ECOWAS investment target region.

ECOWAS do prove their legitimacy. (7/6 2021) 

ECOWAS has proven their united ambitions to bring in democracy and human rights by political pressure on the Mali-coup leadership. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will honner them and be the region very helpfull with investments. The coup-leader will immediatlely give up their coup if they are told that they do challange Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party interests to be a guaranantee for peace, democracy, human rights and independence. The ECOWAS nations can do so at the very moment the European fake leaderships are stripped as hindering the humanity access to science and knowledge, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. The US democrats and Europeans establishment are united with all global non-democratic leaderships interests to illegal keep the humanity out of science and knowledge. They are the Evil United just by the reason they are not democratic competative with the Atlantis Party offer to the humanity.



As the international establishment and international leaders now have understood they can not challange Global Scientific Authhority and the Atlantis Party there is sparetime over to start engagement in the so far left behind WestAfrica.

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High African human costs caused by European establishment interests. (27/10 2019) 

The European establishment active hinder of a verification of the Mediterranena refill 3500 B.C. do now delay positive democratic processes, causes political tensions and conflicts in a lot af nation in Africa. They do also hinder Atlantis Party brandbuilding investments for several hundred billions USD in Africa. Very high African human costs for the purpose to in Europe preserve establishment fake democratic mandates that to 95 % belongs to the Atlantis Party as a representativ for the European populations.

Time for ECOWAS to prove their legitimacy. (21/10 2019) 

There is no doubt that the Atlantis Party is able to place a representative and win a 95 % democratic mandate in what ever ECOWAS nation. The prior role is, in accordance to the win-win-win-concept, , to be a guarantee for peace, democracy and human rights based on the high democratic and ethical standard set and decided by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. It is time for ECOWAS to act in Nigeria and prove their legitimacy as representatives for their populations. If not Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will have to step and be it for them. A political position able at the very moment the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. is verified. The Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party initial interest is to back up and very much simplify the ECOWAS proval for their legitimity. That would be essential for an implant of the win-win-win concept in the region and would be if not the European establishment do everything possible to withdraw the humanity access to science and knowledge.

Islamic terrorists in Africa has a very a high brandbuilding value. (21/9 2019) 

The 15 African nations in ECOWAC:s has decided to add one billion USD in a founding to fight islamic terrorism in West-Africa region. Terrorist groups are for Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party obvious targets to vanish, as brandbuilding investments, for a voluntary fee as a guarantee for peace, democracy and other human values. A voluntary fee of one USD/month and individual. The 15 countries have all together almost a 400 million population and a annual voluntary marketvalue of 4,8 billion USD. The poor and suffering region has also for the humanity a very high brandbuilding value. Global Scientific Athority has promt to find brandbuilding investments for more the 1400 billion USD. After the by war sufffering nations and regions African nations obvious are very important targets to implant the win-win-win-concept, and maximize revenue in human values.