Family planning program.

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UN-report says 9,7 billion humans year 2050. (18/6 2019)

 Atlantis Party population reduction program has now been given a very strong political mandate. UN-report says 9,7 billion humans year 2050. That is a number of humans that also will take part of the human progresses and good living standard. An impossible situation as it is a number of humans the globe is not able to carry. The only solution to rasie living standard for all humans is to reduce the number of humans. The population reduction programs must as soon as possible be set in action as the basis to solve other global problem.

 From cheap labor to skilled.

 Atlantis Party has not the traditional political opinion that a population growth is needed and an advantage for a country economy growth. The opinion is that a population growth is an interests for national establishment interest for having access to cheap labor. During the Black Death in the 14th century, Europe lost about 40 % of itīs population. After there was no starving, lac of labor raised wages that also was beneficial for technical solutions. The main problem with low birthrates are that there will be a fortune flow down to the poor due to lac of cheap labor. What has to be solved is how to give poor children access to education and to become skilled wellpaid labor.

Reduced birthrates.

 There is no lac of money and international aid if it is used for family planning and reduced population growth. To have many childrens is often the traditional solution for parents that want to secure support during the declining years. There have to be financial incitaments to solve that problem and make it beneficial to have one or no child. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have some proposals that will reduce birthrates.

International aid.

International aid will mainly be used to encourage low birthrates. No other arrangement will better solve a whole range of global problems. There is an enormous amount of money spent in international aid that more feeds the aid-organisations then the humans in need. The very best solution to reduce the need of aid is to reduce birthrates. That will also withdraw the need of interantional aid and aid-organisations. Birthrate reduction programs have naturally very low interest among aid-organisations. The estimated number of births is about 130 millions/year and deths about 55 millions/years. About 75 more millions every year added and most of them as cheap labor. The deathrates will be similar to the birthrates with a delay of about 70  years. The year 1950 the world population was about 2,5 billions. Now it has passed 7,7 billions.  With 36 million births the 2,5 billion global popuplation rate will be before year 2100 and each global individual will have 3 times more of global resourses for wealth then we now are available. The by establishment fear for population reduction is not a poor people problem. The poor will just be better paid and will not be dependent of international aid. Thats the establishment fear and problem.

Medical methods for birthrate reductions.


 Men that do a sterilization, vasectomi, will be given a 200 USD compensation from international aid. Before such a surgery there also should be a datadocumantation about the individual them selves, family and ancestors. A steralization will not sweap individulas out from familytrees and family relations. They should be given the advantage to be for ever placed in a historic and culturala position. Vasectomi with compensation should therefore be possible and able to do without any other restrictions then lowest age, for example minimum 20 years old.

For women it is more complecated with surgery. An alternative is to  financial encourage using LARC-methods. Birthrate reductions programs should encourage strong relations among married couples that have chosen infertility. Strong emotional bounds with a partner is more important when there are no such bounds with own childrens.


Abortion is in many culturs a very controversial method. As a birthrate reduction method not recommanded. As a method to hinder pregnancy and births must be very local decided in each ethical group. International help for abortion to low costs and under strict medical controle and regulations should be given only where there is a local accepted request.

Social life encouragements.


Married couples without own childrens will have the opportunity to adopt childrens that needs financial support for higher education. Even with  biological parents three more married couples will be able to be adoptive parents. The most probably and benificial process will be that the parents not just participate for the child but also in the common project that will make family bounds of great value during declining years. Family bounds that guarantees good living during declining years and very much reduce dependence on educateted children proffersional success. If 4 poor couples raises one child instead of 20 there will almost be one guaranteed proffersional success instead of 20 without educations and no chanses at all. Adoptions do not need just to be newborns. Adoptions can also be made by children that already has proven they have intellectual or other skills. Such childrens can also by international aid be prior for financed education if qulified. The suggested model will be very much safer for welth during the declining years compared with setting hopes to a big number of childrens with no or very little financial backup for education. Overpopulation is a global problem, poverty exists more or less in every nation. Model should be global possible.

Childfree or non-biological parents priority to become an employe.

Public financed organisation should have a part, 10 to maximum 60 percent, with priority for childfree or non-biologicla parents to become embloyed. That will reduce dependens on children during  declining years. The advantage as childfree employe will be lost if a child is given birth. To remain in the organisation it has to be as a full competative embloyed in the quote without childfree requriements. The levels decided should be national decisions.

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