How to implant democracy.

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 UN-Guterres fake disappiontments. (2/3 2021)

 The international response to Monday’s High-Level Pledging Event on Yemen has been described as “disappointing” by the UN chief, announcing that pledges totalled less than last year’s humanitarian response, and a billion dollars less than the figure raised in 2019.   

UN-Guterres has since September 2018 had the opportunity to let Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party guarantee the Yemenites peace, democracy and human rights and an unlimited financial capability by verifying the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. . Science and knowledge that is a human right for every global individual to have access to and know about. Mr Guterres has from his international leading position at any moment the possibility to verify that scientific braekthrue and let the humanity know, knowledge that the European establishment has done everything possible to hinder. Mr Guterres is rapidly loosing all credibility among UN-diplomats and UN-staff as the main individual that do hinder the Yemites peace, democracy and human rights by the reason he is solidaric, not with the humanity, but just running the ineterests of international establishment. The problems in Yemen would have been solved already in december 2018 if Mr Guterres then hade decided not to do. Why should anybody spend any money for keeping Mr Guterres authority and make him able to extend the time he is able to hinder peace, democracy and human rights. UN-Guterres is just disapponted about the low credit he and UN has got for the pledging event. About the starving childrens in Yemen he has no concerns as long he can´t, as an establishment representative, gain political on helping them.

Time for real Yeman peacetalks. (1/3 2021)

  During the Yemen peacetalsk in Sweden in December 2018 UN did have access to all the Global Scientific Atlantis Party outstanding authority, unlimeted financial investment capability and a cleansing of the poisend main foodsupply as assets to put into the Yemen peacetalks. Also a warning that if not the Yemenites were by themselves able to agree into a democratic constitution, Atlantis Party will step in and do it. A Yemen peace was very easy to win but the problem was that the political credit for the peace would be on Global Scientic Authority and the Atlantis Party. After almost 2,5 years delay there is still a war going on in Yemen just because of that simple reason. As the UN diplomats and UN staff now are in the process to leave their solidarity with the etsbalishment and twists to be solidaric with the Atlantis Party and humanity common interests the political credit as an obstacle has fallen. Based on the guarantee by Global Scientfic Authority and the Atlantis Party for peace, democracy and human rights UN diplomates and the UN staff finally has understood they can do things that for the humanity that do matters. United Nations is in the transformation to the United Humanity under the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party guarantee for peace, democracy and human rights. A UN transformation from establishment representatives and run establishment interests to be UH representatives for the interests to maximizing human values.

Swiss government fooled by the Swedish government. (19/2 2021)

  In September 2018, when the UN special Envoy for Yemen, Mr Martin Griffiths, told there is no future for Yemen, Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did step in with an outstanding financial offer and a guarantee for peace, democracy and human rights. An Yeman offer added with a regional offer to pick up from the poisoned Gulf of Aden, by the Europeans, dumped industrial waste. Just three month later in December Mr Griffits and his Swedish socialdemocratic host, Swedish  Minister of foreign affairs, Margot Wallstrom, had Yemen peacetalks in Sweden but the Yemen peaceprocess was withdrawn the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party offers just by the reason that the political credit would not be a UN credit. A what ever Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party credit would also strip that the Swedish socialdemocratic government do run the biggest treason process ever, by their active hinder of knowledge about  the scientific breakthrue, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C.  They do withdraw the Swedish nation a copyright annual revenue, over 90 billion USD, bigger then the Swedish national budget. By that reason the Yemenites also were withdrawn build up investements for probably about 100 billion USD, withdrawn peace, democracy and  human rights. The region was withdrawn a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden. EU and the EU memberstates are fully informed about the Swedish government treason and huge political burdens. The Swiss government is not. The Swedish government has now taken an initiative for a conference in Schweiz told as for the  purpose to make the international community to spend money to help the suffering population in Yemen. The same people the Swedish government for more then two years have given an extended the war,  and still withdrawn them 100 billion USD in build up investments. 

More fake UN-concerns about Yemen. (29/6 2020)

 UNICEF do now tells concerns about the risk that about 24 000 Yemenite childrens are in the process to starve to death if not aid arrives before August. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has since september 2018, when UN and the UN-Yemen special envoy for Yemen Marin Griffiths annonced they did give up all peaceefforts, offered peace, democracy, a rebuilt Yemen and a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden. Already in December 2018 UN was then able to have peacetalks in Sweden but during the peacetalsk rejected the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party offers as UN and the host, Swedish minister Margot Wallström, did want to gain all political credit for the progresses in Yemen. They did not want to admit that the peacetalks was based on Atlantis Party offers and did want to hinder the scientific knowledge about the Mediterranenan refill 3500 B.C. and the outstanding scientific, religious and political authority represented by the Atlantis Party. So far an 18 month extended suffering for the Yemenites caused by the UN rejected offers. UNICEF has fake concerns about the Yemenites and as long UN not will become the political credit they let the Yemenites suffer.

 UN and UN-Guterres tries to gain political on the coronapandemi. (28/3 2020)

 Media reports that the combaters in Yemen have listened on the UN frm UN-Guterres. " That is why today, I am calling for an immediate global ceasefire in all corners of the world." We know far better. UN and UN-Guterres just tries to gain political on the coronapandemi.  Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did before the negotiations in Sweden, December 2018, offer the Yemenites a democratic constitution, outstanding build up investments and a cleansing of the pulluted Aden Bay to restore the most importent foodsource for both the Yemenites as Somalians. An offer rejected by UN as the political credit would be on Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. There are no UN-concerns at all, where ever, as long UN can´t gain political. So far a 15 month extended war in Yemen because UN did not want strip that it is Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party that do run the global democratization and peaceprocesses.

Now the world gets the cost for Mr Griffiths and Mrs Wallstöms obstructions.(15/9 2019)

 Exactly one year ago UN Martin Griffiths gave up his efforts for Yemen. Then Global Scientfic Authority did step in and gave UN access to all scientific, religious and political authority that the Atlantis Party was able to put into the peaceprocess. In December, the in September forecasted  human disater, was under peacetalks. To the peacetalks Global Scientific Authority also did add a brandbuilding investment with a cleansing of the Aden Bay. Mr Griffiths and the Swedish host, minister of foreign affairs, Mrs Wallström did prefer to represent their own and the establishment interests instead of the Yemen population. They did not tell that their progresses did rely on Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party political tools. To hinder that knowledge they also had to do far below what was possible and reject the Aden bay cleansing offer. Instead of a democratization and build up process in Yemen, a cleansing of the Aden bay we now still have a by war suffering Yemen population. They have also hindered an overthrow of a now desperate Iran government able to start what ever conflict in an attempt to unite the Iranians as attacked from foreign, especially US, aggressions.

Huge human costs for UN-obstructions and failours. (12/8 2019)

 UN and their hosts, Swedish socialdemocratic government, had in the peace-negotiations in Sweden, December 2018, access to all the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party polical tools to create a peacetreaty. The problem with that was that the political credit for the treaty would be on Global Scientific Authority and not at those who did negotiate. Due just to egoistic indivual interests UN Mr Martin Griffiths, Swedish host minister Margot Wallström and UN Antonio Guterres did for Yemen make a treaty far below what was offered and possible. See below 7/2 2019. When the conflicts in Yemen now seems to escalate we know which individuals that are responsible, just due to own individual egoism, for that the Yemenites do not be into a peace and a democratization processes.

Yemen into a democratization process. (11/5 2019)

 The Huthi-rebellians has now understood that there are no possible military wins. There are just democratic wins based on science an intellectual skill. The by UN in September 2018 announced as the impossible Yemen is now heading a democratization process and a very promising future with peace, democracy and independence. An example that proves there will not longer be any military wins without an scientific and intellectual win. Wins only able in full accordance with Global Scientific Authority and the humanity intersts to maximize human values.

A very easy win for Mr Trump. (17/4 2019)

 UN was into the Yemen peaceprocess offered to use the outstanding scientific, religious and political authority by Global Scientific Authority. Also, for Yemen needs, a financial unlimited capabability for a build up. To that also added av very exclusive offer, a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden. Everything offered but during the peacetalks rejected by the international establishment representation, the UN-representatives and the Swedish government representative Margot Wallström. When Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party is in the process to conquer UN and EU as valid democratic representation, US congress decides to withdraw US military assistance  from Yemen. Mr Trump has now used his presidental veto and will keep US presence. What establishment and UN did reject in the peacetalks is now an individual Mr Trump offer to the Yemenites. As Global Scientific Authority since then also have conqoured  the valid democratic represention both from UN and EU, Mr Trump can with a international political back up sweap out terrorism and all non-democratic ambitions from the Yemen soil. When UN in December did choose to fail, Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did annonce a take over to set a democratic constitution in Yemen. The international establishment and US congressmembers did, for free, hand over all political credit to Mr Trump.

Time for Global Scientific Authority to step into Yemen. (8/4 2019)

 UN and Mr Guterres has in Libya proven total without skill to hinder a conflict. Everything was there available to grip and use to make Mr Haftar understand that he can´t  gain anything by military aggressions. In the negotiations for a Yemen peactreaty, in Sweden in December, UN was offered to put into the peaceprocess Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political authority, full financial back up for a build up of the nation and a cleansing of their poisened foodsource, Gulf of Aden. A four month delay to bring in aid, peace and a democratic constitution is what UN has given the Yemenites just to keep international establishment impact. The fear for  scientific knowledge do hinder the humanity to benifit on the brandbuilding investments, now about 350 billion USD,  offered by Global Scientific Authority to maximize and be seen as a guarantee for human values. A brandconcept that would make the global population pay a voluntary fee of  one USD/ month each to have a guarantee for human values. UN has chosen to fail in Yemen and they have chosen to fail in Libya just in the purpose to remain as establishment representatives.

Has US-congressmembers no brains? (4/4 2019)

 US-congress has voted for a US-military withdrawel from Yemen. There is no other place in the world where US-presence has such a political opportunity to gain public opinion wins. Two non-democratic nations has choisen Yemen as their arena to fight each other and a UN shaky armistice do hinder millions of people to starve to death. Why should the US population spend a dime for US military strenght if the strengt is not used to hold back dictators and not used to stand up for peace and democracy. The very best marketing arena for US international political credibility and the US-congressmembers say, we will leave. No brains!

UN-delay do costs lifes.( 12/2 2019)

 Global Scientific Authority has given the Yemen peace-process political tools far above what UN in the peacetalks in Sweden did use. The only reason was to keep UN in a political position when they not longer was competative to what Global Scientific Authority did and is able to offer into the peaceprocess and the Yemenites. Martin Griffiths now tells that foodsupply, grain,  for 3,7 million Yemenites is stucked in al-Hudaydah harbor in a high risk to become mouldy. We can add that to the guilt for both UN and Martin Griffiths himself as a human cost to do far below what was possible. A human cost in a try to keep the international establishment representative, their non-competative UN, in an international political position.

Positive processes in Yemen are moving on. (7/2 2019)

 The UN-representative, Mr Patrick Cammaert, has now handed over the UN representation in Yemen and the Yemen negotiations to Mr Michael Lollesgaard. It must be a strange mission to negotiate about a solution that all involved knows are not the very best for the Yemenites and a far better already in December was rejected. UN and both sides are by Global Scientific Authority dragged into positive processes as they are far behind what could have been.

Global Scientific Authority implants democracy in Yemen.

 If UN and the international establishment did not do everything possible to hinder common knowledge about the Mediterranaena refill 3500 B.C., Global Scientific Authority promt would have the financial resources to implant democracy into Yemen. 

UN was by Global Scientific Authority told that they had to tell both sides in the Yemen-conflict that there was no other choise for them then to set and support a democratic constitution and fulfill Global Scientific Authority ethical standards. If not, Global Scientific Authority will decide to do the second best. Take active part into the democratization process by planting a Yemen Atlantis Party that do fulfill ethical standards. Standards that will give access to Global Scientific Authority unlimited financial support and an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority. Non-democratic political alternative, terrorists and criminals that uses weapons to keep their dominating ruling positions will have an impossible task to mobilize for their mission. Atlantis Party will aslo be able to pay policemen better then criminals and terrorist are able to do. That will raise the cost for criminal and terroristorgnisation to keep solidaric gangster in duty and will be the strategy to financial drain them.

"Democratic" elections in Yemen.

"Democratic" elections can very easy be made for Yemen. Democratic elections if defined as much more democratic then ever before, better then alternatives and with a purpose to be a part of a process to approve democracy. Global Scientific Authority will give the Yemenites the possibility to send their votes and do their election by cellphones. An already very often used technique and with one vote for each cellphone can be a very cheep, fast, efficeint and acceptable democratic alternative. Such an election can also be made far from Yemen and with a very trustable and safe controle. Candidates that have accepted Global Scientific Authority ethical standards will with that be renowned in their presentation. All Atlantis Party candidates do have to accept the ethical standards and can rely on access to authority and financial support by Global Scientific Authority. Global Scientific Authority is convinced that there in Yemen and all around the world are wise Yemenites that do have democratic ambitions, accepts ethical standard and will be very good representatives for Yemen Atlantis Party.

No Yemenite is excluded.

In a democratic process it is very important to let every Yemenite to be able to participate in the elections. They will be presented on same website with their CV. If they rejects ethical standards or have political burdons, that disqualfies them for access to Global Scientific Authority financial support, that also will be told.  Disqulafication or not will be added and told for each candidate.

Exemple of a presentation.

Each candidate will have their own presentation. As an example, Swedish primemister Stefan Löfvén 

Stefan Löfvén.

Stefan Löfvén, Leader of the Social Democratic Party. Prime Minster of Sweden. Since 2012 the leader of the party and since october 2014 Prime Minster of Sweden. 

Disqualified by Global Scientific Authority.

Swedish establishment and authorities has for about a decade had full access and knowledge about the Medeiterranean refill 3500 B.C. They have had full information about how important the knowledge is to create peace and human values. They have had full information about how the revenue from copyright will and can be used to be invested in projects that maximizes human values. As establishment representives the Swedish government in the beginning of year 2015 did confirm the rejections of scientific knowledge previous rejected by authorities, media and the rest of the Swedish establishment. By that Mr Löfvén is the most representative individul that annual has withdrawn the humanity sceientific knowledge and a revenue from copyright for more then 90 billion USD. The accumulated withdrawn total amount from humanity is now more the 300 billion USD. More important is that the humanity has been withdrawn the right to scientific knowledge, the origin of human civilisation. Knowledge that had hindered both the Syrian and Yemen civil wars. Löfvén is the national leader of the Swedish establishment that during almost a decade has delayed and hindered peace-processes in the Middle-East and on the Korean peninsula. His government has instead chosen to intrigue and sabotage political peace-efferorts. They have financial and political supported non-democratic intresests. Löfven visited Iran in February 2017 and held talks with Ali Khamenei to improve economic relations. At the moment Mr Löfvén is the worldleading political non-military terrorist.

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