COP24 in Katowice.

Finanacial and political capbility to stop global warming. (11/7 2019) 

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has alone 400 billion USD and 90 more billions added annual to maximize human values in brandbuilding. Obvious a lot will be spent to hinder global warming. Norway do have 1000 billion USD in oilfounding to invest due to their guilt to be the Swedish establishment helpful in their ambitions to hinder the humanity access to scientific knowledge, Mediterranenan refill 3500 B.C. Norway will do everything possible to qualify as a Atlantis Party representative and add 1000 billion USD for spill overs from the Atlantis Party brand. A lot of international organisations and other nations will also try to qualify to gain some brand spill overs. EU long term budget for 2021 to 2027 is 1300 billion euro. Most of it can be transforemed to hinder global warming without changing the main pupose for the budget. That is offered the humanity but the establishment do everything possible to hinder it and do prefer to suggest raised taxes on plastic bags and straw. 

UN-Guterres on a fooling worldtour. ( 13/5 2019) 

UN-Guterres is on a fooling worldtour by telling his concerns about global warming but do not tell that UN has rejected the Global Scientific Authority offer since COP24 to spend 1350 billion USD to maximize human values. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do appreciate all efforts UN-Guterres do to ruin international establishment authority, intentions and capability and prove that the international establishment not is the solution, it is the problem.

Most international aid accessabel to hinder global warming. (23/1 2019) 

International aid will by organisations and nations be used in investment as partners to, and decided, by Global Scientific Authority. International aid. To hinder and stop global warming has for Global Scientific Authority a very high revenue in human values. That will also be the long term most important target for Global Scientific Authority investment to build the brand as a guarantee for human values. What and how to do is already in a planing process. 

The humanity is now released as hostage and dependent of UN and international establishment political decisions and financing. The humanity can now concentrate on hindering the global warming released from the restrictions that all efforts and investments also have to give a financial revenue for international establishment. Now the humanity can speed up all efforts and do what is most urgent for the humanity.

UN and international establishment big fool of the poor countries.

Carbon credit.

A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the mass of another greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide. As the wealthy world also do emit most of the greenhouse gases they also owns most of the tradable certificates. As more historic emitted as bigger value in tradeable certificates. Per capita a very huge difference. Example: Canada has 16 tons annual and India 1,6 tons. Most African countries has so low emissions that if their forests were well managed they would not, as countries, not add anything at all of greenhouse gas. What COP24 did agree about was how the wealthy world assets in tradeable certificates will be able to sold to poor countries with a today very low emissions. The main problem on COP24 was to find a solution for all countries, but especially for the poor, how to define their emissions. When all have agreed there are a huge added and raised national assets among the nations that so far have emitted the most. The poor countries with almost no historic emissions got almost nothing at all. Their populations will have to pay to the wealthy nations for every refrigerator and light installed. The Mali housewife will subsidise the Canadian housewife exchange to a more efficient refrigerator. That was what the COP24 was about and was refered as a UN success. It was just a solution to bring more wealth into the rich world and keep the poor nations and their citizens as poor. 

What was rejected?

 Global Scientific Authority had put the financial concept into the COP24 with a total financial solution to stop global warming. 1300 billion USD + 90 billion annual added for about 100 more years was offered for investments that maximizes human values. The concept is simple. For access to copyright and knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. all humans will  pay a voluntary fee of one USD/month. Global more then 90 billion USD annual. The fee will mainly be set on media with access to copyright and by media buyers the voluntary fee will be paid. To motivate a global voluntary fee the 90 billions annual will be invested where it brings the most revenue in human values. That means by war suffering regions and obvious a big part will be invested to hinder global warming. The offer gives much more money available then scientisests says is needed to stop global warming.

Why was the Global Scientific Authorithy financial solution rejected?

Why is this offer from Global Scientific Authority by COP24 rejected? It is simple. With a fast drop of carbon emitssions the Carbon Credit assets among the wealthy nations will be almost without any value. Global warming as an establishment opportunity to make a huge amount of money will be withdrawn. The very best solution for establishment to make money is to keep up the fear for global warming and set hinder to every attempt that will solve it. That was the reason why UN was so happy about the treaty stated in COP24. Rules how to define emisson among the poor countries but not a single dime added for investments to hinder global warming.

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