be a very cheep, fast, efficeint and acceptable democratic alternative. Such an election can also be made far from Yemen and with a very trustable and safe controle. Candidates that have accepted Global Scientific Authority ethical standards will with that be renowned in their presentation. All Atlantis Party candidates do have to accept the ethical standards and can rely on access to authority and financial support by Global Scientific Authority. Global Scientific Authority is convinced that there in Yemen and all around the world are wise Yemenites that do have democratic ambitions, accepts ethical standard and will be very good representatives for Yemen Atlantis Party.

No Yemenite is excluded.

In a democratic process it is very important to let every Yemenite to be able to participate in the elections. They will be presented on same website with their CV. If they rejects ethical standards or have political burdons, that disqualfies them for access to Global Scientific Authority financial support, that also will be told.  Disqulafication or not will be added and told for each candidate.

Exemple of a presentation.

Each candidate will have their own presentation. As an example, Swedish primemister Stefan Lfvn 

Stefan Lfvn.

Stefan Lfvn, Leader of the Social Democratic Party. Prime Minster of Sweden. Since 2012 the leader of the party and since october 2014 Prime Minster of Sweden. 

Disqualified by Global Scientific Authority.

Swedish establishment and authorities has for about a decade had full access and knowledge about the Medeiterranean refill 3500 B.C. They have had full information about how important the knowledge is to create peace and human values. They have had full information about how the revenue from copyright will and can be used to be invested in projects that maximizes human values. As establishment representives the Swedish government in the beginning of year 2015 did confirm the rejections of scientific knowledge previous rejected by authorities, media and the rest of the Swedish establishment. By that Mr Lfvn is the most representative individul that annual has withdrawn the humanity sceientific knowledge and a revenue from copyright for more then 90 billion USD. The accumulated withdrawn total amount from humanity is now more the 300 billion USD. More important is that the humanity has been withdrawn the right to scientific knowledge, the origin of human civilisation. Knowledge that had hindered both the Syrian and Yemen civil wars. Lfvn is the national leader of the Swedish establishment that during almost a decade has delayed and hindered peace-processes in the Middle-East and on the Korean peninsula. His government has instead chosen to intrigue and sabotage political peace-efferorts. They have financial and political supported non-democratic intresests. Lfven visited Iran in February 2017 and held talks with Ali Khamenei to improve economic relations. At the moment Mr Lfvn is the worldleading political non-military terrorist.

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