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Global Scientific Authority offers the humanity an outstanding win-win-win concept.

 Global Scientific Authority Interest. 

 Global Scientific Authority Interst is to protect and manage the copyright based on the scientific breakthrough about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That is a happening that vanished human civilisation number one. We all now live in the second human civilisation that is based on the remainings of knowledge from civilisation number one and also the formative consequences of what the Mediterranena refill did cause the humanity. What ever science, religion or political interest will be without credibility and marginalized if they do not have access to Global Scientific Authority copyright. 

Voluntary fee.

Every now human being has a realtion to our second civilisation and then also a realtion to the Mediterranen refill 3500 B.C. To make now almost 7,7 billion people to pay a fee for access to knowledged that has formed their culture, religion etc would be an impossible task if using a traditional solution to manage and protect a copyright. A much more fficient solution is to convince the humanity and 7.7 billion individuals they have the same interest as Global Scientific Authority to manage and protect the copyright. If they do win more then they pay they will have the common interest as Global Scientific Authority to manage and protect the copyright and will also pay a voluntary fee. Global Scientific Authority mission is, to in every moment, convince the humanity that the revenue to manage and protect the copyright gives them motives to pay voluntary fee. The common interest for Global Scientific Authority and the humanity is to invest the revenue from copyright in projects that also maximizes the revenue in human values. Human values as peace, understandance, democracy and independence. For both interests a win-win concept.

Outstanding scientific authority.

The copyright do give Global Scientific Authority an outstanding position in all aspects. No scientiest will be able to reject the Mediterranean refill 3500 without ruin own scientific credibility. The humanity interests has access to an outstanding scientific authority base on knowledge needed and access to, also so far not public presented much more scientific knowledge, for all future a scientific credibility and authority.

Outstanding religious authority.

The Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. is the scientific explaination of about 270 global spread myths, including Atlantis and the Biblic flood, all identified and classified as the floodmyth. The Biblic flood is the origin for the Abarahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Wikipedia:

This is a list of people named after Abraham, the Biblical patriarch (Hebrew: אַבְרָהָם, Modern: Avraham, Tiberian: ʾAḇrāhām Ashkenazi Avrohom or Avruhom); the father of the Abrahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam:

All the Abrahamaic Religions and probably also all others will have to adopt the scientific explanation of the Biblic flood as an origin to the religion and faith. The copyright and religious authority works in favour of human interests. Religiuos leaders that do have other ambitions than be representatives for human intersts will be in conflict with Global Scientific Authority and the human interests. Religious leaders and religions that do very well handle the verification of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. will very much raise the interest for religions and also with raised credibility. Religions and myths that so far by science have been rejected as non-scientific.

Outstanding political authority.

No political interest will be able to get any political impact if in conflict with humanity interests. If in conflict there will be a struggle between humanity interests with total access to scientific and religious authority and political interests that do have not. Such a political interest and movement will just fade away by ruined credibility and authority. The process is already in full action all over the world as it is obvious that there in the future no leadership will be able to create any political impact without being a representative for common interests of Global Scientific Authority and the humanity. A political or religious leadership will have to rely and build their credibility to be representatives for common interest of Global Scientific Authority and the humanity. Political and religious leadership-the humanity and Global Scientific Authority will soon all have the common interests to create human values and manage and protect a voluntary fee for access to copyright. There is a global win-win-win concept to protect and manage the copyright and a loss-loss-loss concept to be in conflict. 

Outstanding financial capability.

The voluntary fee will for each global individual be one USD/month. For the Swedish 10 million population it will be a annual voluntary fee of 120 million USD.  Compared with the governmental decided imposed fee for the Swedish military cost it is lesser then 2 %. The win-win-win-concept will very much reduce the political tensions and therefore also will give a very big drop of need for military protection. For Sweden a reduction with 50 % of an imposed fee for military cost will give a 25 times repay for the Swedes for a voluntary fee of one USD/month. A voluntary fee of one USD/month and global individual will give 7,7 billions x 12 month = 92,4 billion USD annual for investments that maximizes human values. A bigger financial capability then any nation or international organisation is able to offer the humanity and a continious brandbuilder to motivate the humanity to protect and manage a voluntary fee. The by Global Scientific Authority made investments are no gifts. The big advantages are that the revenue of the investments are based on the revenue on human values that motivates the 7,7 billion humans to pay a voluntary fee. Very fair economical conditions with just a payback is therefore anyway for Global Scientific Authority a good investment. A payback that will be used for more investments to maximize the revenue of human values. A decided, just as a PR-investment, is a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden. The organisation that will be Global Scientific Authority is descreibed at United Humanity. ( Media companies will have to pay for access to copyright and the voluntary fee will be paid when populations do buy media.)

Decided and set Ethical Standards with extended financial capability.

 The investments are no gifts. They will be sold and have to be repaid for use in other human urgent investments. There are common interest for both Global Scientific Authority and the humanity to make investments at the very best and most competative way. That also means it will be a main interest in all aspects to oppose corruption. Global Scientific Authority will very active do anticorruption work to hinder that corruption to harm the Global Scientific Athority brand. The annual amount for investments will need big and skilled partners. Only those who already do or are in a positive process to fullfil the set and deceided Ethical Standard can participate and be partners in brandbuilding. Companies, organisations or whole nations that not are active in anticorrution work in own organisations or national governments or do hinder democratization processes will harm the brand. Such problems will disqualify them as partners. Nations, international and aid organisations will eager to be a accepted partner with Global Scientifi Authority. A rejection to be will ruin credibility and be devastating for any governments or organisations. The conclusion must be that the annual 92,4 billion USD to maximize human values will most probably be at least dubbled or trippled. 

Democratization method.

Global Scientific Authority has an outstanding and unquestionable scientific, religious and political position. A position that combined with very established and used technical solution can for any country in the world just in a few days make a national poll very statistical significant as if there had been a total correct and democratic election. The questions about which are or which are not the most democratic representative leadership do not have to be disquessed. Global Scientific Authority is able when ever, for what ever country, to in just a few days make a national poll very significant to a total free, noncorrupt and democratic election. Probably more statistical significant then most of the so far made elections. Global Scientific Authority will not ask for anybodies permission. 

Active resistance.

Global Scientific Authority is offering a concept that annual is financial capable to do investments for about 300 billion USD to maximize human values. For any politician, organisation or nation that are representative for the human interests and do want to participate to maximize human values, it seems to be very tempting to do everything possible to set this authority and financial capability into action. That is not the case. Swedish government and establishment have instead for several years chosen a very active strategy to hinder it. About 350 billion USD is already withdrawn the humanity and caused a very harmful delay in global peace and democratization processes and have several years stopped urgent investments to hinder global warming. That just in an attempt to hinder Global Scientific Authority to conquer the authority to do anticorruption work within swedish political and financial establishment.

Norway has been them helpful and will not reject to spend 1000 billion USD from their oilfounding in attemps to be qualified Global Scientific Authority partner.

Germany and EU have helped the main VW-group owners to withdraw the EU-citizents about 400 billion Euro in compensation for "dieselgate." Main owners that both have fooled humanity and have huge political burdons. Obvoius a for Global Scientific Authority target for brandbuilding. 400 billion Euro will convince the Europeans to be solidaric and representatives to Global Scientific Authority interests to create human values.


Carl Festin

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