Ukraine the chosen rawmodel.

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 Ukraine an Atlantis Party representative.

 Global Scientific Authority has offered the Ukrainian government to be an Atlantis Party representative. Ukraine political position makes it to an open target for foreign interest and that is also the case for Global Scientfic Authority interests. Ukraine will by being a Atlantis Party representative be a role model for the win-win-win-concept, Win-Win-Win-concept, in all former East-European countries and Soviet republics.  

Great brandbuilding value.

 The former, by Soviet communist party, ruled region is the world most attractive region to make investments to hinder global warming. The region also do suffer from corruption. With Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political authority added with a huge financial capability the win for the populations and democratic interests to set competative leadership in all levels, including the government, the wins for every interest in the win-win-win-concept are huge. Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party brand will by investment in producing sustainable energy and improve effiency in distrubution and consumption win the populations trust but also the global trust for hindering global warming. The only possible political representation is to be a Atlantis Party representative that do fulfill the decided and by Atlantis Party set ethical and democratic standards. Global Scientific Authority do win, the populations do win and the democratic government do win. An from Global Scientific Authority offer the Ukarainians not will reject. They will then also have the opportunity  to be the whole former communistregion role model.

Brandbuilding by fighting corruption 

An important mission for Global Scientific Authority brandbuilding is to fights corruption. The region do suffer from corruption that makes the brandbuilding value for fighting and beat corruption enormous. In Ukraina and the region are million separate projects that will be good investments to hinder global warming. Global Scientific Authority will just invest in project without corruption and feed organisations and companies that are non-corrupt and competative. Global Scientific Authority interest is to invest in projects that do build the brand and will obvious not invest in projects that do feed corruption. Every invested dime will also be an investment in competative non-corrupt organisations and competative non-corrupt companies. The revenue to be involved in corruption will just fade away. Corrupt organisations and corrupt companies will be passed and left behind as corrupt waste. As an Atlantis Party representative with a democratic competative  government, competative organisations and competative companies will the former communistregion be very attractive for almost what ever international company. Ukraine has the possibility to be the regional center for such an international interest. Global Scientific Authority is during such a process capable to invest 100 of billion USD to make it happen. A process  that will be followed by global financial interests that are able to 100 times multiple Global Scientfic Authority investments. Everything invested will contribute to the Global Scientific Authority brand. 

Ukraine government has no alternative.

The offer to the Ukraine government to be a Atlantis Party representative is so attractive that they do not have any alternative then to enjoy. They will by adopting the win-win-win-concept for free be the region leading democratic, non-corrupt and independent country. The new political unexperianced president, Mr Volodymyr Zelenskyj, seen as an obvious easy target has got a Global Scientific Authority guarantee and can as a resistant president promise the Ukrainians a very good future.

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