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Illegal acts of desinformation.( 28/5 2019).

It is a human right to have access to science and knowledge. For international problems the Atlantis Party has an outstanding authority and financial capability and solutions hinder global warming, create peace and democracy and by that also solve migrationproblems etc. Solutions offered to the Europeans and the humanity. 751 elected to EU-parliament and the 28 memberstates national leaders has rejected the Atlantis Part offers in an attempt to remain as representatives and do just represent a very tiny establishment interests. To fool the Europeans they are democratic representatives they both have to hinder scientific knowledge and have to rely on mediainterests to back up the establishment with illegal acts of desinformation and propaganda. What ever problem or concerns public told as political statement how to solve them are propaganda and desinformation as long as the Atlantis Party has a far better solution, but not told,  to solve them. The 751 elected EU-delegates, 28 national leaders and their governments has to rely on, for the Euopeans, a withdrawel of human rights, propaganda and desinformation. The Atlantis Party is the only valid democratic representative for EU and their memberstates and if there are any objections the Atlantis Party is when ever ready to let the national populations and the whole EU-population to decide.

The europeans are placed behind an establishment scientific wall. (25/5  2019).

The European establishment has placed the Europeans behind a scientific iron curtain. The elections to the EU parliament is based on candidates that try to convince the populations they are the very best representatives to solve probleams as global warming, conflicts, migrations etc. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party offers an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority added with an enormous financial capability to solve the problems far better then the candidates all together united can´t surpass. They do sell a dull DDR-Trabant when there is a brand new Porsche for free. The only possibility to sell the dull DDR-Trabant is to hinder the population the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 and what the Atlantis Party do offer. 751 elected EU delegates will do everthing to qualify as Atlantis Party representatives when the establishment raised scientific wall breaks. Especially as the delegates have got their political mandate based on that they have convinced their voters that their offered dull DDR-Trabant is the very best offer possible.

Theresa May treason is over. (24/5 2019).

Theresa May has as an UK-establishment representative for three years tried, together with the EU-establishment, to make an agreement accepted by the parliament so bad for the British that they would regret Brexit. All the way there has been a democratic, valid and for decades a well managed EEA-treaty in full action with European countries outside EU. The EEA-treaty could have been adopted from the very beginning but Theresa May did choose to represent just a tiny London-based financial elite. A three year long, by Theresa May lead treason,  is over. GB will enjoy the EEA-treaty and do as Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did decide already the 16/3 2019. See below.

Theresa May do efficient disgrace the GB and EU establishment. (22/5 2019).

Theresa May and GB has during the whole brexit-process had the opportunity to enjoy the EEA-treaty. It is fair, democratic valid and for more then two decades has Norway had a 1630 km long border with EU, Sweden, based on the EEA-treaty. The border between Ireland and North-Ireland is very tine isolated problem compared with the Sweden and Norway border but the island has been presented as a very hard problem to solve. The only ambition Theresa May and EU establishment have had is to create a complicated processes with a bad Brexit-treaty that will make the Brittish public opionion to regret the result in the Brexit-referendum. The Atlantis Party has presented, suggested, decided and since 16/3 2019 set the EEA-treaty as a democratic valid treaty. The establishment ambitions to make the public opinion to regret the Brexit-result has failed. With all doors closed to hinder a Brexit Theresa May announces there will be another Brexit referendum. EU representatives at all levels do motivate their role and importance as democratic guarantees. When the democratic process do not develope in GB and EU establishment favour the democratic principals are the very first to be killed. Theresa May has stripped the EU-leadership and EU meberstate national leaders that democratic principals has no value if establishment interests are challanged. Such an international disgrace Theresa May has runned since her very first day at office. She now ends with proving that she and the EU-leadership has never had any ambitions to accept the democratic valid Brexit referendum.

Theresa May confirms GB and EU as Atlantis Party puppets. (21/5 2019).

Theresa May has now announced a that she in the beginning of June will present a new better treaty for the Brittish parliament that can win an Brittish parliament acceptance. If that is a possible solution why has she not done the very best for GB before? And if that new treaty will be accepted by EU why have they before told that the presented treaty is the one and only? There is just one logical explaination. The by the Atlantis Party since 16/3 2019 set and decided EEA-treaty as the Brexit-treaty is a much better and a democratic valid Brexit-treaty then the treat Theresa May and EU have tried to force the Brittains to accept as a punishment for a wrong result in the Brexit-referendum. As EU and GB establishment in their ambitions to punish the Brittish population has failed they now have to adopt the by the Atlantis Party decided and set EEA-treaty. The only thing left to solve is make some small changings that hinders it to be seen as an adoption of the EEA-treaty and instead be presented as a final successful Brexit-treaty made by Theresa May and EU-representatives. EU and the memberstate national leaders are Atlantis Party puppets but do not want the Europeans to know that.

Brexit-negotiations failed between democratic non-representatives.( 17/5 2019).

The Brexit-negotiations between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn has collapsed. The Theresa May strategy to fool the Brittish population that she was their representative but being an establishment representative, with ambitions to make such a bad Brexit-treaty that the brittish would regret the referendum outcome, has failed. The by the Atlantis Party since 16/3 set and decided Brexit-treaty, to enjoy the EEA-treaty, is a fair and a democratic valid treaty runned for decades with Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein,, is the democratic valid Brexit-treaty. Also, with some small differences it is the EU-treaty with Switzerland. The by Theresa May and European establishment attempt to fool the Brittish population has failed and the Brexit will anyway end up with the by Atlantis Party democratic valid and set EEA-treaty.

Atlantis Party has very good relations with the Washington administration. (16/5 2019).

As Washington administration can rely on the Atlantis Party leadership for EU and EU-memberstates there also is a longterm guarantee for a high ethical standard to create peace and democratization processes all over the world. No more European deals that do support non-democratic, aggressive and national leadership that also do supports terrorism in foreign countries. When former EU-leadership did undermine US political pressure on Iran leadership. US can now rely on the Atlantis Party, representative for the valid democratic European opinion, that is able and will put in an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority, to get rid of the Iran terrorism leadership. The Atlantis Party do also offer the Iranians peace and democracy. When the Washington administration can rely on EU and 28 memberstates the trade-conflict is a political disadvantage. The EU establishment representatives did fail in traderelations with US. Now the democratic valid representative, the Atlantis Party,succeeds. The EU-US tradeconflict is canceled.

May and Corbyn has decided the beginning of june to verify the already set Brexit-treaty. (15/5 2019).

May and Corbyn do not want to be seen as the politicians that did withdraw the European establishment it´s fake democratic mandate. The valid democratic mandate belongs to the Atlantis Party and a valid Brexit-treaty has been there for two months. ( See 16/3 2019 below.) After the EU-elections every delegate has their representation based on that they have withdrawn the voters the scientific truth. There will be 750 delegates that will eager to be accepted as Atlantis Party representatives and support the treaty set already two months ago. The May and Corbyn strategy is just ment, not to be there, when the scientific truth and the European establishment fake democratic mandate is withdrawn.

Last supper for European establishment representatives.(10/5 2019).

The Atlantis Party do offer the humanity the win-win-win-concept, Win-win-win-concept, including 1350 billion USD+90 billions more annual for investments to maximize human values as hinder global warming. The concept do also guarantee the humanity peace, democracy and independence that will sweap out what ever non-democratic leadership. The only thing the EU-leaders did agree about when they met in Rumania was, in the name of democracy, hinder the Europeans the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and the Atlantis Party offered political alternative. As establishment representatives they do instead offer the Europeans non-competative and impotent leadership without political solution for anything and a political and finacial support of Iran, Chineese and other non-democratic leadership. With such a dull political concept it is obvious that everyone will be replaced by Atlantis Party and humanity representatives and the meeting in Rumainia was the last supper for establishment representatives.

A fake Brexit-process. A democratic valid treaty is already since 16/3 2019 set. ( 8/5 2019).

Theresa May and the European establishment tries to fool the British population and the rest of EU-population that there still is not EU-treaty set. The EU valid democratic mandate belongs to the Atlantis Party and why not public known depends on that the establishment do fool all EU memberstate citizens. Based on the biggest lie ever the European establishment do believe they can sign another Brexit-treaty then Atlantis Party EEA-treaty already set. The EEA-treaty is a fair, democratic and valid treaty runned for decades with Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein. What ever signed, not accepted by the Atlantis Party and inside the EEA-treaty, is not democratic valid and will be impossible to implant and defend in any traderelations. The fake Brexit-process is just a matter of nonacceptance that the democratic process has withdrawn establishment the main impact on the Brexit-process.

No dull Trabant. The Frenshmen wants a brandnew Porsche for free? (2/5 2019).

115 000 Frenshmen did protest agianst the Frensh ruling elite. Groups representative from all kinds of activism. They do not want to have the offered dull Trabant. What will happen when they become aware about that they all the time has been withdrawn knowledge about the Atlantis Party political offer? Gigantic investments to hinder global warming was in COP24, December 2018, offered but rejected. 400 billion Euro:s in compensation for dieselgate has by the EU establishment been neglected just to protect Nazi-decedent Prosche-Piëch family interests and Qatar Holding financing of terrorism in the Middle-East. A very interesting future. 

The by EU representatives criticized Brittish parliament has made their decision. LONDON (Reuters) - Britain’s parliament declared a symbolic climate change “emergency” on Wednesday, backing a call by opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for “rapid and dramatic action” to protect the environment for generations to come.

 The by Atlantis Party announced 95 % European valid democratic mandate will be proven an underestimation.

An expensive dull Trabant or a brandnew Porsche for free? (26/4 2019).

The European establishment is in the EU-elections offering a dull inefficient Trabant for a high price as it once was in DDR, no alternative on the market. Once in DDR also able to sell but is scrap when Atlantis Party is offering a brandnew Porsche for free. Media and politicians are all over Europe now, as establishment representatives, engageged in selling the dull Trabant not telling there is a Porsche for free. More the 500 million Europeans are withdrawn the scientific truth, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and fooled there is just a dull Trabant on the market. When 500-million angry systematic fooled Europeans understands they have been fooled to buy a dull Trabant they will claim to be offered the brandnew Porsche for free. 751 EU-delegates will do everything needed to be accepted as Atlantis Party representatives. As more ambitious media and politicians are in the EU-election campaigns as more they do fool and as more they will eager to be Atlantis Party representatives.

Greta Thunberg got a standing ovation in a EU-hypocrism. (17/4 2019).

The 16-year old Swedish schoolgirl and climate activist Greta Thunberg got standing ovation after her speach in EU-parliament. What the delegates did not tell her is that they and the European establishment has rejected an Global Scientific Authority offer to spend 350 billion USD and 90 billion more added annual to maximize human values. Especially her own, swedish government and swedish establishment, have for several years hindered and delayed investments to stop global warming. Greta Thunberg is engaged and did cry as, in spite of her efforts, nothing seems to happen. What Greta Thunberg and the public opinion not yet are aware about, is that Greta Thunberg do strip the establishment and give evidence for that they are hypocrites. In Davos meeting the global financial and political elite did argue about which ones should pay to hinder global warming. They did just unite in a try to hinder Global Scientific Authority to do. They do try to avoid that the humanity will from their care, be total independent. What ever human catastrophe is, for establishment, better then to be left behind. It is just with the fear to be left behind EU and establishment do try to catch in Greta Thunberg public impact under their umbrella. A standing ovation in hypocrism. After EU-elections 751 delegates will have their representation based on that all the Europens by establishment has been fooled and hindered scientific knowledge. In the fear to be stripped all EU-delegates will be Atlantis Party representatives. Greta Thunberg did very well contribute to make every EU-delagate an Atlantis Party representative to maximaize human values.

EU trade-talks with US. (16/4 2019).

The EU-comission has by the EU-memberstates been given the mandate to do the trade-talks with US. The question is if the memberstates do have any valid democratic mandate to delegate. The Atlantis Party do own the EU and memberstates democratic mandate and if there are any objections among EU and EU-meberstates the Atlantis Party is at any moment ready to let the European populations decide. The Atlantis Party would have given the EU-comission the trade-talk mandate if not there is a total conflict about how to deal with non-democratic nations, especially China and Iran. The Atlantis Party would just accept trade with non-democratic nation if there are customs named as non-democratic fees. Such fees would give the political signals that customs are not to protectionism but are fees that tells the populations in non-democratic countries they do have democratic support. EU and EU-memberstates eagers to step in and replace US in the US-China tradewar without any democratization requests on Chineese non-democratic government. The EU-comission mandate is just an European tiny establishment mandate. The democratic and valid EU-mandate belongs to the Atlantis Party.

A total win for the Atlantis Party. ( 11/4 2019).

Theresa May and EU have decided to extend Brexit to the end of October. That means a total success for the Atlantis Party as all memberstate representatives including an elected British group into the EU-parliament all, if not Mediterranena refill 3500 B.C. before is common known, will be elected based on a by establishment, very active hidden scientific knowledge. When elected they can not admit they did fool their voters and the only solution left is to be a Atlantis Party representative. Where would they else as liers be respected as representatives? That will very much easy up the EU-elections. What ever vote it will be on a Atlantis Party representative. 751 Atlantis Party representatives including 73 British representatives will be elected into the EU-parliament.

May has asked for a whole year to fool the UK and EU populations. (8/4 2019).

Theresa May has asked EU to extend the Brexit-process a whole year. That will most probably be accepted by the EU memberstate leaders as they are total without all democratic mandate to do anything. To end up with anything else then what decided and set 16/3 will be an illegal act and seen as treason. If there are som objections about that the populations must be asked. There is just a few weeks left until the whole EU-population would be able to tell if the Atlantis Party, as by Global Scientific Authority is told, is their 95 percent democratic representative. Theresa May wants to preserve a non-competative, a non-democratic establishment representation in both UK and EU. For that she needs a one year Brexit-delay that do hinder the EU-citizens to make a democratic fair election that would verify the Atlantis Party as the 95 percent democratic representative. A tempting offer for 27 EU-memberstate leaders to accept a one year Brexit-delay in a try to remain as establishment representatives.

May, Corbyn and Tusk needs more time just to hide the fact that Atlantis Party already has decided and set the Brexit-treaty. (5/4 2019).

The Atlantis Party has the valid democratic mandate both for EU and UK. If there are some objections about that statement the populations must be asked. As a representative for both EU and UK the Atlantis Party did already the 16/3 set and decide that UK will enjoy the EEA-treaty. There is no democratic mandate to change that decision for anybody. May and Corbyn do not want an elections that confirms the Atlantis Party as the UK 95 percent democratic representative. Also not wanted for Mr Tusk and EU. The only thing left for May, Corbyn and Tusk is that they need time to fool the UK and EU populations they did agree and did have impact about what anyway will end up in the 16/3 Brexit-EEA-treaty. Nothing else is democratic valid. 

Will the Brittish accept to be betrayed by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn? (3/4 2019).

The EEA-treaty is a fair, democratic and valid treaty runned for decades with Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein. Theresa May has all the way rejected the EEA-treaty and presented a unfair Brexit-treaty, an establishment treaty, that will minimize UK and EU establishment costs for Brexit but punish the UK-citizens for the result in the referendum. If that is not the case, she would have enjoyed the fair and valid EEA-treaty from the very first day. The Atlantis Party has since the 16/3 decided the EEA-treaty as the Brexit-traety. It is a fair, democratic and valid Brexit-treaty. EU-representatives and memberstate national leaders are fake democratic leaders as their representations are based on keeeping their citizens out of scientific knowledge, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. UK and Theresa May has the political position  that at any moment withdraw the EU and memberstate leaders their democratic mandate. Thats just by verifying the Mediterranean refill. Knowledge that the national leaders for years have known but chosen to fool their citizens. UK and it´s population has the political position to dictate a Brexit-treaty. Why Theresa May wants to involve Jeremy Corbyn is just in the purpose to remain as an establishment representative. The ambitions are to also let the main political alternatives betray the Brittish population. Theresa May and her party do want to reduce the political burdens as not the only ones that do betray the Brittish population.

Will the Brittish accept that Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk public do humiliate them? (2/4 2019).

The Europeans, Juncker and Tusk, do public humiliate the British parliament and David Cameron that did allow the Brittish population to decide if they did want to remain in EU. They democratic ambitions are stripped. There are not any if not benificial for the establishment. They have forgotten that their fake democratic positions are total dependent on the fact that they still scientific do fool 500 million Europeans. The valid democratic mandate belongs to the Atlantis Party. The democratic valid EEA-treaty is already since the 16/3 a decided and set valid Brexit-treaty. The Brittish parliament, can when ever they want, verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and withdraw Mr Juncker and Mr Tusk their fake mandates.

Atlantis Party, the UK-population 99 percent representative. (31/3 2019).

The Atlantis Party did already the 16/3 decide and set a fair Brexit treaty in accordance with the European Economic Area. The European establishment and Brittish establishment representatives have for more the 1000 days tried to make an unfair Brexit treaty that will make the Brittish popuplation to regret Brexit but still keeps Theresa May as a UK representative that has done her very best possible for UK. Without her efforts, establishment do say, there will be a hard Brexit with even much harder consequenses for the Brittish population. The Atlantis Party has proven been much more potent the Theresa May and the Brittish parliament to serve UK-population interests. The European Economic Area treaty is far better, democratic valid and since decades in work. The EU will not be able to set harder conditions for UK then set in the European Economic Area-treaty. That is far better the Theresa May and EU so far have offered the Brittish population. The Atlantis Party has proven to be a far better UK-population interests representative the The UK government and UK parliament. The Atlantis Party, would if democratic, free and fair elections, be the UK-population 99 percent democratic representative. If there are some objections we have to ask the Brittish.

European establishment in panik. ( 28/3 2019).

EU has hindered the Europeans access to science, knowledge and information in their ambition to hinder Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political impact. If the Europeans not are hindered, the democratic mandate for the Atlantis Party would be at least 95 percent. If there are some objections about that democratic mandate the Europeans must be given the opportunity to decide by them selves. Such a democratic risk will the European establishment not take. The only opportunity left is to scientific fool more then 500 million Europeans. The Europen national leaders will in April 29 give the EU mandate to Michael Barnier to negotiate with the Brittish government about the Brexit conditions. In reality there will be 27 national leaders without any democratic mandate at all. They will give their mandate to Michael Barnier to represent 27 individuals all with the political merit that they scientific have fooled their own populations. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do delegate to decide the menus during the meeting, nothing more. The British do since 16/3 2019 have a valid EEA-treaty.

European establishment in 1000 days strike. ( 26/3 2019).

EU has with Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein an EEA-treaty and also with Swizerland and Croatia with some modifications an EEA-treaty. For UK to adopt such a treaty the very first day after the Brexit-referendum would have been the logical solution if there had been some ambitions among the European establishment to follow the referendum. There was not. EU and GB establishment has since then been on strike, done nothing and used 1000 days in obstructions to hinder a fair Brexit-treaty just in the purpose to fail. The by Atlantis Party decided and set Brexit-treaty is to adopt the EEA-treaty that already is democratic valid. The EU and GB establisments have produced an unfair non-democratic Brexit-treaty just in the purpose to give non-acceptable conditions for GB to make Brexit fail.

Remainers do want a new referendum. (23/3 2019).

Media tells that about 100 000 people in London are demonstating for a new Brexit referendum. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party, the most democratic representative for both EU and GB, do support a new referendum as there now since 16/3 is a valid Brexit, Norway look alike, treaty to consider. It is a democratic advantage if the GB-population with full scientific and treaty-knowledge do decide to support the treaty. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will accept the result of the referendum on the conditions that the Brittish population do have full access to science, treaty-knowledge and what Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party has offered the humanity. So far they do not know and are by the establishment hindered.

Extended time for Brexit = extended time for establishment interests. (22/3 2019).

The by Global Scientific Authority decided and set Norwegian look alike Brexit-treaty is the most democratic, valid and a during 23 years adjustment a very convenient treaty for both Norway and EU. A very easy solution that since more then 1000 days has been able to adopt but not is done. The reason is that the only establishment ambitions in both EU and GB is to fail and give up the Brexit. The now decided extended time for GB is just in the purpose to force the British to accept an unfair deal or to give up Brexit. A Brexit with a fair deal similar as the Norwegian treaty would force in GB to the "suffering" group of nations together with Norway and Switzerland. They do have about 50 % higher BNP/capita then GB. For the EU establishment a total catastrophe if the EU citizens do see and understands that GB do much better without the EU establishment. The establishment ambitions is, if Brexit, to let GB have an unfair deal that hinders them to cath up to the Norwegian and Swiss economical standard. We will see if Theresa May, as an establishment representative, succeeds in her ambitions to get an parliament accept for a non-democratic, non-valid Brexit-treaty in the purpose to keep the majority of the British population at a low EU-standard and avoids the political, for establishment, risk to cath up to the standard in the " suffering" Norway and Switzerland.

Donald Tusk has accepted the by Atlantis Party decided and set Brexit-treaty. (20/3 2019).

Mr Donald Tusk has set foolish conditions for extended time to decide and set Brexit-treaty.  Extended time will just be accepted if the already rejected treaty  will be the Brexit-treaty. Conditions that makes an extention without any purpose at all. With such political skill we all do understand the difficulties behind the failours to make a Brexit-treaty. A desperate act to force the Brittish parliament to accept the establishment treaty. Fortunatly the Atlantis Party already has decided and set a democratic valid Brexit-treaty that will step in the 29/3. A Brittish treaty with EU, 99 % similar as the Norwegian, that during 23 years has been valid and adjusted to EU. Mr Tusk now gives the UK parliament the opportunity to accept the already rejected treaty or full political back up of the Atlantis Party decided and set Norwegian look alike treaty. Conditions that gives the Brittish parliament no other alternative then fully back up and adopt the Norwegian look alike treaty. For such a decision there is no need for an extended time.

Three month extension is not for a Brexit-treaty. (20/3 2019).

Theresa May has pleaded for a three month extenison for setting a Brexit-treaty. That is a Theresa May fake. There is already set a democratic valid Brexit-treaty much more convenient then Theresa May, representative for the GB establishment, and Jean-Claude Juncker representative for the EU establishment, are able to produce. The three month extension is just the time the European establishment needs to accept they do not longer have any impact on the Brexit process and that there already is a valid Brexit-treaty. All adjustments needed in trade etc can promt be set in action as the extension anyway will not have any democratic valid result then already, 16/3 2019,  decided and set.

 The valid Brexit-treaty. (16/3 2019)

Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party democratic mandate.

Global Scientific Authority political represented by the Atlantis Party People do have the democratic mandate both from the EU-citizens and the UK-citizens to decide and set a valid Brexit-treaty. If the EU and UK establishments have some objection they first have verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Not before there can be a fair democratic election among the populations to decide, if or if not, the Atlantis Party democratic mandate is valid. So far the international establishment has prefered to keep the humainty out of knowledge about human civilistion most important and formative happening. Establishment has chosen to disqualfy them selves as democratic representatives only by the reason to avoid an election that anyway will end with the result of a total dominating democratic mandate for the Atlantis Party. Conclusion: Atlantis Party is the democratic representative for both the EU citizens and the UK citizens do decide and set at Brexit-treaty. Compare also before told.  Sweden and Turkey challenge.

The establishment obstructions to decide and set a Brexit-treaty.

The 23/6 2016 the UK referendum decided an UK withdrawel from EU. Both the UK establishment and EU establishment did not want a Brexit but accepted the referendum as they did belive it would kill the Brexit-supporters arguments. When the referendum wanted a Brexit there was a situation similar as a relationsship between two in love teenagers when the male parents decides to split their relation. The two in love did step forward to decide how their separation should be done but under conditions, that by both parents has to be accepted, with a fee payed for lost virginity. Can anybody give an example when such an organisation to handle a separation has given an agreement?  Probably not! The Brexit-negotiations do anyway prove it is a total foolish organisation. There has been 33 months of negotiations with two teenagers still in love that do not want to separate. All involved are mainly intrested in sorting out which of them to blame the most. The only thing everybody can agree about is that the teenagers do not want to separate. The teenagers strategy, ( EU and UK establishment,) is to obstruct and hinder an agreement, Brexit-treaty, until the male parents give up their objections.

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do step in.

The Atlantis Party has the democratic mandate for both UK and EU, the political authority, the intellectual skill and most important, the a very distinct interests, to be seen as a guarantee for human values including democracy and independence. The citizens in UK and EU can with trust hand over the whole Brexit-process to the Atlantis Party and rely on the interests to do the very best for all citizens in both UK and EU.

A valid Brexit-treaty. 

The Atlantis Party do set the Norwegian relations with EU as a 99 percent adoptable valid treaty also for Brexit. With a 1630 km long border between Sweden (EU) and Norway, 23 years experiance in a political process, benificial for both parts, it must be hard to create a better and more democratic valid Brexit-treaty. One percent left opens for small adjustments. Especially as UK and EU have handed over the Brexit-process to teenage look alike organisation.


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