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The foretold setback is here. (22/6 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have told that the national close downs are political populism based on a lame leadership. A good European leadership by the Atlantis Party was rejeted and the establishment did choose to close down an cause a global recession. The former told successful countries as Germany are now total out of immunity and open targets for the virus and will after an over three month close down anyway have to go thrue the immunity process. Their leaders have placed them selves in a very bad political position. Open up the countries and admit that the close downs were without any sense or try to save their political asses by new close downs, restrictions and kill their own countries economies. Cost that are placed on the  populations that, as always, will have to take cost due to political populism and a lame leadership. 

Atlantis Party superior pandemic position. (17/6 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did already in March offer the Europeans a good leadership and a replacement of the lame, cowerdly and foolish leadership in a situation when a good leadership was needed. Build rapidly up a national immunity among children, youngsters and healthy adults and during that process protect the individulas in need of protection. By political populism there instead were all over national close downs in ambitions to hinder the spreed of the coronavirus. A strategy that just extends the time the virus will find people without any immunity and a strategy to extend the time in need of protection and the risk to fail. Failours are also what has happened. Victims also are among them that we knew were in most need of protection. If a second wave now starts with a mutaded and much more aggressive virus the ordinary virus is an asset to win immunity and protection. The ordinary virus will then be seen as a vaccine aginst the aggressive virus. Suddenly it will be obvious that the political populism and national close downs have caused a global recession and just with the result that the populations have been withdrawn a vaccine and immunity for protection against the mutated and aggressive coronavirus. The Atlantis Party did in March offer the Europeans an unharmed open society with an immunity against a mutated aggressive virus. An offer rejected by the European establishment just because they did in the pandemic see temporary wins by political populism. A strategy copied from China that now has to start all over again. The schools in Peking have now closed down that means that a city with 20 million inhabitants, twice as big as the total Swedish population, has closed down. 

Two years too late. (7/6 2020)

Swedish statistics do tell. 2018 Sweden had a normal number of deaths and also had a annual flu. It was 3,8 % higher the number 2019 that had the lowest number since 1977. The difference is told as an effect of the annual flu that not was during 2019. During the month Jan- Apr. the number is almost the same 2018 as 2020. The relative deathrate 2020 is even 7/million lower 2020. The national close down based on statistics did came two year too late. No politician and no media did 2018 discover there already then was a human disaster.  The reason is that the corona pandemic as a human cathastrophy is an establishment fake.What now differs is that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party are doing a political attack on the Chineese non-democratic system and the leadership did need a unifying threat. They did the virusdrop that became a pandemic. The strategy for national unifications was copied by the European establishment for the same purpose. EU and the European nations are governed based on a fake democratic mandates. A democratic mandate that belongs to the Atlantis Party. The European establishment has just proven they are able to harm without any limits in ambitions to keep their non-democratic political impact.

The establishment failour to missuse WHO. (3/6 2020)

The European establishment did order WHO to honner the Chineese government for their handling of the epedemic. That was just an attempt to undermine the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party accusements for a Chineese governmental decided coron-virus-drop in the purpose to show up their political system as competative and superior. We now know that wisselblowers were forced not to tell about the epeidemic and WHO did not get the information known and needed to hinder a pandemic. Anyway WHO did honner the Chineese leadership and it is obvious it was in a European and Chineese common interests to undermine Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party accusements and credibility. US and Mr Trump have withdrawn all their financial support. The Europeans interests to have misused WHO to back up the Chineese non-democratic leadership will cause them political problems. Will the European population accept a financial support of WHO that acts as the non-democratic Chineese leadership corrupt lawer. WHO did honner in spite they did know that there were set hinders, the epidemic had become a pandemic and all credit was fake.

Financial bribes without democratic mandate. (19/5 2020)

EU has suggested a 2000 billion Euro fund to help the harmed European economies to recover. Merkel and Macron have added their proposal with 500 billion Euro especially for regions and branches that have suffered most by the national close downs. As all proposals are made based on a fake political mandate the most appropriate classification is that all financing proposals by EU and their memberstates are illegal political bribes. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do claim the 95 percent and the European establishment try to missuse the coronapandemic for political purpose. The European establishment has made foolish close downs and caused a global recession and tries to send the bill to the populations. They have proven the need of a different European political leadership that not just are establishment representatives.The European populations do have the fortune they can rely on the Atlantis Party for a futher on good political leadership based on science an intellectual skill. Merkel and Macron do represent a fake democratic mandate and do not have one single legal Euro to spend on political bribes presented as a try to repair the harmed European economy. The coronapandemic is not a threat to the humanity. It is so far a relative harmless virus and pandemic missused as a political tool. A by the establishment caused global recession and an establlishment that now tries to send over the costs to the European populations. 

WHO tells they have discovered a pandemic. ( 14/5 2020)

The WHO excecutive director, Mr Michael Ryan, tells there is a pandemic going on. He is probably the only one in the world that have not before noticed that. WHO also has understood it is a virus that will remain in the humanity. Since 1968 we have had the Hong-Kong virus remained in the humanity and he has delivered 52-years old news. We now understands the reason why WHO in what ever they do tell is total out of credibility. If You are not able to handle wellknown science and knowledge You will also make foolish conclusions and recommandations. Even better Mr Ryan compares the covid-virus with the AIDS-virus. That would have been a appropriate comparison if the humanity did fuck in public with what ever male or female they meet. When he tells that they AIDS-virus is under controle and a similar way the corona-virus also will be, we understand that WHO and Mr Ryan are total unable to contribute in what ever aspect. Based on their analytic skill they also told that the corona-virus not was an ordered Chineese governmental drop in a political purpose. They did buy that prove they do political statments without any scientific evidences. WHO is just a political burden and problem that missleads the humanity in how to best handle the corona-pandemic and probably also the same in most of their international engagements.

WHO is struggling for survivel. (12/5 2020)

WHO as during the corona pandemic done all misstakes possible and by magnifying the expected deathrates almost 1000 times in regions with low helthcare standard, they have tried to financial gain on the pandemic. Regions with low helthcare standard do have very few individuals left that do not survive a corona-virus infection. WHO has honnered the Chineese government for their success to hinder a pandemic. They have failed due to punihments by doctors that initial did tell there was a epedemic. The WHO excecutive director, Mr Michael Ryan, do now also criticize nations that have not closed down. That at the same moment as WHO do tell they believe there are just one to ten percent of the global population that yet have got their corona immunity. That means that 90 to 99 percent of the global population has by the national close downs been withdrawn the opportunity to win an immunity and are exposed for a second mutaded aggressive virus. The only populations that will not be affected by a aggressive virus are those who did not close down. WHO is struggling for survival but just do prove they are an international burdon.

 "Expertise" do not understand. ( 30/4 2020)

" Expertise" say they do not understand the reason to the low deathrates in India. That is fake. They very well do understand the reason why. India has coincidentally made a very efficient national immunity and also proven that among childrens, youngsters and healthy the virus is almost harmless. Thats the obvious reasons for low deathrates i India. The problem is that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has all the way recommanded a similiar process, that now succeeds in India, all over the globe. Let the virus flourish among the children, youngsters and healthy part of the populations to create national immunities. To save lifes during that process, keep the people in need of protection separated from the healthy part of the population with the mission to win national immunity. That is very logical and the obvious solution if there not has been political populism that have tried to gain on the pandemi. To not strip the obvious failours by the international establishment, for their chosen political populism, is the reason why "expertice" do not understand the low deathrates in India. Well managed it would have been lower deathrates all over. The national close down are proven counterproductive for saving lifes and without any purpose. It is just political populism in a try to show up political strenght and win public opinion. It is the same reason, told by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party, why the Chineese government initial did drop the virus.

Follow the process in India. (18/4 2020)

When India decided to close down, several of their megacities probably was fully infected. By the close down many lost their incomes and huge masses left the megacities and went to their homevillages all around the nation. What India realy did was probably the most efficient national immunity process in the world. If that is the case India, is close to or, has already won the national immunity and is about 4 weeks ahead of Europe and America in that process. There are good reasons to follow the process in India as many European countries now have understood they canīt hinder the pandemi, they have to win the national immunity. To follow the Indian process will also give a process chart for the European countries and America. Well managed the pandemi can be over in most European countries in the middle of May. 

Right decisions, bad timing. ( 14/4 2020)

When the European establishment and European political leadership should mobilize youngsters and the most healthy to win national immunity, they keep them apart with very hard restrictions. When the European establishment during the 20-century should have separeted youngsters and the most healthy people with hard restrictions they did mobilize them to kill each other on battlefields. That did cause more then 100 million victims,a lot of human suffering and a demolished continent. We still do not know if the coronavirus will mutate, become aggressive and as virus did during the spanish flu, kill youngsters and the most healthy individuals. By the national close downs the Europenas still are far away from national immunity and a mutaded agressive virus would be very successful and kill as many as during the WWI and WWII. The European establishment and European political leadership are in the process and have now already come far in demolishing the European economy. The Europeans have made the right decisions but with very bad timing.

UN-Guterres has understood his democratic mission. (10/4 2020)

UN-Guterres has in a meating with the Security Counsil suggested a common strategy to hinder the global effects of the Corona pandemi. That means that he has chosen to be an Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party representative and rejected all national leaders ambition to by populistic decisions try to gain political on the pandemi. There is a very high risk for a muttaded aggressive virus and the only solution is to do as Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party all the way have told. Cancel national close downs and speed up the processes to win national immunities! Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party are the only ones that has the scientific, religious and political authority that without any political risks can make such a global necesarry decissions. UN and UN-Guterres can rely on Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party and at any moment verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That will give the authority possible to cancel all national close downs and start a scientific based process to hinder an aggressive virus. A virus that will force national leaders to take very repulsive and hard decisions.

The populistic politician costs for national close downs. (8/4 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have recommanded a strategy to win a national immunity. To win a national immunity a national close down is counterproductive. It is just seen as populistic political decision and the pandemi is misused by populistic politicians with gigantic costs and a much higher deathrates. The corona-pandemi acts very similar as the Spanish flu and first wave was relatively  harmless. At the second and thired wave it was much more aggressive and caused an immunitysystem overreaction among the most healthy population. About 5 % of the global population did die in the spanish flu. That was in a world that had did nothing to hinder the flu to flourish among the populations. Many had already won the immunity when the second and third wave appeared. Nations that have been most successful in thier society close downs will most probably be attacted by much more aggressive virus. They have a population that has no immunity and also have been withdrawn the opportunity to gain imminity by the harmful virus. We can then expect a much higher deathrate then 5 % also with the most healthy included. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do estmate the global deathrates to over 400 millions. A human costs taken by the establishment for hindering access to science and knowledge, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and by that also hinder Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party to cancel the almost global close down.

UN-Guterres has fake concerns about abused women. (6/4 2020)

During isolation, financial stress etc due to the national close downs, UN-Guterres says he has concerns about a rasied risk for women to be abused by their male partners. That are just fake concern. UN-Guterres has for a long time had the opportunity to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. He can at any moment let Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party cancel the national close downs and hand over the problem to explain why a national close downs do not save any lives at all, but do very much harm. With an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority a cancel of the, almost global, close downs is for Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party no big deal. Also offered the opportunity to at any moment do. As an establishment representative UN-Guterres has long prefered a lot of human suffering instead of telling the scientific truth. Now he adds more fake concerns, abused women, due to a global close down he at any moment can let Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party cancel. 

The coronapandemi is not a global catastrophe. (3/4 2020)

About 5 million childrens dies annual by treatable deseases and 30 million more people dies by starvation. They just die due to lac of financial capability to get access to global resourses. Almost 100 000 individuals every day. Billions of humans are now humiliated when the humanity is told that the corona-pandemi is the biggest cathastrophe since WWII. The global most poor do have much better knowledge about how to place the corona-pandemi into a cathastrophe scenario. They have no reason to care. They also will pass thrue the corona-pandemi without being harmed if not they by populistic politicians and global media are told they are, just as a confirmation that their situation and their lifes on the international political arena has no value at all.

UN-Guterres always do wrong. (2/4 2020)

UN-Guterres has told the corona pandemi as the biggest crises since WWII that will cause a recession with huge global socieeconomic consequences. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have long told that the most accurate strategy is to let the pandemi flourish and during the period protect individuals at high risk. In just a few weeks, in what ever country, will have a national immunity, the pandemi fades away and the individuals at high risk can be released from quarantine. The society close down is counterproductive and just a very harmful populistic political game. A game without scientific relevance. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have during the whole process offered a leadership with the authority to cancel this harmful political game. Possible to do if UN-Guterres had verified the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C., , but he has, as usual for what ever crises, prefered not to do. Anyway, Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party is at any moment ready to cancel the global close down.

Time to cancel this foolish political game. (1/4 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have all the way told the importance of creating a national immunity. The very best strategy told is to let the pandemi flourish and to protect individulas, in a protection need, far below 10 % of the population. As longer the isolations are, as longer it will last before there is a national immunity, as harder it will be to protect the individuals in protection need and as more will be victims for the corona-virus. The society close down is just a foolish political game that will cause more victims, do very much financial harm, stress the people that loses their incomes and also cause a global recession. A society close down that in all aspects have disadvanteges compared with the strategy by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party told and suggested. The global recession is not caused by the corona-virus it is caused by a lame and populistic political leadership. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do have the outstanding scientific, religious and political authority to promt stop this foolish political game but is hindered by the EU and itīs national leaders. A prompt stop will strip that the only reason to do a society close down is to show up a political strenght by a desperate non-competative leadership. They have just proven to be able to harm the society, without any limits, in the attempt to preserve their non-competative leadership. If they not have hindered science and the knowledge, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. , Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party would have done what was and is the best for the humanity. The humanity would have been released from populistic political decision with the only purpose to political gain on the pandemi by showing up political strenght, closing the societies! 

Who are the victims? (30/3 2020)

Statistics is now more precise and causes an even more problematic ethic dilemmas by closing down the whole society. Age is nothing we can do about but added raised risks due to smoking and obesity are. Is it a society dilemma to save indivudals that obvious by them selves have chosen to add the risks? The society total close down to hinder victims is the political populistic choise but will later on be very hard questioned. What will they say to all individulas that have lost their jobs and entrepreneurs that have been ruined in the purpose to save individulas that by their own choise have added risks. An ethical political dilemma that can well be handled by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party that, what ever, can rely on an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority nobody is able to question.

What leader do choose the best strategy? (28/3 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do offer the humanity a leadership and strategy to speeds up the populations immunity. Most national leaders have chosen to hinder the pandemi to flourish and extend the process to reach the population level of immunity that will make the pandemi to fade out. Some poor countries do not have the financial capability to act and some have chosen not to act and lets the pandemi flousrish. It will be very interesting to hear the explanation for the need of national close downs when the countries that did do nothing also were the most successful to stop the pandemi. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will also by statistical analysis strip if there by political reasons are overreported numbers of coranavictims. We know the normal deathrates and how they are affected by an annual flu. Just the overmortality above that is to blame on the Corana flu.

A lame leadership do hinder the good leadership. (23/3 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do offer the humanity a good leadership but is hindered by a lame, cowerdly and foolish leadership that are choosing to take the populistic decisions instead of the decisions needed. Their lac of leadership do close down and harm the society and do very much extend the time exposed and raise the risk for a mutaded much more aggressive virus. The humanity is now hindered to build up an immunity, hinders made also with gigantic costs. If or when the virus becomes aggressive and also kills the healthy people, the humanity will have problems for years ahead. The healthcare will collapse. Even if there is no problem to medical save them, the capacity will not be there, with 100 of million victims. Just by the reason of lame leadership that do everything possible to hinder the leadership needed.

Atlantis Party is still waiting for a reqeust to step in. (20/3 2020)

Global Scientfic Authority and the Atlantis Party are ready and prepered to at any moment cancel the corona-hysteria. The political fear to be blamed for not acting has closed down whole nations and the global economy. The political struggle to gain on their deeds also makes politicians to overreact and their ambitions do very hard harm the global economy. Their efforts will also in the long terms be more harmful then if they did nothing. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do have the authority to take the inappropriate but wise decisions without risking any political position. An outstanding scientific, religious an political position based on the most important scientific breakthrue ever, the descreibed and proven Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. 

Time to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. (18/3 2020)

The corana-pandemi has made the politicians to overreact in the fear to be blamed for not doing enough. They have closed down whole nations mainly for winning nothing. Instead of letting the populations build up an immunity they the are trying to hinder a pandemi not possible to hinder. A very costly process that will give more victims for the pandemi. As longer the national close downs are, as longer it will take to build up populations immunity and as higher risk it will be for the individuals to be infected that may not survive an infection. The very best to do is to let the pandemi flourish and let it fade out. During that period keep just the highrisk people in safe quarantine. Then the pandemi will be over in some weeks and all restrictions that now are causing huge financial problems should prompt be lifted off. The political fear to say and do wrong things is not a problem for Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. Based on the superior scientific, religious and political authority there Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do not need to overreact and can just do what is for the humanity and the society the very best. The solution for the corona-pandemi is to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and let Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party tell what to do.

Happy New Future. (31/12 2019).

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party wishes the humanity a Happy New Future.

The by Global Scientific Authority described and proven Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. gives the Atlantis Party an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority added with a gigantic financial capability. 

For the first time in human history the ruling position is based on science and intellectual skill and not just military strenght. Military strenghts mainly with the purpose to represent establishment financial interests. 

Now the humanity can unite in the purpose and common interest to maximize human values.

The humanity is now by authority, intellectual skill and a huge financial capability able to outmanage non-democratic ambitions to win authority and ruling positions based on military strenght.

The humanity can look forward to a peaceful and good future when all human intellectual skill will be united to solve the global problems. There is a lot to do and it will be set in full action during the following decade.

A happy new year 2020 and a Happy New Future. 


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