Tillbaks till start.

The Koreans can look forward to a big

 unificationparty 1/3 2025.

Time to reveal the undercover support from global scientific authority.

( Comments to the ongoing process down below. Last 17/11 2018)


The description and detection of the Mediterranean refill at 3500 B.C. is and will for ever be the most important scientific breakthrough. My scientific authority will by no scientiest or by no intellectual elit be questioned. Unquestioned I can act as a spoksman for global scientific authority and global intellectual elite.

 Action was neccessary.

The tense situition between US and N.Korea was escalating close to a level when US had to strike first and destroy as much as possible to make N.Korea unable to respond with nuclear weapons. The very best outcome would be a conventional war on the Korean peninsula. 77 million koreans were in danger and nobody would be able to control the situation. Global scientific authority had successfully taken action in the Middle-East. An action in Korea was now neccessary. The descreibed process below is well documented and has no publistic restrictions.

Start to convince N.Korea.

First step was to convince N.Korea that they with global scientific support and intellectual skill would be superior to their opponents. The position would be unbeatable and will outmanouver the oppenents superior military strenght. Use tools where N.Korea is superior. Results from the Middle-East gave also  credibility. Second step was to build trust. To convince them it was told the awareness about that there are a lot of military industry interests that had an agende to sabotage and intricate into the peaceprocess. Their lobbyists has one only mission. To convince politicians and diplomats to strategys that will be diplomatic failures.Third step was to convince N.Korea about the awareness that UN and US administrations were infected by these economical interests. When trust was built the political game was set in action.


Play military industry out of the political areana by playing out UN and US. Step by step N.Korea played out UN and US to the result that US accussed Russia to support them in the political process. The nuclear war and the tense situation faded, in just a few week, away to a political situation with more trust and hope among korean population since separation.

Final draws. 

N.Korea announced that they would dismantel their nuclear weapons if they were guaranteed security. A very accurate wish with the knowledge that military industry had expectations of a strong demand built upon a tense situation and even a conventional war on the Korean peninsula. A guaranteed security would total ruin the expectations of a strong demand. So far no responce to that central question has been given. UN keeps the sanctions and US administration tries to fake a false picture of that the peaceprocess still are dependent of military strenght. The only thing left is to guarantee the N.Korean not to use military force agianst them. If they do N.Korea will dismantel their nuclear weapons. Trump, not a man of the establishment, was positive to the option and responded: The World is watching and waiting. May be false hope, but the U.S. is ready to go hard in either direction! As spokesman to global scientific interests N.Korea was given the answer. N.Korean are gauranteed safety. No interest will be able to mobolize an military attac in conflict with scientific authority. Guarantees are given, the nuclear weapons will be dismantled and the problem is solved. Then N.Korea and  Mr Un did their final draw. Mr Un invited Mr Trump to a meeting. 

Donald Trumps quick answer.

President Donald Trump reacted, as common people would do and in accordance to what he had pretold. Trump responded quick and said yes to the invitation. The checkmate situation for military industry interest became now also by president Trump acceptance confirmed. 

Stripping the military industry interests.

 The big potential revenue from investments in military industry, due to the tense situation on the Korean peninsula, had just in a few week totaly dissapeared. Economic speculations to a good revenue due to a tense situation or even a war failed. Thousend of politicians, diplomates and professionals that had made their career on engagements in the conflict was suddenly without a mission. There would also be little public support for a manifestation, WE WANT OUR CONFLICT BACK. The only solution left is diplomatic failures. First chosen to engage was the South Korean National Security Director, Chung Eui-Yong, that in Washington DC, in front of world media honered the military strenght that Mr Trump so successful had used to force N.Korea and Mr Un to a meeting. The message was. Our products did press N.Korea and MR Un to surrender. The truth is that the strategy based on their products almost gave us a nuclear war. A diplomatic disaster and a public humuliation of N.Korea and Mr Un in ambitions to regain the conflict. N.Korea had by intellectual skill played military interst out of the arena and had then already solved the problem. That was done evan before the invitation of Mr Trump. A hard and desperate try to regain the lost conflict and Chung Eui-Yongs organisation itīs mission. UN keeps the sanctions as if the problem not yet is solved. UN is also consciously total played out of the arena as infected by military industrial interests. Also thousend of diplomates and politicians has been withdrawn their mission and engagement. US administration has to repair Mr Trumps fast respond and his yes to the invitation. They are now very keen on finding and raising obsticles that N.Korea will have to fullfill before a meeting as if the nuclear weapon problem still remains.(Compare below WW1.)  Big efforts are made to complicate the negotiations with engaging Japan, China and probably many more interest in a domistic Korean conflict with a populations that most of all wants to unite, without any impact, but support from outside. All interests that gains and tries to regain the conflict are stripped.

 The nuclear weapon threat is already solved and military industry interest WILL NOT HAVE THEIR CONFLICT BACK.

To reject all ambitions to regain the conflict the date 1/3 2025 is set as a final step and total reunion of Korea.

 Support to the peace and reunionprocess.

There is a business interest in the copyright to manage and protect. See below copyright. To support the peace and reunionprocess it every month will be founded One billion USD for investments until reuniondate, especially invested in project that favors the peace- and reuninion-processes. 

First investment se below.


The three national leaders Donald Trump, Moon Jae-in och Kim Jong-Un will not fail.

WW 1.

Many times are told that we must learn from history. 

The trigger for the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, by Yugoslav nationalist Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. This set off a diplomatic crisis when Austria-Hungary delivered an ultimatum to the Kingdom of Serbia,[11][12] and entangled international alliances formed over the previous decades were invoked. Within weeks the major powers were at war, and the conflict soon spread around the world. (Wikipedia.)

The diplomatic crisis was solved as the German emperor Wilhelm II was ready to accept the conssesions, if not all, the Kingdom of Serbia had made. He was persuaded not to do. If an acception had been made the ww1 had not started. The political situation that later caused ww2 had not occured. Diplomatic failures that costed more then 100 million lifes.


 In a conflict with Swedish state the copyrigt is by me valued, among a lot of other topics, based as a tool to use for peace and understandance. With such a tool the global individuals would voluntary pay a fee of 1 dollar/month each i.e. bye newspapers and other media that pays for access to my copyright. The claims on the Swedish state are due to their active hindrance of global knowledge about the Mediterranean refill. That strategy has costed me, but also the Swedish nation, a revenue loss in accordance to the validation so far accumulated claims to about 200 billion USD. There is very much scientific authority and money accessable to invest in Korea and elsewhere to create peace and understandance to verify my market validation, my claims and convince global individuals that one USD /month is very well spent money for the opportunity to participate in creating peace and understandance.

First investment.

 (offer sent to North Korea during Mr Ri Yong Ho visit in Stockholm 16/3 2018)

To verify the marketvalue of my claims on the Swedish state it will be a very good investment to bye a dismantel treate from North Korea. My claims are accumulated 200 billion USD. 1/200 of the accepted claims will be used for a historic trust and confidence investment. My offer is a contract between North Korea and my firm Resmalet where Resmalet will bye the dismantel treaty signed by Mr Un and I as the owner of the copyright, Carl Festin. Best result for North Korea for the signed treaty would be 1 billion USD.

UN-sanctions out of purpose. (20/3 2018)

 The UN-sanctions has total lost itīs purpose. UN Security Counsil is full aware and have full knowledge about the Medeiterranenan refill. If UN was a peaceorganisation it would since long ago have supported new science that is very appropiate to bring peace and understandance. UN has no credibility left at all and for US and others to rely on UN- authority is to rely on nothing. North Korea wantīs a security guarantee for starting the dismamatling of their nuclear weapons. It is a guarantee asked for and the problem is solved. Global scientific interests has them the guarntees given. The nuclear weapon reason to keep the sanctions has total lost itīs motive. US is in a urgent position to lift of the sanctions. In the very moment North Korea find out and tells the world that they can rely on global sceintific authority for their safety, US is total played out of the arena. The only chance for US and Mr Trump to stay into the process is to precede a North Korean decission to start their dismantling as they got and rely on the guarantees they have asked for. The only reason for US to keep the sanctions is to force North Korea to surrender. For such a mission there is no acceptance anywhere in the world and US will loose all political credibility and will be seen as a aggresive dangerous nation with nuclear weapons. All their previous rhetoric arguments for sanctions against North Korea will land on US.

Great expectations on US new National Security Advisor, John Bolton. (24/3 2018)

 We have to admit that we have very great expectations on US new N.C.A, John Bolton. In accordance to futher statemants it is obvious that he will make diplomatic failours that will ruin both US and President Trumps credibility. As Mr Trump has relyed on UN support on the sanctions towards North Korea, the credibility for Trumps ambitions on the Korean peninsula for peace also will be ruined. Boltons has been very evident that his ambitions are to conquer political domination by military strenght. NATO and their allied EU-countries will also be dragged into lost credibility by Mr Boltons strategy. We have to admit that we are very hopeful about Mr Boltons entrance into office 9 April and that he will convince everybody on the earth that the era for military strenght in global politics is over. Global population will understand that they must place their hope and trust into scientific authority and intellectual skill. When US, Trump, UN, NATO, EU all lost their political credibility they also will lose the political relevans to participate in negotiations. A very big reduction of interests to consider that dramatic will raise the options to make peacetreatys and also raise understandance between ethnic groups.

Kim Jong-Un in China. (28/3 2018)

 Media is curious about why Kim Jong-Un for the first time since he became N. Korean leader left his country to visit China and their leader Xi Jinping. That canīt be any secret. The UN-sanctions has lost their purpose as the nuclear weapon issue is solved. The only reason to keep them is that US wantīs to show the world that their military strenght has forced Northkorea to surrender. That will not happen. The Koreans are in their peace and reunionprocesses supported by global scientific authority and are political superior to both US and China. That is important to clarify to the Chinese leadership.

China has told they will keep the UN-sanctions. Sanctions that now are total without purpose in the nuclear weapon issue. It is impossible for US and China to explain for their own citizens and global population the sanctions now have just one purpose. The sanctions still reamins with the only purpose to keep impact and influence in Korean domistic questions and Korean populations lifes. They want to keep the Korean population as hostige in the superpower political game and to keep their unique poitical position defined by their veto-position in the UN security council. It is very satisfying when the superpowers US and China strippes them selves and UN with their intentions. They military strenght is total useless. They will not be able to mobilize anybody to risk their own and korean lifes in such a mission. If they are not capable, they should not try to challange global scientific authority and intellectual skill. The Korean leadership and itīs population are now free to decide and do what ever they want. A 70-years long period of superpower impact with the korean population as hostige is over.

US is playing them selves out of Korea. (29/3 2018)

 US still believes that they by military strenght can regain impact in the Korean peace and reuninion-process. To rely on UN-sanctions without purpose and without any political credibility is a diplomatic disaster for US. US and Mr Trumps participation in the process is rapidly fading away. The process will continue with or without US. If US are more interested of keeping their impact on the Korean peninsula then supporting the peaceprocess, very soon a meeting between Mr Un and Mr Trump will be without any sense. Global scientific authority have no interest of supporting US superpower ambitions and their military strenght will be total useless in a challenge of Global scientific authority. Scientists, global intellectual elite and 99 percent of global population will support scientific authority. Just about 1 percent leftovers of the global public opinion will support US superpower ambitions based on military strenght. People that by arguing will give evidence to why the are political leftovers. Such an interest has no sense in the peace and runionprocess on the Korean peninsula.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Received message last night from XI JINPING of China that his meeting with KIM JONG UN went very well and that KIM looks forward to his meeting with me. In the meantime, and unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost!

UN is desperate to keep impact in Korea. ( 31/3 2018)

 UN are desperate to keep impact in the Korean peace and reunion-process. The one and only role UN has in the processes is the decided UN-sanctions. Sanctions that since weeks ago have lost all their purpose. Now they are a hinder in the processes. UN desperation to keep impact in the processes is stripped. UN Security Counsil has banned 27 ships and 21 companies and one businessman as they have tried to pass the sanctions. North-Korea has since more then three weeks ago, see below, asked for a security guarantee before they will dismatentel their nuclear weapons. That question has not yet been answered. That the nuclear weapons threat from North Korea still exists depends on the fact that US and UN wants so to have a reason left to stay in the Korean processes. Security guarantees has therefore not been given. To keep the conflict idling and the nuclear weapon threat still there, as a reason to stay in the Korean processes, to keep the sanctions are essential. The UN administration has no other ambitions left then surviving. Without conflicts and wars they will lose their paychecks. Their era was based on military strenght and WW2. In the era of scientific authority and intellectual skill they have little or no justification. That is the reason why UN Security counsil banned 27 ships, 21 companies and one buisinessman and sets hinder into the peaceprocess.

Finacial Times 6/3 2018.

"Pyongyang says it is willing to abandon its nuclear programme if its security can be guaranteed"

Bryan Harris in Seoul 
March 6, 2018 
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North and South Korea have agreed to hold direct talks between their leaders with Pyongyang signalling it is willing to abandon its nuclear programme if its security can be guaranteed.
In a diplomatic breakthrough, Kim Jong Un agreed to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the end of April in the demilitarised zone between the two Koreas, and also to set up a hotline so the two leaders can communicate.A meeting would be only third summit between leaders of the two countries.The isolated nation also vowed not to test any ballistic missiles or make further provocations during talks, according to the delegation from Seoul. The breakthrough came after a visit by a South Korean delegation to Pyongyang late on Monday.

UN-sanctions still kept on Nortkorea. ( 9/4 2018)

 UN-sanctions has since long ago lost itīs purpose in the peace and reunionprocesses on the Korean peninsula. It is only kept to keep US in a negotiation favour in the meeting between Mr Un and Mr Trump. Sanctions only purpose left is to keep US and UN impact on the Korean peninsula. The credibility for US and UN ambitions to participate into a political solution for the Koreans are sinking as Titanic. If US wants to positive participate they must build trust and convince the Northkoreans that they are a better alternative then rely on protection by China. Drop the UN-sanctions and guarantee security. US administration should leave the military strenght strategy. It would be much more appropriate if they also did rely on intellectual skill to build their political credibility.

Why would Nortkorea give up their nuclear weapons? ( 11/4 2018)

An argument to keep the sanctions on North Korea has by media been told by the question. Why would North Korea suddenly give up their nuclear weapons something they for 70 years have tried to gain? That is very easy to respond to. 70 years has lead them into a situation where every Northkorean was at high risk to be killed by a US-attack to rapidly destroy their nuclear ability. After such an attack a new conventional war between the Korean themselves. North Korea has adopted the new era based on science and intellectual skill. In just a few month the former in westmedia dishonnered Mr Un has raised to a respected and very important national leader with access and influence in global politics. The very tense situation on the Korean peninsula has faded away and all Koreans has got a very changed and positive opinion about their future. Mr Un and Northkorea have all the way owned the political pace and the progresses. In just a few month there are political progresses much far ahead of what 70 years before never have been close to. Mr Un and Northkorea has left the era of military strengt and passed into the era of science an intellectual skill. They are in a superior political position as long as US reamins in the era of military strenght. Mr Un and Northkorea have very accurate experiances of the differens to rely on military strenght compared with rely on science and intellectual skill. What Mr Un and Nortkorea has to fear most of all is US efforts to force them back to the era of military strenght and a minor political position. US efforts that are based on keeping the UN-sanctions. Anyway, the 1/3 2025 Korea is one united country and for US it would be easy and appropiate to make an agreement with South Korea as nuclearfree zone. As long as safety is guaranteed it is hard to believe that the united Korea would adopt a nuclear weapon strategy. Especially if South Korea alredy have signed an agreement as a nuclear free zone. 

Northkorea owns the pace and is dominating the peace and reunionprocess. ( 21/4 2018)

Northkorea has decided to rely on global scientific authority as a security guarantee. That is without any risk. As long as UN and US are in alliance with the Swedish governmental strategy to reject and not support science, Mediterranena refill 3500 B.C. they are political hostages. The problem is so huge that it is political motivated to intervent Sweden to release the global population from worlds most evil terroristcell. They have hindered knowledge that could have hindered the Syrian civil war and saved 500 000 lives. The claims on swedish state for lost revenue adds about 450 million USD/day. ( 200 workdays/year). To release the swedish population such a economical burden and world from the evil terroristcell i is appropiate to pay 10 billion USD to Russia for an invention. An amount I can offer.  Russia but also UN, US, NATO, EU and Sweden knows that there is a very good political excuse and a lot of money for a Russian intervention. 

UN Security council meets this weekend in Sweden. UN meets the swedish prime- and foreign-ministers and has a very big opportunity to chose to enter the era of science and intellectual skill or remain in the era of military strenght. The same day as the meeting starts the Northkorean government has told that they will cancel their robottests and close their nuclear plant. Northkorea did put UN into political pressure and to now keep the UN-sanctions is a political disaster. 15 nations diplomats have now to decide whether to drop the UN-sanctions or drop whatīs left of UN credibility. Northkorea owns the political pace and all 15 diplomats orders or arguments from their governments, to keep sanctions, became by the Nortkorean statement inappropiate and useless. A good move in the political game.

US establishment is concerned about the positive peace and reunionprocess in Korea. ( 25/4 2018)

The US establishment are concered about the lost tensions and lost market for military industry in Korea. As the arguments based on the nuclear-threat by North-Korea and Mr Un is dismanteled, the motives for UN-sanctions and the motives to keep US military forces on the Korean peninsula also are gone, diplomatic failours has to be used. A few month ago North-Korea and itīs population was under US-threat to be vanished. Now US Department of State drops accusements about how North-Koreans are treated by their government. US establishment and Department of State has to decide wether they will kill the North-Koreans or represent their human rights. As long they not have decided what to do it must be much better to support the peace and reunion-processes and let the Korean them selves solve the problems. It would be much better for US credibility if they understood the advantages to enjoy global scientific interests and step into the era of science and intellectual skill.

As forecasted. US and westworld establishment are very anxious about loosing all political positions. ( 30/4 2018)

As Mr Un and North-Korea have taken total pace and control over the peace- and reuninionprocesses westworld politicians and media are very keen on explaining and announcing misstrust on Mr Un and Northkoreas ambitions. As Mr Un step by step precedes the negotiations there is soon nothing left for foreign interests to negotiate about. The misstrust told has just one mission. To keep anything left to negotiate about. They will not succeed. The Korean peace and reunionprocesses has full support by global scientific authority. Korea has entered the era of science and intellectual skill and is superior to interests that relies on military strenght. There is no other solution and future then a united democratic, independent Korea that, as told, will unite 1/3 2025.

US has entered the era of science and intellectual skill. ( 3/5 2018 )

Just a few days after the announcemnet by president Moon Jae-In that Mr Trump deserves the Nobel peace-prize 18 republican congressmen enjoyed his opinion. The appropriate and most important message we now have got is that US have entered into the era of science and intellectual skill. The US republican party will use the progresses in the Korean peace and reunion-processes for their political credibility among US voters. It is now not just Mr Trump as an individual, he also will have a lot of support by republican congressmen that will political gain by supporting the progresses on the Korean peninsula. When US voters and global population seen the results by entering the era of science and intellectual skill it is hard to see any possibility for US to return to an aggresive military strenght based strategy. Mr Trump must fullfill the progresses if he wantīs to be elected for a second term  Anything else then a Korean reunion the 1/3 2025 will be a surprise. Mr Trump wantīs to be invited as the president that made what Truman, Eisenhover, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama has failed to do. It would be a magnificient retirement by Mr Trumps at his office. Also a very big political revenge as so many among the US and global establishment have criticized him and named him as a political disaster. 

Mr Un will bring home a tremendous deal from Singapore. ( 13/5 2018)

When Mr Un and Mr Trump meets in Singapore one of them has since month ago entered into the era of science and intellectual skill. The other just has. They will together confirm their new political position with a treamendous deal that no one ever before can dream about and with a united strive to succed in the peace and reunion processes.

Military interest tries to intrigue and sabotage the Koraen peace- and reunionprocesses. ( 16/5 2018)

When global politics leaves the era of military strengt and enters the era of science and intellectual skill not just the military industial economical interest will have reduced demand of weapons, also the generals and down to the individual soldier social status reduces when their populations no longer are in need of their protection. Economical interest as US and both Korean nations military, are now trying to sabotage and intrigue into the processes driven by political ambitions to step into the era of science and intellectual skill. Interest that tries to return to good old days when they did matter. We are aware of them and will identify the individuals as there now are a total anonymity behind the decisions that tries to intrigue and sabotage the processes. Military interests have challange global scientific interest and will gain a dramatic public opinion loss. Mr Un, Mr Trump and Mr Moon will gain even more authority in their political ambitions in the peace and reuninion-processes due to lost credibility and impact for military interests.

Military interest has caused a win-win for the Korean peace and reunionprocesses. ( 17/5 2018)

It is obvious that military interests on both sides now have taken a step forward to preserve officers individual interests. That gives the political leaders Mr Trump, Mr Moon and Mr Un officers that volontary steps forward and define them as just working for their own purpose and not for the people that pays them for protection. This volontary group of officers should be suspensioned from their office and get a retirement. For Mr Un and his officers, that now tries to hinder the processes, it is a very big advantage that there is a group of officers that volentary steps forward for a suspention. North Korea has asked for safety guarantees and are by Global scientific interests those guarantees given. That is a compromise with military strenght to reach much more important interests. Mr Un can now start to suspend and retire officers that tries to hinder the processes and replace them with officers that supports them. A retired group of officers without any military impact have global scientific interests no reason to compromise. The number of individuals that needs safety gaurantees can be heavily reduced. Mr Un has just to suspend and retire them. Accusement should be handed over to the justice in the united Korea. Mr Un has got a volentary group of officers for suspension and retirements that also will be a barrel for all accusements. A win-win situation that very much gains the peace and reunionprocesses.

US and Trump has now one dominant interest to maintain. ( 18/5 2018)

In accordance to what is told yesterday, the critical individuals to the peace- and reunion-processes in US, N.Korea and S.Korea will be sespended, retired and accusessed for not supporting their populations interests. That Security Advisor John Bolton would make diplomatic disasters and be useful into the processes was pretold. (24/3 above.). The US position, based on military strenght has lost all itīs credibility and can not longer be used in negotiations with N.Korea and Mr Un. For US that does not matter as it allready has lost itīs long term purpose. What Mr Trump and also Mr Moon now has to do is to convince Mr Un and N.Korea that US is the only alternative to rely on for for a united, democratic and independent Korea. If Mr Un can be convinced, all discussion about N.Korean nuclear, chemical or biological weapons can be dropped, peacetreaty can be set and the processes for a democratic, independen and united Korea can with full speed be started. Trump, Un and Moon will gain an enormous global political authority with a success. They will not fail.

A struggel inside North Korea. ( 20/5 2018 )

It it obvious that there inside North Korea now is a open conflict between Mr Un:s falang with political ambitions and the military preservers. Arirang News: "A North Korean military officer and a citizen were aboard the boat and both expressed their wish to defect." That such diplomatic problem would happen at this very moment without high North Korean officers accaptance and wishes involved to intrigue and sabotage the processes is total out of probability. Last officer defect was 2008. The North Korean military leaders have missed a very important change. Mr Un is now a high respected international politician that Mr Trump and Mr Moon have to give full political support to succeed in the processes. Mr Un is not longer for westworld politicians and media able to criticize and make a fool of. That would only by public opinion ruin the criticizers own credibility. This struggle inside North-Korea just shows the importance for the outside world for a political back up of Mr Un. 

Time Magazine: Trump undercut a more hawkish line taken by his national security adviser, pledging that the North Korean leader "will get protections that will be very strong" if he cuts a deal

Also Mr Trump has to struggle aginst military interest that wantīs to remain in the era of military strenght by causing diplomatic failours. Global scientific authority is full aware of these domistic conflicts. As Global scientific interest will write the history the individuals that just represents own individual interest and tries to intrigue and sabotage into positive political processes, of importance for the global population, will be detected and by future written history be  dishonnered.

US and Mr Trumps cancellation of the summit is a big advantage for the Koreans. (25/5 2018)

The peace and reunion-processes on the Korean peninsula should only be an issue for the Koreans. If there not is a need by foreign support in the processes they are the very best to decide over their own future. As more they now by their own can decide non reversal unification treatments as lesser legal impact foreign nations can gain. As faster and openminded North-Korea is in their dismantling of nuclear weapons as lesser impact foreign countries can gain in the processes. Already there is a huge credibility problem for US and UN to still have sanctions on North-Korea. Especially the US Democratic party has, by accusements and diplomatic failours, tried to sabotage the processes. A Trump success is for them negative as their last president, Nobel prize winner, Obama total failed. When US cancelled the summit, it was a big advantege for Koreans to become an united independent country. US sanctions and participation is not longer the solution, it is the problem. The provokations and the cancellation was by Mr Un responded with sorrow and with hopes with a meeting at any time. All around the world there are a similar sorrow over the cancelling and the world has to set their hope into the North-Koreans and Mr Un. A gigantic public opinion win all over the world made by Mr Un on the costs of US credibility. If Koreans self can do, foreign impact will not have any legally. A united independent Korea is now in their own Korean hands. 

The world has changed and stepped into the era of science and intellectual skill. (31/5 2018 )

Just a few months ago Mr Un was the national leader that no other national leader wanted to be seen together with. Since North-Korea and Mr Un have entered into the era of science and intellectual skill he now is one of the most attractive leaders to meet. Mr Trump and Mr Un will make agreements about investments to support the peace and reunionprocesses nobody believed was possible. Also Russia wantīs to participate into the positive political process. As more investment that are good for peace and reunion as better for global scientific interests. Global scientific authority is building up the copyright brand strenght and credibility with a common financial interest as the superpowers US and Russia. It is obvious that the coyright brand just can finance projects that are managed by companies based in countries that supports the brands ambitions for peace, democracy and independence. It is not just a political advantage to step into the era of science and intellectual skill. It will also be a very big economical advantage. Global scientific authority invites every company based in any qualified country to participate with the Koreans in their ambitions for peace and unifications. The Korean processes will be of importance for global democratic movement. Add to the Korean demand the demand in the Middle-East where every investment will give very much credibility to the copyrights brand and capability to create peace, democracy ind independence.

With or without US. (5/6 2018)

Mr Un did choose to enter into the era of science and intellectual skill. A risky political decision that needed courage. Since then he has raised in global political authority from a bottom position to a top position. Just a few month ago no other national leader wanted to be seen together with him. Now he is busy to organize the qeue. Even more important is his conquered domistic position. Military leadership is no longer able to challange him. Mr Un has all the way held the pace in the peace and reuninion-processes. US-military interests are anxious that the public opinion will understand that the sanctions did not matter at all. All the military obstacles for the peace and reuninion-processes are now solved and out of the agenda. The Koreans will until 1/3 2025 solve all the civil problems and reunite with or without US participation.  Mr Trumps political contribution to the processes will be his decision to meet Mr Un. All other US-presidents have since Eisenhoover failed. They have all before him relied on a superior military strenght and refused to meet and talk. The military strategy has for 75 years failed. Mr Trump took his first step into the era of science and intellectual skill. Both Mr Un and Mr Trump have gained enormous global political authority by leaving the strategy of military strenght.

Foolish advise to Mr Trump. ( 8/6 2018)

Time Magazine tells: Trump has been advised not to offer Kim any concessions, as the White House seeks to put the onus on the North Koreans to make the summit a success, one U.S. official said. The president is determined to walk out of the meeting if it doesn’t go well, two officials said.So what? Then Mr Un and Mr Moon can continue the peace and reunion processes without US. For a united Korea the previous military issues between the two countries has no sense at all to even discuss in conflict aspect. The problem to solve and discuss is how to combine their military forces. A process much eisier without US impact. The koreans can just be happy if Mr Trump follows the foolish advice.

Trump, Un and Moon will not fail. (12/6 2018)

An astonished world population have hard to belive the fast and positive processes in Korea. If there had not been a swedish government and establishment that have done, and still do, everything to hinder common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill, the positive Korean processes had been there already year 2012. Mr Trump, Mr Un and Mr Moon should already decide where in their homes the have to place the Nobel Prize. Especially for Mr Trump a peaceprize for real results is important that will be compared with Obamas prize based on expectations. The announcement of the peaceprize will be in the beginning of October and almost four more month that even more will surprise the humanity. Also the Middle-East will then have reached a level of peace and understandance nobody belived was possible.

Establishment and US democrats have lost the grip and are desperate. ( 13/6 2018)

The US-democrats are now very concerned about the progresses on the Korean peninsula. Eight years with Obama -administration failed and did miss the opportunity, when Mr Un was brand new on his office, to solve the Korean problems. When Mr Trump now is repairing the Obama fails the US-democrats are very concerned. Marco Rubio (dem) wantīs to keep the total political useless sanctions just to intrigue and hinder the processes. Chuck Schumer passes all limits when he says that the meeting will be a win for Mr Un and a loss for Mr Trump. When the US-democrats and establishment have concerns about Mr Trumps political credibility and political future public opinion understands that he is doing very well and probably the very best. Nancy Pelosi (dem) is blaming Mr Trump for lifting Mr Un to Mr Trumps level as a world leader. As the establishment heavily has criticized and blamed Mr Trumps for how he is running his office it is hard to find out if it is Trump or Un that, from the establishments viuew, has the highest political status. If two maniacs solves the Korean peaceprocess much better the the Nobel Prized honnered Obama and his administration was able to do, we understand the desperation among the democrats in US and also the establishment all around the world. They should ask why US and Japan are afraid of North-Korea and Mr Un but  South-Korea and Mr Moon are not. Two nations in peace without a peace-treaty, still at war but do everthing possible to reunite and the US democrats are total furious about Mr Trumps honerable participation in the positive processes. An embarrassing behavior that US-citizens and public opinion all around the world sees as, we, democrats, do risk a nuclear war if that is the cost for the White house office.

Mike Pompeo is travelling around to market and save military interest ( 14/6 2018)

US-foreignminister Mike Pompeo is now trying to save some credit for the peace and reunion-processes to the US military strenght. He even set his and US-credibility in the hands of UN, an organisation stucked in old fasion WWII-era when military strenght did matter. UN-sanctions are total without sence in the processes and Mike Pompeo could as well travel around the world and honner the US-cavalry for the progresses on Korean peninsula. Mike Pompeo is doing the world a big favour. He is convincing the world that the era of military strenght is over and it is time to shut down the, on WWII based and old fasion, UN organisation.

Mr Trump, Mr Un and Mr Moon are representing the global public opinion that wantīs peace and a reunion of Korea. 

Mr Mike Pompeo represents the establishment, ruled by financial and military interests, that wantīs to hinder it.

Global scientific authority represents science and the global intellectuel elite that will write the history about it.

Great progresses in the Korean processes. ( 20/6 2018)

We are now in an era the Koreans for 70-years have hoped for. Just a few moths ago the world was close to a nuclear war and what now is happening seemed impossible when global scientific authority decided that it should be. It had not been possible if the leaders Mr Un, Mr Trump and Mr Moon not have had the political courage to leave the traditional political safe ways and kept the situation as it was before. Especially, the by the establishment and westworld media hard criticized national leaders, Mr Un and Mr Trump, have left the safe ways and gained global political respect. 75 million Koreans can now look forward to a united, peaceful and democratic nation and prepare for the unificationparty 1/3 2025.

US intelligence are again producing ghosts. ( 1/7 2018)

We know from history that the US-attack into Irak, due to Saddam Hussein nuclear and chemical weapons, was based on a US intelligence produced ghost. The most anxious schizofrenic organisations in the world sees all over the world threats to USA. Also singel individuals has been told as global threats and especially threats to the US-nation. The very best strategy to find out what happens in North-Korea is to drop the sanctions, speed up and support the peace and reunion processes. When the reunionon is made also the US intelligence officials should be able to relax and have a good night sleep.

North-Korean disappointment should not be there. ( 8/7 2018)

Mike Pompeo has met the North-Koreans and acted as forecasted. He is in the Korean peace and reunionprocess a diplomatic disaster and just did what he was expected to do. He is representing the establishment, ruled by financial and military interests, that wantīs to hinder the processes in Korea. As pretold above, 14/6 2018, the North-Korean disappointment should not be there. Mr Pompeo is the definitive evidence for that US military strenght is the problem not the solution. Mr Pompeo is trying to regain credit for the progresses in Korea based on military strenght. He has no ambitions to contribute to the Korean positive processes. He only wantīs to convince the US taxpayers that their military strenght is a guarantee for US citizen safety. What he instead do is to convince the US taxpayers that establishment and US military interests are the problem not just in Korea but also elsewhere. North-Korean should not be disappointed. Mike Pompea has helped them to convince the US taxpayers the waste of money invested in military interests.

US tactics to undermine UN. ( 13/7 2018 )

The UN sanctions on North-Korea has total lost itīs purpose. They have also lost their purpose to give credit to US military strenght. They are now just a political and diplomatic burdon. To let the UN Security Counsil defend the sanctions is just an US tactics to undermine UN impact as an international organisation. The humanity will do much better without UN as long they remains in the era of military strenght. UN should reorganize and define a purpose and mission in the era of science and intellectual skill. To remain in a political situation as i was at the end of WWII is a dead end strategy for UN. The future belongs to them that enjoys the same political direction as Global Scientific Authority. US already on the track has just political wins when UN looses credibility. 

US has now fooled UN to defend the sanctions. ( 21/7 2018)

As forecasted UN will be fooled by US to defend the sanctions on North-Korea. The UN Security Counsil has also agreed on that hard political pressure must be set on China and Russia to fullfill the sanctions. A statement that the UN Security Counsil is total out of their range as they can do nothing about the political choises this two veto-nations do. Global Scientific Authority can at any moment offer unlimited financial support to the Koreans in exchange of a nuclear dismantling. So far just the unlimited financial support is offered with an open political track left for politicians able to step in and enjoy. That means that Global Scientific Authority has the scientific and political authority and the financial strengt to at any moment lift the UN-sanctions and leave UN and all foreign political impact in the Korean peace and reunion-processes behind. That would already have been done if there were not a lot of other global problems to solve where positive political participation can be useful. If not positive they will be dropped by Global Scientific Authority. UN just do everything wrong when they try to regain international impact and very efficient ruin their political credibility.

UN stripped as the United Establishment. ( 5/8 2018 )

UN is an international organisation with represents chosen by the establishment from almost all countries in the world. The UN-staff will lose their missions if peace is settled and conflicts are solved. Science, intellectual skill and positive peaceprocesses are threats to each national establishments and UN-staff that wants to preserve their political positions and preserve their missions. The UN-sanctions on North-Korea have long ago lost all itīs purpose in the peace and reunionprocess in Korea. When Mike Pompeo and others refers to UN they are representing interest for international establishment and not the best for the humanity. Itīs much easier to understand UN and itīs chosen strategies when public opinion becomes awear of is that UN should be named UE, United Establishment. For UN, (UE) the sanctions on North-Korea are a tool to restore the conflicts on the Korean peninsula and regain impact for national establishments and UN-staff.

US establishment has made an incredibly credibility mistake. (17/8 2018 )

When US government and Mr Trump has set a huge political pressure into the nondemocratic interests, Turkey and Iran governments, the US establishment did stabb this political process in itīs back to regain war and conflicts in the Middle-East region. From the global center of political and financial intersts The Boston Globe started a campaign that both undermines Mr Trumps and US authority in the Middle-East. An authority essential to win the Turkey and Iran populations opinion to help them get peace and democracy. An media-attack at a moment when it most of all is in advantege of Mr Erdogan and Mr Rohani. An establishment interest to preserve war and conflicts in the Middle-East and public told as an interest to defend free media and democracy. The cynical establishments ambition that, at any costs for the humanity, strives to preserve war and conflicts has been stripped. 

Seems as there is some bad political analysis (3/9 2018 )

We have been very clear about the idéa to let the copyright about the Mediterranean refill be a guarantee for human values. A guarantee for peace, understandance, democracy and independence that will make the humanity to volentary pay one USD/month to preserve the guarantee. Now CNN says: "Trump is right. His trade war with China is causing a huge problem with North Korea." As if Global Scientific Authority would let China slip away from a democratic process!  1400 million citizcens with a annual value of 1400 million x 12 USD = 16,8 billion USD. A copright that will sustain about 100 years from now and will be dropped by leaders born about 2060 or born even more away from now. A democratic process based on a outstanding and unbeatable scientific and political authority. A nondemocratic China should not try to keep political impact on a democratic Korea. When China is democratic nation and Korea and China are making deals as equals, there are conditions that must be fullfilled to avoid a conflict with Global Scientific Authority. It would be a foolish choise by Chinese leadership to make Global Scientific Authority to force the democratization process in China. Some bad political analysis behind the idea that China, as an obvious target for human values and volentary fees, would slip away from a democratic process.

Establishment stabbs Trump in his back! (6/9 2018 )

Very good news. US establishment, using New York Times, has tried to stabb Mr Trump in his back mainly because his close friendship with Mr Un and Mr Putin. Instead of winning the public opinion the establishement is stripped in their intentions to preserve war and conflicts. The US establishment probably also backed up by the European tells that it is in the name of US interests to have conflicts with other national leaders. The establishment tries to convince the public opinion that an outstanding political success is bad for USA as a nation and some people in his staff are trying to hinder Mr Trump to political succeed. The only conclusion that can be made is that there are some fools both in the Washington staff and on New York Times that believes that a anonymous source will be able to turn the opinion against Mr Trump.

John Bolton is proving him self as a diplomatic disaster. ( 11/9 2018 )

As pretold Mr John Bolton will prove himself as a diplomatic disaster. He says that the door for Mr Un is open for a new meeting as soon North-Korea has started to dismantel their nuclear weapons. What if Mr Un responds, The same to You! An option that never has striked Mr John Boltons mind that US, as a nuclearweapon, also can be questioned if their superior military strenght is diplomatic misused. Why should Mr Un step into negotiations with a superpower nation that just has an interest to show itīs superiority. If US misuses their superior military position Mr Un should drop all US participation and continue the peace and reunion-processes just with South-Korea. The South-Koreans have no reason to require a nuclear weapon dismantling as it for a united Korea will be an asset, and obvious a necessary asset, to preserve a united Korea independent from superpower impact. John Bolton has not the intellectual capability to challange Global Scientific Authority interests and as long he believe he is, he will just gain political defeats.

Humanity is relieved, establishment concerned. ( 19/9 2018 )

As pretold already in Februari, see above, the national leaders Mr Trump, Mr Moon and Mr Un would not fail in the peace and reuninionprocesses. A lot of political ambitions and courage has been needed by these individuals to step aside the strategy then since the armistice in July 1953 has failed and hindered the processes. A strategy that establishment all along the positive process during the year have tried to regain and return to. A number of dimplomatic failours have been made to intrigue and hinder the processes but they all have been stripped. Three national leaders that some December will unite and for their political courage will be honnered in Oslo.

UN-Guterres stripped as a establishment puppet and diplomatic fool. ( 20/9 2018 )

UN-Guterres and the establishment have been stepped aside as the UN-sanctions since months ago do not have any purpose at all for the peace and reuninion-processes. It seems as Mr Guterres have missed the fact that there in the beginning of 2018 were very hash accusements between North-Korea and US. Now just 9 month later we have reached a friendly situation and positive process better then ever before. Now UN-Guterres is asking for results. The results are there but Mr Guterres problem is that they are made without any credit for UN and westworld establishment, the political interests he is representing. As lesser involved UN is in the processes as better. Mr Trump, Mr Un and Mr Moon have to keep UN out of the processes. We can expect that UN-Guterres will continue to make diplomatic foolish statements to sabotate and intrigue in positive political processes. Without conflicts and wars he and UN-staff will lose their missions. 

UN-laughters very good for the Korean processes. ( 26/9 2018 )

When the UN Nations General Assambly did laugh at Mr Trump it became obvious that what ever political achievement done will not give, him and his Washington administration, any credit as long he is critical to the establishment. The UN-sanctions have long, by Global Scientific Authority, been told have no other purpose then giving establishment interest some credit for the progresses in Korea. Why should Mr Trump and his administartion give any credit to interests that humiliates them. US and Mr Trump have been given a wake up call. They should have followed the Global Scientific Authority recommendations and already months ago given up the UN-sanctions.

Also a very good statement from China. ( 28/9 2018 )

To Mr Trumps accusements in UN Nations General Assambly about Chineese try to impact US elections, we got a very good respond and statement from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang  Yi. " China has all along followed the principle of non-interference in other countries' domistic affairs. This is a tradition of Chinese foreign policy." He continued: "We did not and will not interfere in any countries' domistic affairs. "  Such a Chinese statement is of vey big importance for the nearby countries and especially for Korea and the Korean peace and reunionprocesses.

China seems to be shillishally in their political process. ( 4/10 2018 )

When the world now, all over, have understood that they have to leave the era of military strenght and step into the era of science and intellectual skill, Chineese communist party seems to be shillishally about what direction to chose. Xi Jinping should copy the strategy chosen by Mr Un. Take the inititive and the lead in a democratization process. The " Rocketman" has in lesser then a year in global minds transformed and gained political authority and respect all over the world. It is an advantage for everyone if Chineese communistparty take the lead in the democratization process. Global Scientific Authority has primarily no other intentions then to be a guarant for peace, understandance, democracy and independence. If not China and the communist party takes the lead in the democratization processes it will lead into a dead end. With a wrong choise it will, for the communist party, end in a loss of all future impact. China can not be the only country in the world that remains in the era of military strengt when all the world around are democratic and independent countries. Countries that also will have a leaderships that are elected based on their choise to enjoy scientific knowledge and intellectual skill. The westworld establishment has already several times tried to challange Global Scientific Authority and in every attempt been heavily beaten.

Is Mr Trumps and Mr Xi Jingpings planed meeting in Argentina a Chineese first step into a democratization process? (11/10 2018 )

Global Scientific Authority is very positive to a democratizaton process based on a Xi Jingping initiative. A better choise then letting Global Scientific Authority make it happen. With a chinees initiative Global Scientific Authority already can take the position as a guarant for a democratizationprocess but let the chineese do it them selves. If Xi Jingping takes the lead in a democratization process we have already set a win-win-win sitiuation. The communist party representatives, the people and Global Scientific Authority are all winners when Global Scientific Authority is a guarant for the people to let them elect their most competetive government. It is a much more honorable situation to be seen as the very best alternative then preserving a governmental position based just on lack of competition. An elected government will, as the chineese people, be thankful to the given guarantee from Global Scientific Authority. A win-win-win outcome. What happens in the near future will verify if Xi Jingping and China, by them selves, will take the necessary initiatives for a democratization process. Mr Trump will tell the humanity about it.

Global Scientific Authority is waiting for signs. ( 25/10 2018 )

Every chineese citizen will benifit by enjoying and supporting Global Scientific Authority interests. Even the chineese leadership including Mr Xi Jingping. When Xi Jingping decides to give his population free speach, democracy, religious freedom and most importent the possibility to restore and be proud of chineese history and culture, that have been them withdrawn, he will for ever be a renoumed and respected leader. He then also will give proud to his fathers name that in several years was imprisond. That is a matter of time to understand and a mental process to go thrue for Mr Xi Jingping. The problem is that such a process already is made among the chineese population and they need now some good signs.

Wrong sign from China. ( 30/10 2018 )

Global Scientific Authority has asked for democratization ambitions and good signs from chineese leadership. Now they have decided to allow trade with ebony and rhino horn. That is just an interest for the very most rich that by their demand are feeding criminal organisations. Chineese leadership is telling the humanity that they do and will be representatives for a very,very tiny group of people, feed criminals and accept criminal acts to gain their interests and without any respect of humanity interests. Chinees leadership has defined them as non-representatives for 99,999 999 percent of global population and in conflict with the humanity. In that position they also have to challange Global Scientific Authority interests to create peace, understandance, democracy and independence. Chineese communist party and leadership seems not to understand the fact that they just can gain defeats by challanging Global Scientific Authority. Wrong sign and there have very soon to be good democratization signs as Global Scientific Authority already, and very easy, has won 99,999 999 percent of the global public opinion.

UN-sanctions are over. ( 5/11 2018 )

Mike Pompeo and Kim Yong-Chol will this week meet and formally drop the UN-sanctions. That is just a consession to give establishment and establishment represetatives in UN some credit. The UN sanctions have since almost a year ago lost all itīs purpose and have since then only been a problem in the peace and reuninion processes in Korea. The Koreans have long had the political position to a one-sided drop of the sanctions. A formally drop is a total political win-win for Mr Trump and Mr Un that will hinder a one-sided drop and a humilation of UN and the establishment representatives. With a drop of the UN-sanctions the number of nations involved in the process will be reduced to the Koreans nations them selves with US as a stable and democratic buildup partner. Global Scientific Authority is looking forward to an amazing week with a confirmation that futher internatioanal politics will be based on science and intellectual skill.

Good signs from China. (6/11 2018 )

Mike Pompeo and Jim Mattis will on Friday meet chineese representatives. A good sign for start into a democratization process that the Communist party has to enter to avoid Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party to do it for them.

Ghosts among US-establishment. ( 12/11 2018 )

New-York times is now reporting about North-Korean build up of nuclear ramps. It is an impossibel strategy from westworld establishmemnt to try to intrugue into the Korean paece and reunion-processes. They have lost all their credibility and the very best way for the US-population to avoid a Northkorean nuclear threat is to fully support Mr Un and Mr Moons in the positive processes. We are fully aware of that the US-establishment will see a lot of ghosts to try to intrigue into the processes. They will also do a lot of negative reports about the Washington presidental office that have had a keyrole to start the positive processes. To give Mr Trump any credit for that seems by the westworld establishment to be very painful to accept and to do. To remember: Global Scientific Authority will be the authority thats write the true history about it.

Chineese communist party needs help from Global Scientific Authority. ( 13/11 2018 )

The Chineese communist partys authority and credibility is rapidly falling. The only accessable authority that can fill up and to hinder a political instable and voilent China is that represented by Global Scientific Authority. The Chineese leadership should pick a wellspoken and english speaking representative for Global Scientific Authority with a mission to peaceful transform China into democracy. Global Scientific Authority has very high econimical interest to be a guarant for human values for the whole Chineese population. The very best solution for Global Scientific Authority is just to be a guarant for all political democratic movements and not to be an active player in domistic politics. The second best, if necessary, is to be. We hope that Chineeese leadership understand that the time is running out and that they very soon should pick a representative to transform China into a democracy based on Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political authority.

UN have understood the message. ( 17/11 2018 )

The UN and UN security counsil is totala paralyzed as they now have understood that UN as an establishment organisation with establishment representives is over. The only alternative left is to transform to an organisation in accordance with Global Scientific Authority interests, to maximize human values based on a total superior authority and an outstanding finacial capability. UN has the opportunity to step into the era of science and intellectual skill and transform to an international organisation that can regain political credibility as a representative for human values. The dead end alternative is to remain in the era of military strenght, lose all interantional credibility and lose all itīs financial support. What ever chosen alterantive the result is a very much reduced international political impact for a nondemocratic Chineese communist party. The chineese population is now expecting a start of a democratization process.

Carl Festin

Atlantis Party.

Tillbaks till start.