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 UN and Mr Guterres has in Libya got a second chans.

Mike Pompeo has fooled us all. (18/4 2019.)

Below, 8/4 2019, Global Scientific Authority did rely on that US and Pompeo would hinder the conflict in Libya. He had all and more tools available then UN-Guterras that as an establishment representative had proven his incapability. Ten days has passed and US has shown, if possible, even to be  more lame in the conflict then UN. Now North-Korea has banned Mike Pompeo as US representative and suddenly it also become total clear what Mike Pompeo is doing. He is not a US representative, he is a establishment representative that both do harm US credibility and especially Trump administration credibility as a representative for peace and democracy. The North-Korean must have all credit for their wake up call.

Global Scientific Authority do not accept non-democratic ambitions. (18/4 2019)

UN and the Security Counsil do hesitate how to handle and stop the conflict in Libya. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do not. Why should the humanity spend a dime into an organisation that is the problem and not the solution. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do have the humanity democratic mandate and can also motivate how to use the UN-budget. Why would the humanity spend money in an non-competative organisation when Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party can offer a competative win-win-win-concept, Win-win-win concept. An outstanding authority, almost unlimited and independent financial capability and also based on a voluntary fee. Do France and Russia do belive they have the democratic mandate to back up Mr Haftar aggressions in Libya? The Atlantis party do suggest that their populations should make a televote poll and decide if the Atlantis Party would be their Security Counsil representatives. Atlantis party represents a very strict political strategy to not accept non-democratic ambitions. The populations will have to choose between two opposite strategies and will have no problems to make their decision and give a democratic mandate about how to act.

UN and Mr Guterres have spoiled their chans. (8/4 2019)

UN did have everything available to hinder the conflict in Libya but did send in Santa Claus to talk with Mr Haftar. In the left open political space US and Mr Pompeo now have stepped in. US and Mr Pompea can now rely on US own capability added with Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political authority but also the by Atlantis Party from EU and their memberstates conquered, all political mandate. See A Brexit-treaty set It was and is impossible for Mr Haftar to win anything and Mr Guterres did spoil the option to tell. Everything is againt Mr Haftar and no nation or national leader will step forward and back up his aggressions and enjoy the process when Global Scientific Authority ruins Mr Haftar leadership authority. What Mr Guterres did not tell we can be total convinced about that US and Mr Pompeo will do.

Lybian non-democratic leadership marketvalue. (7/4 2019)

In accordance with the win-win-win-concept, Win-win-win-concept. Libya with a population of about 7,2 million citizens has a marketvalue for Global Scientific Authority, as a guarantee for human values, 7,2 millions x 12 USD =  86 million USD annual. A financial motivated investment to ruin a non-democratic leadership authority and replace it with a democratic leadership, in accordance with Global Scientific Authority and Lybian population interests, with a three year pay-off is about 260 million USD. That without the interests among the global population. In Libya, other Arabic nations and the rest of Africa, can identify them selves and see Libya as a rawmodel to get rid of a non-democratic leadership. That makes a marketvalue to dismantle a non-democratic leadership in Libya at a far higher level. Conclusion. Non-democratic ambitions in Libya do build up the Global Scientific Authority marketvalue. As more non-democratic as more marketvalue in dismantling. An outstanding authority, and for the mission, an unlimited fanancial capability will be put in to make it happen.

Global Scientific Authority can in five minutes stop the Libyan conflict. (6/4 2019)

As UN-Guterres failed to hinder Khalifa Haftaris try to be the only leader of Libya it would have been just a five minutes job for Global Scientific Authority to stop him. What he would have been told is that the flooded Atlantis, Basilia and Poseidopolis, is placed just inbetween Creete and East Libya cost. Tobruk is the most nearby town to flooded Poseidopolis and the region was once a part of what Plato told was the area dominated by the Atlantis nation.That knowledge is not just of importance for the Libyans, it is of main interest to explain the origin for the now existing second human civilisation. A non-democratic leadership in Libya will not have scientific access to their own population origin, an origin with big importance also for the rest of the humanity. Haftars military mission is therefore also a mission including a withdrawel of his soildiers history and origin. Haftar would have understood that Global Scientific Authority has the knowledge with a very high value for the Libyans and Mr Haftars soldiers identity. What ever Mr Hadar offers he always will be far below competative. Global Scientific Authority is able to, at any moment, withdraw Mr Haftar all his authority as a non-democratic leader. Probably a five minutes project to make him understand.

UN Yemen failour will not in Libya be repeated. (5/4 2019)

In the peaceprocess for Yemen UN did reject what Global Scientific Authority did put into the process. An outstanding scientific, religious and political authority, a cleansing of Gulf of Adén and an unlimited financial back up to restore Yemen society also with a democratic government, was by UN rejected. Since then Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party into the Libyan conflict also can add democratic and total united valid represention for EU and all memberstates. UN is as an international organisation transform from a establishment representative into a representative for Global Scientific Authority and the humanity interests to maximize human values. UN and Mr Guterres do have access to all tools to hinder military aggressions in Libya. If UN and Mr Guterres play in accordance with Global Scientific Authority and humanity interests, take advice and guidance, there will not be any future for the governments that do back up the conflict. UN and Mr Guterres has been given a second chans to prove an international political efficient role.

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