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Edogan made the same misstake as swedish government!

Suddenly was Merkel back on track and Turkish invasion is damned. ( 21/3 2018)

 A open split has now occured between EU and Germany in how to political handle the Turkish invasion. 3 billion euro for a extended refugee-treaty will be withdrawn. Erdogan will try to missuse the refugee-situation. The best way for Germany to handle Erdogan is to support science, Mediterranean refill, and the process for a democratic constitution in Syria. A political strategy that will save 3 billion euros for EU-citizens and play out Erdogan from the political arena.

Turkey crossed the Syrian border and are causing 400 000 kurd refugees. (19/3 2018)

 Turkey are by their invasion causing a number of about 400 000 kurd refugee that has to leave to Syrian army controlled region. EU pays 3 billion EURO to Turkey for a refugee treatment. For the 400 000 kurds that Turkey, backed up by the rebelian Free Syrian Army, are causing in Syria gets nothing. GB and EU politicians are very engaged in the diplomatic crises with Russia and all mediafocus is on a poisoned former Russian spy. Russia could not have chosen a better moment to support interests that wants to hide what happens in Syria and for Putin and Assad not a worse. A diplomtic crises that for Turkey, GB and EU came at a very suitably moment.

Suddenly it is obvious why Erdogan has so big problems with the kurds. (14/3 2018)

 EU has announced a new deal with Turkey of about 3 billion Euro:s to take care of Syrian and other refugees. With a positive peaceprocess it suddenly would be no nead for a new refugee-deal for EU and 3 more billions Euro:s would be withdrawn. The refugee situation has also by Erdogan several times been misused as a political advantage in discussions with EU and its memberstates. Both money and influence will fade away for Erdogan if peace in Syria will be reached. There must be a political acceptable reason to keep the Syrian conflict unsolved. Some military actions against kurd terrorists across the border of both Syria an Iraq would probably plant some new energy into the conflicts and beware both the money from EU and the political advantage. Turkey and Erdogan is hired by EU to do the dirty work in Syria with a mission to keep the war alive. Sorry Mr Erdogan and EU. Try to fool somebody else in your nobel fight against terrorism!

Erdogan humuliates Turkey and its population. (12/3 2018)

 The turkish airforces has made attackts in Irak at the kurdish population. Erdogan tries to justify his attack into Syria and Afrin with another attack on Irak on what he says is an attack of PKK. This time he had hopes to gain some support to his deads as PKK also by US and EU named a terrorist organisation. Erdogan is fighting a war, he aginst the global population. We have seen many such individuals before. A leader that has dragged his country and its population into humiliation just by a mission to strengt political power to one singel individual that has lost access to reality.

Erdogan is desperate!  (11/3 2018)

Erdogan seems total desperate. He is hunting all opposition and dishonner his allied in NATO. How many wars has been won by a leader that dishonners his allies or his own soldiers? None! On the other hand it do often appears in the final act before defeat.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğa did challange global scientific interests. (28/2 2018)

The knowledge of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C is human right to know for the global population and of global scientific interest. Every ethnic group, especially in the Middle-East, have in their culture, relegion, local myths etc, details that added to the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill will build up our human history. Our human civilisation number 2 built of the knowledge that refugees had from the floded human civilisation number 1. It is due to that of global scientific interest to preserve all different etnic groups culture and knowledge and in many cases down to individual level of knowledge and tradition. With the military attack on the Afrin region Turkey was told they would challange global scientific interests and the global intellectaul elite. Interests no military force can beat. Turkey and Erdogan had a choice and they did chose to challange global scientific interests and intellectual elite. 


Turkey and Erdogan was pretold the consequeces by challanging scientific interests. No access to copyright nor for media, politicians and science. Turkey will be left behind and one of the most interesting regions will not be able to benefit on new science. Something that will gain the surrounding countries that have access. They will be able to develop a very interesting tourism industry,Turkey will not. Turkeys most attractive scientists and professionals will leave to the nearby countries to cover up their raised demand on competence. Turkish soldiers have wasted their lives to the mission of destroying a part of their own history and identity. Everything pretold Turkey and neglected before the attack into Syria and Afrin region.

Will the turkey population accept the consequences?

The only, but unbeatable, tool avalible for global science is to hinder Turkey access to copyright. A copyright they will gain access to if their government and population are willing to volentary pay the fee. A fee for a guaranty of a democratic constitution and media that fullfills the journalistic mission of anticorruption work. Any turkish political interest that fullfills the democratic required statutes will get access and be in opposition to the Turkish government. Global science can and will not make the choises for the turkish population but there must be a benificial relation between copyright and the population if the fee volentary will be payed. To gain access there must be a democratic constitution and a efficient anticorruption work. A choise only the turkish population by them self can do. If rejection to access is chosen, all surrounding countries will control that Turkey not intrude into my copyright. 


Good luck, Mr Erdogan and Mr Lfvn in Your mission to challange global scientific interests.

Armenia has understood the future. 

The peacetreatment from 2009 between Turkey and Armenia is by Armenia withdrawn. They have understood that there is a much better future with better relations with a new leadership in Turkey. At this moment drop the old agreement is very appropriate.



Carl Festin



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