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 Establishment media plays confused. (29/6 2020)

Malawi has after a fake election made a reelection that has given Lazarus Chakwera, with a 59 percent democratic mandate, the presidental mission. Establishment media is reporting their amazement about that such a process in Africa was possible. They also could have reported that Malawi and whole Africa is in the process to implant the win-win-win-concept, with a much higher democratic standard then the systems in Europe. In Europe the financial elite do very much missuse the systems to gain their interests. Establishment media plays confused but that is just a fake in the purpose to hinder common knowledge about the fact that Africa is in a process to become a continent with much higher democratic standard then Europe.

Malawi next African nation to implant the win-win-win-concept. (8/7 2019)

As pretold, Africa has taken the global lead and next country to implant the win-win-win-concept seems to be Malawi. Malawi has the constitution and institutions to promt adopt the win-win-win-concept. It is just a matter of attitude among Malawi political and institutional leadership to enjoy and qualify as Atlantis Party representatives. They have to act as representatives for human rights and at all levels do an efficient anti-corruption work. When such efforts are made and proven there is a lot of possible projects and investments for Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party to do in Malawi that will build the Atlantis Part brand as a guarant for maximizing human values. ( Below just the copy of the process that made Sudan to start to implant the win-win-win-concept. )

Sudan implants the win-win-win-concept. (5/7 2019)

The Sudan ruling military council and the opposition alliance agree to a three year transition to av civilian rule. If there among the common leadership are leaders with non-democratic ambitions and ambitions to create for them selfs benificial corrupt organisations that should immediately be forgotten. The Sudan process is a model for all African nations how to implant the win-win-win-concept. and therefore with a total African population of about 1,2 billion that voluntary will pay one USD/month for the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party guarntee for human rights and anti-corruption work. That means 14,4 billion USD annual payback Global Scientic Authority for implanting the win-win-win-concept and anti-corruption work. A cost that wealthy people around the world will be very happy to pay if there is a solution where they can participate in building human values as human rights, democracy and anti-corruption work. The Sudan common leadership and all other African governments will soon understand there is no political future if not taken the lead in a process to implant the win-win-win-concept. There is a 14,4 billion USD interest for Africa to make it happen and a global revenue of 92,4 billion USD that will be invested for brandbuilding in maximizing human values. Obvious Africa will be very big target for such investments. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do from now and futher on see Africa as a region where all countries are in a process to implant the win-win-win-concept.

International establishment guilt.( 10/6 2019)

The Sudan military government is backed up by non-democratic governments of Saudi-Arbia and United Arab Emirates. Global Scientific Authority has presented very skilled Atlantis Party representatives with full access to scientific, religious and political authority and outstanding financial capability that will be able to win 99 % democratic valid Sudanese support. Will the international establishment including UN, EU and EU memberstate national leaders let a civil war start and also refuses the humanity access to scientific knowledge, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. that will hinder a civil war.

International establisment costs added. (3/6 2019)

The Sudan military government do refuse to take initiatives to start the domocratization process. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has the authority and financial capability to bring in a democratization process in Sudan. The international establishment refuses to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. that is the main key for the Atlantis Party to act. More suffering and lost lifes are added to the international establishment costs for their active hinder of science.

Why do Sudan military obstruct? (31/5 2019)

There seems as the Sudan military government obstructs the democratization-process. They should take the initiative and lead it otherwise they anyway will be replaced when Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party active turns the soldiers against them.

Hard work and a promising future. (15/5 2019).

The Sudan military and opposition agree in three-year transition. Hard work is ahead to create a democratic and non-corrupt nation but the revenue in human values is for Sudan and the Sudan population gigantic. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party, the Sudan population and the Sudan government are now in the process into implant the win-win-win-concept. The young Sudaneses now can look forward to a promising future their parents did not believe was possible. The Sudan government has now to identify and for Global Scientific Authority present investments that maximizes human values for their population. Better missions are where ever hard to find.

Good signs from Arabic Nations. (1/5 2019).

The Arabic Nations have taken political initiatives to form Sudan to a political stable and democratic nation. Global Scientific Authority appreciate all initiatives that are in accordance with the win-win-win-concept. Win-Win-Win-concept. It seems as the Arabic Nations now have understod the concept and have taken the first step. It is a very good sign and well noticed and will most probably be followed by more. If, the arabic populations can look forward to a very promising future and to be governed by a democratic elected and competative arabic leadership.

Total astonishing that Algerian protest not are over.(26/4 2019).

The international community do very well know that Algeria is by Global Scientific Authority offered to enjoy the win-win-win-concept. Still not convinced the Algerian government to give the population all democratic conditions required as if there is any other opportunity. How much do UN-cost? How much do the EU-project cost? How much do the national budgets spend in aid? Seems as everything are wasted money if not anybody is able to convince the Algerian government to give the Algerians all democratic tools and other conditions required to build a stable democratic nation. 

 Algerian and Sudan democratization processes guaranteed. (14/4 2019).

Global Scientific Authority have offered the democratization processes in Sudan and Algeria all scientific, religious and political authority support that needed. The shaky democratization-processes are secured and the populations and governments can futher on rely that the win-win-win-concept will sweap all non-democratic interests out of their countries. Win-win-win-concept. Global Scientific Authority interests and the Atlantis Party are also the democratic representatives for both EU and UN. Sudan and Algeria democratic governments and their populations can rely on a total support to defend the win-win-win-concept when ever non-democratic interests and corruption do try to get any political impact.


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