The Atlantis Party 95 % global democratic mandate.

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 The desperate establishment foolish acts. (21/3 2021)

The European establishment did do belive they could hinder the Atlantis Party claimed 95 % democratic mandate by enjoying the non-democratic Chineese and Iran leadership interests. The Chineese leadership was by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party  set into political pressure. Then they did try to win political credibility by a virusdrop, and a good Chineese management, superior to what the international establishment representatives were able to do. Establishment did instead maximize fear and by a pandemic mismanagement raise deathrates, by propaganda and hard restrictions reduce democracy and human rights and during that process add money to their budgets told as recovery founds. The 50 largest economies have during 2020 a obtained a total of 14600 billion USD in recovery founds. During the pandemic 2,7 million individuals are told as covid victims. During the same period 3,6 millions have died in the annual flu and pneumonia. A permanent problem since 5 decades that no political leader or media during the pandemic, and hardly not even before, even have noticed. The pandmic fraud is stripped and the establishment try to preserve it as a global disaster is just embarrassing.  The European establishment, now added with the US Biden administration, are desperate to try to preserve their fake mandates by adding tense in international politics in a try to return to good old days when military stenght did matter. They do tell that democracy is under a global threat and that the world is very political insatable. The era when military strenght did matter is over. The humanity has entered into the era of science and intellectual skill with Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party as the guarant for peace, democracy and human rights. The establishment will just have to accept they are not democratic competative to what Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do offer the humanity. Their struggle to preserve fake mandates are just easy handled foolish acts.

No objections have occured. (18/6 2019)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has claimed 95 % global democratic valid mandate. If there were objections there also is given the technical solution to make statistical significant polls to check that statement validity. So far still, after several months,  no objections have occured.

What Global Scientific Authority has and do offer the humanity.

 n Owebsite Win-win-win-concept is by Global Scientific Authority presented the financial solution to stop and hinder global warming. 1350 billion USD with 90 billion USD more added annual is offered the humanity to maximize human values. The international political interest to be partners will multiply the financial capapbility. Peace, democracy and independence are important human values very integrated with investments to hinder global warming. A cleansing of the Gulf of Aden is offered the region and nations nearby as the gulf once was the main foodsupply before westworld establishment did poison it by dumping industrial chemical waste.

Global Scientific Authority and the political representation, the Atlantis Party, do also give access to science and knowledge about the origin of our second human civilisation, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. for a voluntary fee of one USD/month and global individual. About 90 billion USD annual for more hundred years added in brandbuilding by maximizing human values. 

Atlantis Party 95 % global democratic valid mandate. 

 There is no doubt that the Atlantis Party do have a 95 % valid mandate. If there are objections Atlantis Party has suggested to use the by EBU own European Song Contest televote system. EBU, ( European Broadcast Union), has members and associated member EBU. that includes nations with at least 85 % of the global population. The nations and popoulations that are not EBU-related are populations and regions that most of all will benefit from Global Scientific Authority offers. The Atlantis Party do claim a 95 % valid democratic mandate in the EBU-related region and even more in the regions that are not. If there are any objections the Atlantis Party will at any moment recommand a televote. A televote is a very statistical significant poll and in the majority of all countries probably very much significant then traditional national corrupt elections.

EU elections.

 There will, in the end of May 2019, be an election of 751 delegates to the EU parliament. Every EU candidate will market their representation more capable to better contribute then alternatives for the voters. Their problems are that they all are establishment representatives that are capable far below what Global Scientific Authroity and the Atlantis Party do and will offer. As non-competative they have to fool the voters there is no better alternative. More the 500-million EU-citizens are fooled by non-competatives EU-candidates to elect 751 establishment representative delegates capable to do far below what is possible and offered the humanity by the Atlantis Party.

The Europeans will elect the 751 most hypocratical individuals in Europe as representives for establishment interests. When stripped their hypocrism will be useful to do everything possible to transform and be accepted as Atlantis Party representatives. Very useful tools for Global Scientific Authority and humanity common interests to maximize human values.

National European leaders.

 The European national leaders do find friends and partners where ever there is a non-democratic leadership. When political pressure is set on non-democratic leadership the European leaders sees an for the establishment opportunity to earn some money and with full action do political and financial support dictators as Xi Jinping and Rouhani by signing tradetreaties. Mr Macron do have a unique talent to enjoy wrong leadership. He did meet Mr Erdogan and did political and financial support Turkey to let NATO troups occupie the Syrian Afrin region. Mr Macron has also enjoyed the Gaddafi partner and supporter, Mr Haftar. A man that during his whole life never have had any other political skill then using military strenght.

The European national leaders will also eager to qualify as Atlantis Party representatives and Mr Macron will be the most useful puppet.

The Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party Win-win-win-concept has already the global valid democratic mandate. There is  just a tiny international establisment intrests that try to hinder common knowledge about the fact that international establishment hypocratic concerns not longer are needed. The humanity do much better without them. That knowledge is such a huge fear that the international establishment has chosen to delay full action with a total finacing to hinder and stop global warming.

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