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 Russian qualification problems.

Atlantis Party has very good relations with Russia. (25/3 2021)

 Russia says they have no relations with EU and the Europeans. Thatīs not true if ment the European populations. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do have the 95 democratic mandate and are representing the European populations. Populations with very good relations with Mr Putin and Russia. Mr Putin is since several months ago by the Atlantis Party offered the option to be an Atlantis Party representative to bring in democracy and human rights in all former Soviet republics. The Russian are also much better suited then the Europeans and the Biden administration to convince the Chineese leadership they are not able to hinder Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party to into China bring in the win-win-win-concept, and be a guarantee for peace, democracy and human rights. The Russians are far better partners as they do have a superior intellectual and political skill compared with the foolish Europeans and US- democrats establishment representatives and thier political idea based on socialdemocratic fundamentalism.

Speculations about the new Russian constitution. (17/1 2020)

 There are speculations about what political consequences the new Russian constitution will bring in and how it will affect Mr Putins future. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do not. Also the win-win-win-concept,, is an option for the Russian population and nothing else presented for the Russian population will be competative. The Russian population will require an implant of the win-win-win-concept and that is something no Russian leadership hinder.

Russian leadership is preparing for the Atlantis Party. (29/10 2019)

 Nothing is as good for the Atlantis Party political process then a try to set hinders into a democratic process. The Russian leadership is now doing a very good Atlantis Party campaign.

Russia expands in Africa. (21/10 2019)

 Media tells that Russia is in an active expansion process in Africa. Global Scientfic Authority and the Atlantis Party do welcome a Russian engagement, especially to replace non-democratic Chineese engagement, if Russia is able to reach the democratic ethical standard set and decided by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. As long EU and the European countries financial and political back up non-democratic governments in Turkey, Iran and China they are banned from projects runned Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. 400 billion USD and 90 billion more annual has to be invested just by Global Scientific Authority. Norway will eager to put in their 1000 billion USD to repair ther bad reputation for backing up the Swedish government, UN has allready started the process to be an active political player to implant the win-win-win-concept. Very much to do for qualified countries. Russia seems to have understood the economic potential.

Putin and Macron with total dependence to Atlantis Party. (20/8 2019)

Mr Macron and Mr Putin are two international leaders with a total dependence of what Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party decides to do. Both of them will not be reelected. Mr Macron for his foolish tries and big misstakes in his ambitions to be a main actor on the international political arena. Mr Putin just because he since year 2000 has been the main laeder for Russia and such a long term feeds long term relations and corruption. For Russia and itīs population it is better to repalace him to break up long term relations. A break up needed to be successful in anti-corruption work. When they meet they both do it just for own common egoistic interest with the purpose to remain as national leaders. Both France and Russia will be better of with them replaced. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has in the win-win-win-concept, , to maximaize human values. To win the Russian and French populations trust it includes to replace Mr Macron and Mr Putin.

No Kreml, not acceptable. ( 13/8 2019)

The Kreml spokesman, Mr Dmitrij Peskov, says that the police voilence is inside what is needed. Such a statement can not be made without considering the reason for the demonstrations and protests. As told before and below the Russan leadership has to make a total turn to fulfill the democratic and ethical Atlantis Party standards. As long that is not case the police do defend something that not has democratic support and what ever voilence is then not acceptable.

Russia has to move towards Atlantis Party standards. (5/8 2019)

The win-win-win-concept, is based on common interests for Global Scientific Authority, the citizense and itīs governments to maximize human values. The political tool to make it happen is the Atlantis Party that when ever and where ever is able to win the 95 % democratic support. Attemps to run a government that do have other ambition then acting in their populations interests do also challange Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party interests and will be in trouble. The concept says there is no main intrest for the Atlantis Party to be involved in domistic politics if the governments fulfills their democratic mission. Russian leadership do now act opposite their democratic mission and can expect an Atlantis Party engagement if not taking the lead as democratic representatives.

Qualification to Atlantis Party standards. (27/7 2019)

It is in Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party interests to be seen as a guarantee for human values to gain a voluntary fee for access to copyright and also the guarantee. A voluntary fee of 1 USD/month and global individual is annual more then 90 billion USD. Money that will be invested in brandbuilding projects that maximizes human values. Atlantis Party interests are in full accordance with the interests for the humanity. Russia has a lot of brandbuilding projects in interests especially to hinder global warming. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have no reason to act if national governments do take the lead in democratization and anti-corruption work. There must be ambitions to qualify as barndbuilding targets by having ambitions to qualify up to the Atlantis Party standards. Russia now seems to have entered the opposite way in total wrong direction. It is obvious that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party canīt let that continue if not a total return soon by the Russian leadership is made. To be targets for brandbuilding investment there canīt be allowed any projectorganisation that do feed corruption. What now seems to happens in Russia is that corroption interests do try to hinder democratic processes an spoiles investments for huge amount of money. Globals Scientific Authority alreay has claimes on the Swedish state of 400 billion USD. Norwegian oilfounding of more the 1000 billion USD will be very happy to be a partner to Global Scientific Authority to maximize human values. 

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Carl Festin