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 Chineese democratization process.

 The Atlantis Party proven with the valid democratic mandate. (17/6 2019)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have claimed a 99 % valid democratic mandate in China. The demonstrations in Hong-Kong have proven that statement as true. From that position also possible to claim to be the one and only legal commander over police and military forces. The Chineese Communist party has now to take an active lead in the democratization processes.

Will Hong-Kong laws overthrow the Chineese government. ( 10/6 2019)

If Hong-Kongs tightens itīs laws and makes it legal to let accused people be handed over to Communist China it probably will be the key to let Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party overthrow the Chineese Communist Party. The international community and UN will be put in a impossible position with Chineese criticism but also have to hinder the humanity scientific knowledge and the authority needed for Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party to overthrow the Chineese government. Very interesting.

China-Russia good relations and treaties are no problems. (6/6 2019)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have never seen Russia as a potential international political problem. Mr Putin has extended the legal constitutional lenght as president and will most probably have to resign already 2022 as the extended lenght to 2024 will be very much questioned. What ever the next Russian president will be a very intellectual skilled and high respected Atlantis Party representative. When Xi Jinping and Putin now build up good relations they also build up a political tool that futher on will be an advantage to use as a tool to support the democratization processes in China.

Prove Pompeo has wrong. ( 4/6 2019)

In the 30-years anniversary of the massacre on the Tiananmen Square in Peking, Mr Pompeo tells he lost all hope about that the Chineese government ever will allow the Chineese population human rights. The Chineese government has very hard criticized Mr Pompeos statement. What is it all about? Mr Pompeo and US knows that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will transform China to a democratic nation. US and we all prefer that the Chineese communist party do take the inititive and lead into the democratization process. Chineese government should not show up anger they should prove Mr Pompeo has wrong. US and Mr Pompeo will be very happy if the Chineese government did show up progresses and prove he is wrong.

Atlantis Party the 99  % valid Chineese democratic representative.

The Atlantis Party is the valid democratic representative for the Chineese population as the Atlantis Party it is a guarantee for peace, democracy and human rights and other human values as anticorruption work. Win-win-win-concept. Few, not even among the members in the Chinees Communist Party, do believe that the Chinees Communist Party would have more the 1 % and the Atlantis Part lesser the 99 % of the votes in a fair election. The problem is that the Communist Party will not allow the Chineese population to choose their valid democratic representatives. Global Scientific Authority and itīs political representation, the Atlantis Party, has mainly no other ambitions then to be a guarentee for human values. The Chineese Communist Party has been given the opportunity to transform China to a democratic nation, but if not, Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will use the democratic mandate, the scientific, religious and political authority added with a gigantic finacial capability to make it happen.

Chineese marketvalue.

In accordance with the win-win-win-concept it will be a win for the population, the government and a win for Global Scientific Authority when each citizen finds copyright based on the Mediterranean refill 3500 and the guarantee for human values so valuable that they will pay one USD each month as a voluntary fee. The Chineese population will be very easy to convince for such a volunatry fee and China has an annual marketvalue of 1,4 billions x 12 USD  = 16,8 billion USD. Global Scientfic Authority will not let such an amount of money just slip away when the Atlantis Party has a valid democratic mandate among the Chineese population of at least 99 % but the Chineese Communist party refuses to let it be verified. An investment of 50 billions USD to transform China to democratic nation has just a three year pay back. Obvious it is a better if the Chineese Communist Party start the transformation them selves and 50 billion USD can be used to build democrazy and other human values.


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Carl Festin