United Humanity is decided.

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UN is led by Global Scientific Authority. (18/2 2019)

UN had in September 2018 given up the peaceprocess in Yemen. Then Global Scientific Authority did step in. The situation i Yemen is now far above what UN in September could even dream about but still far below what could have been. If the Yemenites did known what Global Scientific Authority has put into the peaceprocess it would have been much better. So far a lot of input to the peaceprocess is by UN rejected.

UN was not able to protect the UN-staff and did close the investigation about the murdering of Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp in Kongo-Kinshasa. Then Global Scientific Authority did step in. The investigation is now in full speed and about 20 responsible for the murdering are now under investigation. Where UN do fail, Global Scientific Authority do not. 

US and Israel have left UN and enjoyed UH. (3/1 2019)

US and Israel has left UNESCO. A wise decision that proves they have chosen a much better political and financial alternative for their nations. They have also chosen  a much better alternative for the humanity to be a qualified partner to UH interests to maximize human values.

United Humanity is needed. (27/12 2018)

Mr Trump and US decides to enter into the era of science and intellectual skill and see no more need for their role as global police. The role as a democratic defender will be much better served by Global Scientific Authority interests.

Global Scientific Authority had ambitions to cooperate with UN if it could transform from an establishment international organisation to an international organisation in the duty of the humanity and human values. That is not the case. UN has proven to have far to low ethical standard that would harm the Global Scientific Authority brand.

United Humanity.


Global Scientific Authority brand representative.

UN-Secretary-General will be replaced by a Global Scientific Authority brand representative.

UH council of expertise.

UN Security Council will be replaced by 9 scientific experts. The UH council of expertise. The experts will by the UH Nations Representative Chamber be elected for a 3 years period. Every year 1/3, three individuals, will be replaced.

UH Nations Representative chamber.

United Nations General Assembly will be replaced by the worldpopulations elected nation representatives to the UH Nations Representative chamber. All candidates has to pass through the brand-control and be accepted by Representative Chamber, council of expertise and Global Scientific Authority brand representative. Annual each country candidate will be challenge in a new election by at least two others. The elections will be done as a global poll over internet where each ip-number has one vote. That is not a traditional democratic election but gives the engaged humanity and brandbuilders also impact for their voluntary fee and can be represented by a big number of candidates without national limitations.


UH Nations Representative Chamber main function is to propose investment that best builds the brand as a guarantee for human values. That also includes a selection of nations that are in processes that builds the brand as Global Scientific Authority as a guarantee for human values. Nations targets for investments must be able to guarantee the UH-staff and entrepreneurs staff safety. If not it will be impossible to start or continue projects. Nations, governments, companies, individual leader or whatever that will harm the brand will be withdrawn as partners to Global Scientific Authority. Nations can also be withdrawn access to copyright if they are into a reduced democratic process. Global Scientific Authority has at every moment to manage the brand as a guarantee for human values.The Representative chamber will worldwide find and present projects and investments the global public opinion finds as the most urgent needs with best revenue in human values.

Financial solution.

UH is total independent of governmental financial support. The financial solution is based on access to copyright about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. An access that every scientiefic,religious and political interest soon will understand they must have access to as we are the second human civilisation built upon the remainings of the first flooded. A fee for access to copyright will be set on media and by that be voluntary paid. The fee will be at an average of one USD/month and global individual. That gives 12x7,6 billion = 91,2 billion USD every year for investment in projects that maximizes the revenue in human values such as peace, understandance, democracy and independence. Global Scientific Authority has already,due to political national foolish strategies, claims of a total of 1300 billion USD that will eager to be a partner to Global Scientific Authority brandbuilding and motivate the humanity to pay the voluntary fee.

Summery: United Humanity has 1300 billion USD added with 90 billion annual for about 100 more years to invest in projects that maximizes the revenue in human values.


Global Scientific Authority is able to start as soon as the international community verifies the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. So far establishment interests do everything possible to hinder it.




Tillbaks till start