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Erdogan made the same misstake as Swedish government!

UN-Guterres is a permanent political catastrophe. (14/6 2019)

First of all to consider is that the valid UN-democratic mandate belongs to Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. When UN-Guterres do offer his participation in peace-talks between US and the non-democratic Iran government he has no UN mandate for such an initiative. He has for a very long time had the opportunity to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. that would ruin the Iran government it´s scientific, religious and political authority. UN-Guterres do hinder the Atlantis Party to introduce the win-win-win-concept,,  and democracy for the Iran population. UN-Guterres will never get any political mandate as an establishment representative for protecting a non-democratic government anywhere.

Merkel, EU and memberstates mission to overthrow Erdogan government.(3/6 2019)

Merkel, EU and memberstates seems to believe they can ignore that they lost the democratic mandate to the Atlantis Party. Gobal Scientfic Authority and the Atlantis Party can whenever overthrow the non-democratic Erdogan government if not the European establishment did withdraw the Europeans scientific knowledge. Therefore Globel Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do to Merkel, EU and the memberstates delegate the mission to overthrow the Erdogan government 

Good for US that the European political mandate belongs to the Atlantis Party. (31/5 2019)

Mr Pompeo has met Angela Merkel in Berlin and it must for everyone be obvious that the European governments are establishment representatives without any contact with their populations interests. If there are money to earn the European establishment can accept, cooperate as political and financial back up what ever non-democratic leadership. US must be very satisfied with the fact that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Part has taken over the valid democratic mandate from EU and all it´s memberstates and US now has Europe as reliable partner to undermine in non-democratic aggressive terrorist leadership. Mr Pompeos visit with Angela Merkel was just a check up if she yet had understod that she and the other memberstate leaders, on the international political arena, is matter of political left overs. 

President Rouhani says, fuck off prophet Mohammad. (8/5 2019)

The Iran government and president Hassan Rouhani do try to hinder democratization processes for the Iran population and are involved in a several conflicts with non-democratic ambitions  in other nations and regions. That is in total conflict with Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party to be seen as a guarantee for human values and to introduce the win-win-win-concept in Iran. Win-win-win-concept. When the Iran Government and Mr Rouhani do take a conflict with Global Scientific Authority they also do take a conflict with the scientific breakthrough that is the origin for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. New knowledged that has to be considered and the religious base for muslims. The by Iran government and president Rouhani chosen conflict with Global Scientific Authority is similar as saying fuck off prophet Mohammed and they withdraw all their religious authority. They are stripped as missusing Islam to feed corruption just in the purpose to gain own financial revenue.

Iran government do risk the Islam religion. (6/5 2019)

Iran Islamic government is in conflict with Global Scientific Authority interests to be seen as a guarantee for human values. The Iran government is challanging an interest impossible to beat and do risk authority and credibility losses. As the political governmental representation rely on Islamic representation it also will be losses for the Islamic religion. The Global Scientific Authority win-win-win-concept to maximize human values will be seen as the opposite to Islam relegion leadership as a minimizer of human values. Iran revolutionary government is running a highrisk project with the risk to be representatives for global muslim authority and credibility loss and Islam religion for ever seen as minimizer of human values.

Mr Trump has set US back on track. (23/4 2019)

Iran government is by Global Scientific Authority designated as a terrorist regime. After some doubtful efforts by Mr Pompeo has Mr Trump set US back on track as a the most representative nation for peace and democrazy. 

The Trump administration announced that it will no longer waive sanctions on any countries that import oil from Iran, one of the world’s top petroleum producers. The decision means that eight governments that had earlier been granted waivers, including China, India and Turkey, may face U.S. sanctions if they keep buying Iranian oil beyond May 2.

If there are some protests to the extended sanctions Global Scientific Authority is at any moment ready to organize an international statistic significant poll to get a valid democratic mandate for the extended sanctions. An international poll that also would give an explanation to why both the Turkish and Chineese governments are by Global Scientific Authority banned from access to copyright and scientific knowledge. 

US has enjoyed Global Scientific Authority classification. (9/4 2019)

President Donald Trump announced on Monday that the United States is designating Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a foreign "terrorist organisation", marking the first time Washington has formally labelled another country's military a "terrorist group".

Global Scientific Authority has permanent been in conflict with Iran non-democratic government. A conflict that will be as long the Iran government remains as a non-democratic government and even more in conflict as Iran government do intrigue in what ever possible arena in the whole Middle-East region. US has now classified them as terrorists. As the Atlantis Party is the only valid democratic representative for EU and it´s memberstates they all do enjoy the US classification. UN is also a Global Scientific Authority interests representative as the humanity interests, to maximize human values, are both in total accordance. UN do also enjoy to the US classification. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party are very satisfied about tha fact that all members in the UN Security Counsil also will do.

Erdogan desperate try. (8/4 2019)

Mr Erdogan and his AKP do not accept that he has lost the elections in Istanbul. That gives the opposition a marvelous opportunity. They should ask for a new election and tell the Turkey population that, due to Erdogan folish attack into Syria, Turkey and it´s population has been banned by Global Scientific Athority from both access to their historic origin and access to the build up market in the Middle-East. An option to get Mr Erdogan imprisoned for treason. 

Erdogan non-democratic ambitions did lose political support. (2/4 2019)

In spite of all democratic restrictions and sencorship the Erdogan dictator ambitions did get a setback. When Mr Erdogan talks the Turkish poulation do understand they have a maniac and political fool as president and media can not sencor Mr Erdogans own performances. What not yet public known is that Global Scientific Authority has banned Turkey and withdrawn Turkey from the buildup market in the Middle-East but also withdrawn access to copyright and their historic origin. That as long Erdogan still is in office and runs non-democratic processes in his dictator ambitions. He and AKP are proven capabel to financial and scientific, without limits, able to harm Turkey nation interests just to remain in ruling positions. When the population do get the knowledge Erdogan and AKP will heavily regret they did challange Global Scientific Authority.

UN is now a Global Scientific Authority interests representative. (31/3 2019)

UN and Mr Guterres now announces progresses in the Libyan peace-process. It seems as Mr Guterres and UN finally have understood they can not survive as an international organisation if they do far below, ex. Yemen and COP24 , then what is possible. They can not continue to reject the opportunities that Global Scientific Authority has offered and is able to offer the humanity. Why should UN accept to be blocked by vetos in the Security Counsil when they to peace and democratization processes has access to an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority and also an almost unlimited independent finacial capability that just eagers to start to invest in the purpose to maximize human values. UN seems to have understood they just can survive as an international organisation as long they are and do act as a Global Scientific Authority interests representative. When combatants do understand that their authority, when ever by Global Scientific Authority, can be ruined and marginalized they do prefer to save some political impact by a peaceful democratization. No political act or veto in the UN Security Counsil will have any impact on these conditions.

No need for Erdogan critisism. (20/3 2019)

Erdogan has since more then during a year by Global Scientific Authority been told as a political fool. As soon he take some political action there is a very big risk for his supporters but also the Turkish population and Turkey as a nation that Erdogan will represent them as fools. Now he has opened his mouth and commented the shootings in Christchurch as if it was an national conflict between allied christian nations in WWI and Turkey as a muslim nation. There is no need for critisism of Mr Erdogan. The very best solution to dismantle his political authority is just letting him talk. He then do convince everybody he is a political fool, but in spite of that, accepted by EU and the European establishment that unofficial political and financial supports him and his non-democratic government. 

There is a valid Brexit-treaty ready to adopt. ( 15/3 2019)

There is since 1995 a treaty between Norway and Sweden that then enjoyed EU. It is a 1630 km long, more then 23 years, well function border between Norway and EU. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party will have a total democratic acceptance among both the European populations and the Britts to adopt the Norwegian treaty also valid for GB. More then 23 years experiance is far better then a try to create a separate treaty for GB made by nondemocratic establishment representatives for establishment interests. There is already a democratic valid Brexit-treaty to adobt the 29/3 2019. The only reason to extend the process is an establishment nondemocratic process to gain separate advantages above what already are decided in well function existing treaties. Atlantis Party has full democratic support to decide a valid Brexit-treaty, adopting the already excisting Norway-treaty. Establishment has no democratic support for their intentions to make a special Brexit-treaty just in the purpose to gain establishment interests. What ever they do sign it will be far below the democratic support the Atlantis Party solution will gain. Mr Juncker, Mr Tusk and others are just able to sign a non-democratic and non-valid Brexit-treaty.

A fair and valid Brexit-treaty is now able to sign. (14/3 2019)

The Brittish parliament do want a fair and valid Brexit-treaty before the Brexit. Global Scientific Authority interests to maximize human values, political represented by the Atlantis Party, is the EU-populations democratic representative. The European populations do want a fair and valid Brexit-treaty for GB and the only possible democratic representative for EU citizens is the Atlantis Party. Atlantis Party will sign a Brexit-treaty that will strive to be in accordance with the Norwegian and Swiss relations with EU. Atlantis Party is at any moment prepered to sign such a Brexit-treaty and now the British parliament just have to decide, for the Britts, a democratic representative. If the EU-parliament has some objections there is an election in May that will verify the Atlantis Party as the EU-populations democratic representative.

Just a valid Brexit-treaty signed by Atlantis Party. (13/3 2019)

Global Scientific Authority has in the international political arene offered a huge number of political solutions to create and maximize human values. Solutions that by the international establishment have been delayed, hindered or rejected just in the purpose to keep political impact in an attempt to hinder Global Scientific Authority to gain democratic political impact to create and maximize human values from a scientific, religious, political and financial superior position. Global scientfic authority do at least have the democratic mandate from 99 percent of the swedish population and at least 95 percent of total European population if not, by the swedish government and international establishment interests, the populations are withdrawn scientific knowledge and what the humanity is offered. Mr Juncker, other EU-representatives and European national leaders do fool the britts that they are democratic representatives. They can act as establishment representatives as long as they can fool their own populations they also are democratic representatives. A chosen strategy with gigantic human costs for the humanity as Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party has proven is able, can and have offered the humanity solutions in all aspects far above what international establishment is able to do and have done. Mr Juncker, Mr Tusk etc. are not democratic representatives and can not sign a valid Brexit-treaty with the britts. The democratic authority belongs to the Atlantis Party. Atlantis Party has no other ambitions to do anything else then to coordinate relations as similar as to them with Switzerland and Norway. Conclusions. A "hard" Brexit without a treaty will just start a process to coordinate GB with Switzerland and Norway. The EU establishment, but also primeminister May, will try to fool the britts it will be very hard consequences for GB to leave EU without a treaty. Just a nondemocratic establishment fake.

Fake concerns about IS-childrens. (8/3 2019)

There has since almost 2 weeks been a from Global Scientific Authority a solution and offer to finance an imprison of IS terrorists and take well care of their innocent childrens. That is a very good brandbuilder for Global Scientific Authority to be seen as a guarantee for human values.The Swedish government and EU-establishment engagements are just to find a alternative that can do hinder Global Scientific Authority the acknowledge to be seen as a guarantee for human values. Also by that be an authority to fight swedish corruption well accepted and integrated in Swedish establishment. 

Swedish government has now taken an initiative to set an international tribunal. A very good initiative as the humanity will require an answer if the Syrian civil war, Yemen conflict etc the last decade, had been avoided if the Swedish government and authorities had fulfilled the Swedish democratic constitution, supported and not very active hindered common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. 

An illegal Swedish government. (28/2 2019)

The Swedish government has since 2015 fully supported authorities and the whole Swedish establishment rejection and hinder of common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. A chosen strategy in spite of told and proven what the copyright is able to create and maximaz human values. Global Scientific Authority is able to bring in a democratic processes in any nation. Democratic processes that non-democratic nations as China and Iran fears most of all. It is no coincident that Sweden and EU tries to keep good relations with China and Iran. Their governmenst have common interests to hinder the human right to knowledge and to hinder fair democratic processes. Interests that has withdrawn the Swedish nation a, so far, accumulated national revenue from copyright of more the 330 billion USD. Interests that has withdrawn the Yeminites an Global Scientific Authority offer with better conditions then UN in December did achieve. A meeting held in Sweden under the observation of Swedish government interests, then still a Security Counsil member. Interest that  during the UN-meeting COP24. also in December, did withdraw the humanity a Global Scientific Authority offered finacial solution to hinder global warming. Swedish government political mandate is based on keeping the humanity unaware about Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C and what Global Scientific Athority has offered the humanity to maximize human values. Just swedish establishment interests, lesser the 1 % of the Swedish population, would support the Swedish government chosen strategy if public known. Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party is representative for  99 % of the swedish population opinion. Futher on all international relations with the Swedish Socialdemocratic government should be seen as not representative for Swedish nation. Global Scientific Authority can also, without any overestimation, clarify that 95 % of EU population will support Global Scientific Authority interests, in full accordance with their own opinion and interests, to fully back up Global Scientif Authority interests to maximize and to be seen as guarantee for human values. 

A catch up try by EU and the Arab league. (25/2 2019)

EU representatives and representatives from League of Arab States have this weekend met in Kairo. Public told as a meeting about Syria and Yemen. EU has encourage Erdogan by financial and political support to be military engaged in Syrian territory and EU is in conflict with Global Scientific Authority interests to be seen as a guarntee for human values. No Arab state do yet fulfill the democratic standards decided and set by Global Scientific Authority. How many of them have backed up the decided democratic constitution of Syria? Their common interests are not Syria and Yemen. Their common interests is that they all have understood they are not capable to challange Global Scientific Authority interests to be seen as a guarantee for human values. They have placed them selves in the wrong bin and are now trying to catch up into the political processes they so far have tried to hinder but now have understood they will fail to do. They have no concerns about the future for Syria and Yemen. These nations do much better without them and thats the EU and Arab Leaue problem. To be left behind are the concerns that EU and League of Arab states do have had  in common and for the first time ever have they decided to meet.

Non-democratic governments last struggle. (22/2 2019)

Global Scientific Authority interst is to be a guarantee for human values including democratic governmental leadership. In Venezuala Mr Madura must prove his political position by a free national election. Not blame outside world. Mr Erdogan will also have to prove his national leadership and explain why he has chosen to let Turkey be boycotted both from access to Global Scientific Authority knowledge and investments. The Swedish and European governments must explain why they do not support Global Scientific Authroity to make the democratization processes happen not just for Mr Madura and Mr Erdogan but also do hinder Global Scientific Authority to bring in democracy in Iran and China. Instead they are trying to build up good political and financial relation with these two non-democratic governments. A total insane political strategy in conflict with Global Scientific Authority interests to be seen as a guarantee for human values.

Global Scientific Authority has conquered UN-staff and the Europeans trust. (18/2 2019)

When Global Scientific Authority did engage in protecting UN-staff, compare: (4/1 2019), the UN leadership did understand that they not longer are competative. In a strive to keep the international establishment in touch and keep some political impact UN could not longer just neglect murdering of UN-staff. Now there are huge progresses in the investigation about the killing of Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp in Kongo-Kinshasa. Futher on the UN-staff can rely on Global Scientific Authority back-up to bring justice and peace where ever in the world they have missions.

The conclusion at the Munich safety conference was the lac of European leadership. That is a total wrong conclusion. The European populations do have the same interests in full accordance with Global Scientific Authority interests, to maximize human values. The right conclusion about the Munich safety conference is that the Europeans there were, were not representative for the Europeans. The Europeans have never before been as united and had such impact in international politics as today. The problem is that the European establishment do everything possible to hinder them to know in a try to remain important in international politics. Futher on the European population and the outside world can rely on Global Scientific Authority as the European representative.

EU and Europe played out of the political arena. (16/2 2019)

EU and European leaders are concerned about the tense situation in the world. We now do have a global political situation better then the last 100-years. What realy concerns the European leadership is that they by them selves, due to foolish politics, have played them out of the international political arena. We now have left the era of military strenght and stepped into the era of science and intellectual skill. That seems to be far above european political capacity. Their concern are that they have proven the world do much better without them. Most of the positive political progresses have been in conflict with their own solutions and interests. In a try to keep the European populations trust they do have to minimize the positive progresses and maximize the concerns about the global political situation. The world can just watch when the Europeans do make political harakiri in the Munich safety conference.

UN-Guterres again! (9/2 2019)

Once again UN-Guterres has proven UN as non-competative organisation. He is now very concerned about the mercenaries, especially in Africa, that he tells causes big problems. The main problem is that UN do not let Global Scientific Authority solve it. In the solution for the democratic peaceprocess in Yemen Global Scientific Authority already has told how to do. "Atlantis Party will also be able to pay policemen better then criminals and terrorist are able to do. That will raise the cost for criminal and terroristorgnisations to keep solidaric gangster in duty and will be the strategy to financial drain them." Mercenaries are just solidaric to the money and what ever political and corrupt interest that do hire mercenaries, Global Scinetific Authority can pay them better, to be representative for the humanit and maximizing human values. Futher on it is a total waste of money for criminals to spend money on mercenaries as such intersts are in conflict with Global Scientific Authority interests. What ever illegal achived will be taken back. Obvious targets for Global Scientific Authority to be seen as a guarantee for human values. When UN-Guterres say he have concern it is as usual concerns about that UN is a non-competative organisation desperate searching for a mission. The problem is that UN-Guterres do everything to hinder Global Scientific Authority to do.

EU has proven a total lac of political authority. ( 8/2 2019)

That EU would add nothing to the Venezuelan conflict was pretold. Venezuelan conflict. EU is total out of political authority and their most political representatives, Mr Juncker and Mr Tusk, have during the Brexit-process shown up a total lac of common sense and have acted as rejected schoolboys. The meeting in Montevideo had just only one purpose, to try to hinder Global Scientific Authority to step in and fill up the scientific, religious and political authority that EU and Europe do not have. EU just did prove they are not competative. Futher on EU and the European countries will have to struggle to catch up to the by Global Scientific Authority decided and set ethical standards to be a partner to maximize human values. That means to stop a political and financial back up of non-democratic interests and governments. EU will have to transform from a establishment representative to a representative for the humanity and human values. A transformation in full accordance with Global Scientific Authority interests to be seen as guarantee for human values.

The era of Military Strenght is over. (7/2 2019)

Global Scientific Authority has since more then a year ago pretold that the era of Military Strenght is over and the humanity will enter into the era of Science and Intellectual skill. A statement that several times have been challange by establishment and military interests. Always with the same result. A total defeat for military interests. In the Washington meeting yesterday, 6/2, about ISIS it was stated that the future must rely on political solutions and not on military strenght. That is the same as a confirmation that the era of Military Strenght has ended and now for the humanity for ever is over. Humanity has entered into the era of Science and Intellectual skill.

A very good proposal Mr Erdogan. ( 28/1 2019)

Mr Erdogan has suggested an about 30 km safe zone along the Syrian-Turkish border. That is a very good proposal and Global Scientific Authority will fully back up that as long Mr Erdogan do it on his territory on the Turkish side of the border.

Putin did fool Erdogan. (24/1 2019)

There seems to be without limits how easy Mr Erdogan is fooled in international politics. Just some weeks ago US and Mr Trump did fool him to big political mistakes. He did with full speed jump into the bin. Now he is trying to keep political impact in Syria. Putin wants Turkey out. To withdraw Erdogan all NATO and westworld political backup Putin did encourage Mr Erdogan to support Maduro. Full speed again into the bin. Somebody should just grip his hand and guide him out of office. Mr Erdogan is just a sad story for Turkey and the Turkish population. 

UN-Guterres fake concerns. (24/1 2019)

Global Scientific Authority has access to more then 1300 billion USD to invest in the most urgent projects for the humanity. Money that UN so far has withdrawn the Middle-East, the Jemenites and the Korean peace and reuninion processes and also the whole humanity for the purpose to hinder and stop global warming. There was on the COP24 meeting full access to the options but was by UN rejected. Rejected just in the purpose to keep the humanity as hostage and dependent on international establishment political decisions and financing. Sorry Mr Guterres. The humanity do not need nor their decision nor their financial help. That problem is already solved by Global Scientific Authority and can promt be set in action. UN-Guterres is now at the international establishment most controversail meeting in the purpose to keep their favoured position. There UN-Guterres declaires that the global warming now fast is running out of human hands. The problem is now also urgent for the international establissment as their possibilities to make a big revenue on human fears are slipping out of international establishments hands. He is the man with the combination to be the most representative for international establishment and also by that is able to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. If he did he would give the humanity access to 1300 billion USD ready to invest in projects that maximizes revenue in human values. So far he has prefered to be solidaric with international establishment and has withdrawn the humanity the 1300 billion USD and the outstanding scientific, religious and political authority represented by Global Scientific Authority to make good human projects happen including hinder and stop global warming. His concerns are not global warming. It is concersn about that the international establishment impact to make a big revenue on human fears and the humanity as hostage is on the way to slip out of their hands.

UN-failour in Yemen. A Global Scientific Authority step in is needed. (21/1 2019)

UN had during the Yemen peacetalks in Sweden full access to Global Scientific Authority financial capability. Full access also to Global Scientific Authority  scientific, religious and political outstanding authority that no side in the conflict is able to challange. Added to that, also just as a PR-investment, a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden. Gulf of Aden is by westworld industry and establishment used as a chemical waste dump and have destroyed the main protein-source for both the Yemenites and the Somalians. The very best solution and access to, for Yemen needs, a by Global Scientific Authority unlimited financial support, was also told would be if the Yemenites was able to, by them selves, decide and set a democratic constitution and fulfill Global Scientific Authority decided ethical standards. 

Everything above told and accessable but by UN rejected in the Yemen peacetalks. UN did chose the risk to fail. UN did just want to hinder the knowledge that they was total backed up but also forced by Global Scientific Authority, to succeed in Yemen. See below; UN has no alternative for Yemen. (6/9 2018). Then, in September, the UN Yemenenvoy  Martin Griffiths declared that UN had lost all possibilities to hinder a human catastophe in Yemen. As UN without Global Scientific Authority support then had failed and now once again do, an active Global Scientific Authority step in in the Yemen  peacetalks is needed. 20 million Yeminites can not be used as UN hostage just for the purpose gain political credit for a peacetreaty they not was able to do without a backup from Global Scientific Authority. A treaty far below what was possible compared with what could have been if everything Global Scientific Authority had put into the peacetalks also had been used.  A UN strategy to hinder Global Scientific Authority to be known as a much better alternative for the humanity to create global peace. A Global Scientific Authority step in Yemen peaceprocess is needed. Democracy in Yemen.

Will UN remain as a terrorism guarantee in Syria? (12/1 2019)

In Januari 2018 was in Sochi decided an implementaion of a democratic constitution for Syria. Global Scientific Authority has backed up that decision and based on an outstanding scientific, religious an political authority is also able to decide and set ethical standards that has to be fulfilled to be seen as democratic political movement. The now in Idlib dominating HTS do not in any aspect fullfil Global Scientific Authority democratic or ethical standards. They must be seen as a nondemocratic terrorist organisation. The Syrian democratic constitition and the scientific, religious and outstanding political tool, the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C., are still not by UN supported. Global Scientific Authority has the financial cability and an outstanding authority to total dismantle the political base for the financial back up of nondemocratic terrorist organisations. UN and European establishment interests has so far done everything possibel to hinder the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Also still not supported the decided Syrian democratic constitution. How long will they be able to remain as conflict, war and terrorism guarantees in the Middle-East?

Peace in the Middle-East. (1/10 2019)

Global Scientific Authority can now verify that peace will be the normally also for the populations in the Middle-East. China has taken the first step into a democratization process as Mr Xi Jingping and Mr Un have agreed in moving the peace and reunion processes for Korea futher on. There are no political options left then to enjoy to the Global Scientific Athority interests to be a guarantee for human values. It is a bad political idea to try to convince any population to reject peace, understandance, democracy and independence to preserve a nondemocratic noncompetative leadership. Such a leadership will also challange and have to win the intellectual and scientific, religious and political authoric battle against Global Scientific Authority. During the battle they will be banned from access to copyright and banned from an almost unlimited financial support for investments that maximizes human values. US has now enjoyed in the Middle-East and has promised Irak government to be a guarantee for human values. China and Xi Jingping have understood there is no other options. There are just political fools left that still do they can challange Global Scientific Authority. 

An easy choise, Mr Erdogan. (8/1 2019)

Mr Erdogan is asking US to enjoy a proper partner. He offers US, Turkey with a political fool and maniac as president that is total depent on military force to preserve his non-democratic, schitzophrenic leadership. US has also the opportunity to enjoy Global Scientific Authority interests to be a guarantee for peace, democracy, independence and other human values in the Middle-East. A partner that also gives access to the biggest build up market since worldwars. A partnership based on science and intellectual skill. What partner will US choose?

US and Israel opens access to biggest build up market. (7/1 2019)

US and Israel has agreed on a guarantee for hindering Turkish attacks on kurds before US will withdraw from Syria. They are now in full action to get access to the biggest build-up market since worldwars. Global Scientific Authority has transformed the Middle-East from at playground for military industry to a region with an amazing future as the origin of human civilisation number II, built on the remainings of flooded human civilisation number I. EU has banned all companies in the EU-countries to participate from access as EU has chosen to financial and political support non-democratic Erdogan and Rouhani governments. A strategy far below ethical standards set by Global Scientific Authority. A standard that has to be fulfilled to be a Global Scientific Authority partner with more then 1300 billion USD + 90 billion more annual added in financial capability. A financial capability that eagers to be invested in most urgent projects for maximizing human values. The Middle-East region is for the Global Scientific Authority brand, as a guarantee for human values, an outstanding target for brandbulding. Global Scienific Authority is able to bring in an almost unlimited financial capability and the very best ever scientific, religious and political authority to bring peace and democrazy into the region. Millions of workers in the most suffering regions will be fairly paid. Erdogan and Rhouhani has not just for their countries banned them selves from participation in build up projects. They have also banned them selves from access to copyright about the Mediterranean refill. Their political positions, missions and impact will be similar as them for Earth Flat organisations. Funny and stupid people to laugh about.

UN Security Counsil fake concerns about Kongo-Kinshasa elections. (4/1 2019)

UN will today meet behind closed doors and discuss the elections in Kongo-Kinshasa.That is not the case. The UN problem is that two engaged individuals, UN staff and UN representatives, Zaida Catalán and Michael Sharp, was by the governmental secret service in Kongo-Kinshasa, killed. UN did not care and also did neglect and did hinder access to the evidences that did prove both the killing and that Catalán and Sharp were fooled to the place where the killing could be told as an act of rebellians. Lac of engagement was full sanctioned among UN leadership and Mr Guterres. Global Scientific Authority has presented the alternative, United Humanity, UH,  that has the scientific and religious authority, the financial and political strengt and capability to protect experts and staff that risks their lifes in engagements to create human values. Global Scientific Authority has presented a far better alternative for engaged individulas. That is what the meeting behind closed doors will be about.

United Humanity,UH, takes big steps ahead. (3/1 2019)

As UN more and more is stripped as an establishment organisation, with establishment representatives for establishment interests the by Global Scientific Authority alternative, United Humanity, UH, now wins the public opinion. US and Israel have left UNESCO. Aid-organisations in North-Korea are critical to UN sanctions. Acts in conflict with UN and establishment interests but in full accordance what UH has told how international politics should be runned. US and Israel have by leaving UNESCO also distinct told the world that they not longer will act as establishment representatives but instead will enjoy Global Scientific Authority interests to be humanity representatives. UH do now have very strong partners that have proven they fulfill the democratic ethical standard set by Global Scientific Authority. Nations that have long political experiance about how to set and run a democratic nation and also have the knowledge and capability to efficiently build up the, by war suffering, Middle-East nations and regions. National leaders, countries and international organisations that not fulfills the ethical standards will not have any access to the build up market and investments decided by UH. Projects that will maximizes the revenue in human value and build the Global Scientific Authority brand as a guarantee for human values. Obviously can non-democratic interests have no access to the build up market and a big advantage now when UN can be dropped as problematic partner and can be replaced by stable democratic nations US and Israel. As the Koreans now former enemies US, Israel, Syria, Irak,Yemenites and Palestinians now can sit down and together find out what projects and investments that will give the most revenue in human values. A political situation forecasted already in September 2017 when Global Scientific Authority did, for the Korean and Middle-East region, present the political strenght in science and intellectual skill based on the scientific breakthrough, Mediterrnaean refill 3500 B.C. That when experts did forecast a nuclear war and a WWIII.

UN did fool the humanity. (2/1 2019)

As pretold below, 9/12 2018, in the Yemen paece-talks the Houthi-rebellians and governmental representatives was not by UN and swedish governmental representative, Minister for foreign affairs Margot Wallström, told about the options given by Global Scientific Authority. Rejected was a financial solved Yemen build up and a cleansing of the Gulf of Aden from westworld establishment dumped industrial chemical waste. It was obvious as both sides had most interests to get control over the international aid then to solve the problems for the suffering Yemen population. A strategy not chosen if they had been aware of that Global Scientific Authority would take political control over Yemen if they did not set and defend a democratic constitution. Global Scientific Authority will select individuals that will run the Yemen Atlantis Party with access to Global Scientific Authority financial capability and an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority. No other political Yemen interests will get access as long as they do not fulfill the decided and by Global Scientific Authorit set ethical standards. As aid on both sides not serves the children in most need and let them starve to death there is a huge gap before they do qualify up to the Global Scientific Authority ethical standard. They would not have ruined their own political future if UN had let them know that Global Scientific Authority would withdraw them access to billions USD for build up and and access to an outstanding authority. UN did reject scientific knowledge and did refuse to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. to protect establishment interests with a Yemen starving and suffering population as a chosen and accepted human cost.


Amazing New Year 2019. (31/12 2018)

Year 2019 will be the year when the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. becomes common knowledge. There are more then 1300 billion USD added with more then 90 billion annual that eagers to be invested in projects that maximizes human values. Regions and countries that has to be built up due to military conflicts are obviously main targets for Global Scientific Authority investments. Also to build trust among nearby people as in Korea and the Israel-Palestina conflict are targets where the revenue in human values are very high. Investments to stop global warming are also very urgent and at a very high revenue in human values. A gigantic market for companies and new technique based in countries that fulfills the ethical standard set by Global Scientific Authority. From Time Magazine:

"But, later, aboard Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Sanders suggested that Trump was still planning a pitched fight. The President and military leaders had “come up with a powerful plan,” she told reporters, “that will allow us to continue on a path to total victory.”  

The Mr Trump statement above can be seen as there is some hard political struggle to win. Global Scientific Authority do not see that hard struggle. The non-democratic countries and the countries that political and financial supports them will not reach the needed ethical standard decided by Global Scientific Authority. EU that financial and political supports Turkey and Iran has disqualified them selves. Non-democratic China is total out of the question. A gigantic market to which the main competitors have started with disqualifying them selves. Global Scientific Authority do not see any need for a US powerful plan. The only thing to do is to identify projects that will maximize the revenue of human value. That is the path of total victory. A path that EU and China have rejected and decided not to enjoy.

Mr Macron, the people has to rely on their president. ( 25/12 2018)

Mr Macron says he is dissapontied on US as an allied. He by himself has disapponted a whole Frensch population. He has financial and political encouraged the maniac, Mr Erdogan, to intrigue and hinder the peace- and democratization processes in Syria. France has already decided a tax on media almost enought to be the very first nation with full access to copyright and knowledge about Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. A fee that will be invested in the most urgent human needs in the Middle-East and to hinder global warming. The Frensch population will be very disappointed on Mr  Macron as he has the opportunity to let Global Scientific Authority stop global warming and political assassinate a Turkish maniac. As a establishment representaive he lets France as a nation be sued by Greenpaece, Oxfam and other international organisations and let France be a partner to a political maniac. To be respected as a national leader there has to be some political guts and much more then just be a banker for establishment interests. The Frensch population has a lot of reasons to be dissapointed.

International establishment and community is proven incapable. (23/12 2018)

 Turkey is adding troups into Syrian soil in a mission they should understand Turkey must keep away from. Their participation just makes the situation more complicated and lead by the maniac, Mr Erdogan, nothing intelligent can be expected. This must also be the analysis by the "international community" that now proves is incapable to hinder a maniac. That is not the international community main problem. Their main problem is that they do reject science and the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. The outstanding scientific, religious and political authority in the hands of Global Scientific Authority can dismantle Mr Erdogan political authority in 15 minutes. The problems in the Middle-East just depends on the fact that the international establishment do hinder Global Scientific Authority to political dismantle and drop Mr Erdogan. The international establishment prefers a Turkish invation and military disaster in the Middle-East then to rely on science and intellectual skill. If there before was any hesitation everybody now will understand the need to leave the era of military strenght and enter into the era of science and intellectual skill. An era in accordance with human interests and Global Scientific Authority interests to maximize human values. Politicians and journalists that have concerns about the human costs due to Turkish agressions can verify the Mediterranaen refill 3500 B.C. or otherwise keep quiet.

UN has learned. They are under United Humanity control.( 22/12 2018)

 UN had from Global Scientific Authority in September been given an ultimate to set a peacetreay for Yemen before the end of the year. That when Martin Griffiths told the world there was no hope for Yemen and both sides in the conflict had no or very little interest to solve it. Now we are heading a new year and what UN now has achived is far better what they ever did believe was possible. They still not have reached the possible level they could have been reached if they public had told everything that Global Scientific Authority did put into the process. UN has understood, and now has proven, they do want to be under United Human, UH, control and be representative for Global Scientific Authority interests. The UN Security Counsil has without any protests voted for an active UN-observer group for 30 days in Yemen to hinder futher military conflicts. They will have to do even better to fulfill the ethicla level set by Global Scientific Authority and UN will futher on eager to do everything possible to qualify as a Global Scientific Authority representative. That means to transform to a humanity representative that do maximize human values. UN is on the move but will not reach the set ethical standards as long they rejects to use the options available. It is impossible to reach the level of ethical standard and use the options political and financial as long as UN rejects to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. No oragnization can gain full respect as long they rejects to use political and financial tools available that, if used, would much better serve human values.

Mr Trump wants to enter the era of science and intellectual skill. ( 21/12 2018)

 Mr Trump is hard criticized for his decision to let US-troups leave Syria and reduce the military engagement in Afghanistan. There is obviuos a domistic US conflict about when the Global Scientific Authority outstanding scientific, religious and political authority and financial capability will be verified. The US and global establishment do want to remain in the era of military strenght and Mr Trump wants to step into the era of science and intellectual skill. A replacement of US troups exchanged with US engagements in a build up and democratization processes in accordance with Global Scientific Authority interests is what it all is about. Mr Trump do believe that a political engagement based on build up and democratic processes better serves US nation and it´s population interests. A strategy that will bring incomes to US-nation and raise both Mr Trump and US political profile worldwide. Something that also will reduce US establishment political impact based on military strenght. The establishment concerns about a military withdrawel both from Syria and Afghanistan are establishment concerns about lost political impact when science and intellectual skill are the main factors in international politics.

US-troups withdrawel from Syria very positive if well managed. ( 20/12 2018)

 Mr Trump suddenly told the world that US-troups will leave Syria. Hard criticism has met the statement but can well managed be for Mr Trump a political and economical success. Global Scientific Authority eagers to put into Syria and the Middle-East both the democratic processes and a build up of regions that have suffered from waractions. A US-troups withdrawel exchanged by US companies and experts will be very good for the democratic processes in the region, Syrians and Middle-East countries economies with US as a main actor in the build up processes will transform US-military costs to US-incomes. To make that happen the Syrian, since January in Sotji decided, democratic constitution must be supported and the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. must be verified. Global Scientific Authority total financial capability is much more then able to initially run but there is also an urgent need for invetsments to hinder climate change. The US withdrawel will well managed speed up the democratization processes and also speed up the processes to stop climate change. The by Mr Trump made statement can, well managed, be for Mr Trump and US a global political and economical success.

A maniac can´t give orders. (18/12 2018)

 Mr Erdogan is announcing new attacks on Syrian soil. When the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. is verified, Global Scientific Authority will just need five minutes to convince every global citzen that Mr Erdogan is a maniac. He knows he will act against US, Russia, EU and all Middle-East civilans interests. He also will act in conflict with Global Scientific Authority interests. Such an act must obvious be understood, also by Turkish military leaders and authority, is given from a presidental maniac will harm the Turkish nation and also give consequences for those who fulfill his orders. A individual maniac that will harm his own people and nation should not be able to give orders when his mania is without any doubt. To fulfill his aggressive military orders will be seen as criminal acts. Turkish mothers that have to risk their sons life and some also will lose them in a total senceless conflict based only due to maniac orders will fight hard to find every responsible individual. They will financial and political be well backed up by global interests.

Swedish government and ministers did close down UN. ( 16/12 2018)

The swedish government and ministers do have a very high respect for UN. To reject to use the Global Scientific Authority outstanding financial capability and outstanding scientific, religious and political authority, was the also the UN strategy chosen, to keep the humanity as hostage and dependent on international establishment political and financial decisions. The problem was that such a strategy gave results far, far below what was possible. The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, prefers to delay the Yemen peaceprocess and the buildup and democratization processes also in the rest of the Middle-East just in the mission to represent Swedish and international establisment interests. The Swedish Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog, and the Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation Isabella Lövin, did enjoy the COP24 in Katowice to hinder common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill and that Global Scientific Authority is capable to bring in 1300 billion USD added annual with 90 billion more in investments to stop global warming. There is no solution left for international establishment to compete with what Global Scientific Authority interests and brandbuilding can offer. Global Scientific Authority is able to invest in projects that maximizes human revenue and human value far above what international establishment is willing and able to do. The strategy left is to hinder knowledge about what opportunities UN as an establishment representative did reject. The Swedish ministers are now announcing that UN did do very good results both in the Yemen peacetalks and for COP24. Emberrasing results compared what was possible and rejected. UN did far, far below what was possible and has proven that the humanity will do much better without them. The Swedish government and ministers did belive they could rely on UN and international establishment and did believe, from their point of view, that Global Scientific Authority would not dare to close down UN. They did belive total wrong. UN will be replaeced by United Hunanity, UH,  UN has no other option left then to be a representative for Global Scientific Authority interests, in accordance with the humanity, to maximize human revenue in human values. If not, UN will be financial drained and just fade away.

Prereport to UN Security Counsil. (14/12 2018)

UN-Guterres has told he will tell the UN Security Counsil about the Yemen peacetalks in Sweden. Global Scientific Authority can already give a prereport about what he will have to tell. To keep political impact among establissment interests UN has to hinder the scientific, religious and political authority based on the Medeiterranean refill 3500 B.C. That strategy will cost the humanity access to 1300 billion USD added with 90 billions more annual. The consequences are a delay of the peaceprocess for Yemen, peaceprocesses and build up of Syria, build up of Irak, stop the cleansing af the Gulf of Aden, hinder a peace between Israel and Palestinans, hinder positive democratic processes in Africa, keep African nations finacial dependent on nondemocratic China and a lot more that 1300 billion USD and an outstanding authority is able to achive. UN will also delay a democratization process of the nondemocratic China with about 1,4 billion citizens that all are without human rights. To fulfill establishment interests the financial support, 1300 billion USD added 90 more annual in about 100 more years, has to be rejected and withdrawn. That will also hinder and give a delay of huge amount in investments that will hinder global warming. Human sufferings and cost that has to be explained as necesarry by the UN Security Counsil and the United Nations General Assembly for the memberstate governments .The governments have to be convinced to tax their own citizens to contribute to UN budget and also convince the populations the importance in keeping them and the rest of the humanity as establishment financial hostage. 

A very hard mission for UN-Guterres. UN also has to compete with the alternative set by Global Scientific Authority, United Humanity, UH,   Global Scientific Authority can bring the humanity everything poitive above that UN must hinder to keep esablishment impact. UN also has to hinder a release of the humanity as establishment financial hostage. Everthing positive runned by United Humanity, UH, are achiveable without any governmental decisions and without any governmental impact. Finacial already solved by a  humanity voluntary paid fee. 

UN-Guterres has rejected to confirm the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and has chosen to run establishment interest with human suffering and costs told above. This is a prereport what he will have to and must report to the UN Security Counsil.

UN, as establishment representatives, will have to compete with UH as humanity representatives on the arena, not based on military strenght but familiar for Global Scientific Authority. The arena of science and intellectual skill.

Good days for the humanity. (12/12 2018)

UN-Guterres is heading the Yemen peacetalks in Sweden. He will there meet Martin Griffiths that has the evidences, to him given by United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis, that proves the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. UN-Guterres has now the opportunity to lie and continue to keep knowledge hidden for the humanity. Then he will withdraw UN all credibility and confirm the organisation as an establishment organisation, with establishment representatives representing establishment interests based on military strenght. The presented alternative to be a representative for the humanity and human values, United Humanity, UH, based on science and intellectual skill will have to immediatelly replace UN. The humanity will then have access to a scientific, religious and political outstanding authority and more then 1300 billion USD added with 90 more billions annual for investment that maxixizes human values. That will replace UN that can offer the humanity a bad consience for their inability to help the suffering Yemen population, an inability to help millions of people in the rest of the  Middle-East. A future in a by war and conflicts damaged region that will remain as a conflict region in lac of financial support and probably by that never ending conflicts and several more wars. A playground to which establishment industry and interests will have a high demand of weapons and hightech. Global Scientific Authority is very hopeful that UN-Guterras now for ever will ruin UN credibility by, from the whole humanity, a withdraw of their human right to knowledge.

UN is fooling the humanity. (9/12 2018)

In the Yemen paece-talks the Houthi-rebellians and governmental representatives are dealing about what each of them will control. If Mr Martin Griffiths had told them what Global Scientific Authority has and is able to put into the process in scientific, religious and political authority added with an unlimited fincancial back up the Yemenites would have understood that there is nothing else to deal about except how to run the peace and democratization process. In Katowice and COP24 Mr Antonio Guterres is fooling the whole humanity that they are dependent on international leaders political choises and financial decisions. That is not the case. The symbolic peoples chair has access to 1300 billion USD and annual 90 billion more in 100 years. That is what Global Scientific Authority copyright will put into brandbuilding and investments that maximizes human values. A chosen business strategy to get a voluntary fee for access to the copyright and knowledge about Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. A knowledge that proves that the origin for our now second human civilisation is based on the remainings of the flooded number one. The UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres initiated the COP24 with a request to the political leaders to take financial action to stop global warming. He also told it was urgent. Since 1/1 2017 Sweden has been represented in the UN Security Counsil and UN has already had access to the financial solution for almost two years. What UN do is trying to keep financial control among political leaders and establishment to keep the humanity dependend on them and their decisions. The humanity is released from such problems. By the Global Scientific Authority business solution the humanity is total independent. With a voluntary average fee of one USD/month for each global citizen there will be over 90 billion USD added annual for 100 more years into projects that maximizes human value. The money is there but also the hinderence by UN.The financial problem is solved and the only problem left is that UN hinders the humanity access to knowledge. Access to knowledge they have decided as a human right. 

A happy day for almost every national leader. (6/12 2018)

Today the  UN envoy for Yemen, Mr Martin Griffiths, will to the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström, hand over the evidences for the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That will strip her and the Socialdemocratic Swedish government that they have withdrawn the humanity about 300 billion USD, and annual added 90 billion more, from Global Scientific Authority interest to invest in projects that maximizes human values. Populations, especially in the Middle-East, have suffered from war and conflicts only by the reason to hinder scientific and political credibility among Global Scientific Authority representative. A credibility not wanted as also critical to corruption very well integrated among swedish polititians and financial interests, especially among the last 100-years political dominating Swedish socialdemocratic party. Always backed up by a corrupt institutions and noncritical and protecting swedish media. A chosen strategy that has delayed peace and democratization processes and delayed investments to stop global warming, both huge global problems, with 10 years. As a minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström has hash criticized almost every national leader, excluded EU-leaders from countries with big trade with Sweden and Mr Xi Jingping, that have a polititical role in international politics. Most criticized is the democratic elected in the world leading democratic nation, US-president Mr Donald Trump, that won the elections over her friend Hillary Clinton. A very good and happy day for a big number of national leaders, most among Washington administration, when Margot Wallström and the Swedish Socialdemocratic party is proven to be able to harm without any limits to hinder criticism about corruption in the ambitions to preserve Swedish establishment favours.

International establishment and financial elite eagers to enjoy. ( 4/12 2018)

The global warming has for decades been on the agenda without any reaction from international establishment and financial elite. They have all the way questioned science and what public opinion has plead for. Global Scientific Authority has presented a very accurate financial solution with 1 300 billion USD added with 90 billion annual to invest where it gives the highest revenue for human values. With the concerns among humanity it is obvious that a lot of the amount  also will be invested in projects that prevents global warming. When the international establishment and finanancial elite are by the political process left behind they eagers to enjoy. Suddenly the World Bank decides to spend 200 billion USD in projects to prevent global warming. To late to regain credibility for international establishment but adds credibility and capability of Global Scientific Authority brand. Global peace and global warning will be solved with or without establishment participation. The risk to be political and financial left behind will make the international establishment eager to enjoy the political process based on science and intellectaul skill.

Buenos Aires G-20 the very best ever. (3/12 2018)

Medias, as representatives for the establishment, are reporting about a G-20 meating without results. That is just establishment propaganda. It was the very best G-20 meating ever. No promises, no hash talks, a meating that did not suddenly break up. They also gave a clear political signal to take more action about refugee and migration problems. A statement without any risk as Global Scientific Authority the last year has put in successful efforts into the Middle-East and there vanished the problem. It should be seen as G-20-leaders now enjoys Global Scientific Authority and have entered into the era of science and intellectual skill. The G-20 meating in Boenos Aires will be retold as a historic turningpoint when the main international leaders all did understand that there is no political future without beeing a humanity representative. US and Mr Trump gave Mr Xi Jingping some respite to start a democraitzation process by holding a raise of customs. The only thing Mr Trump had to do was to convince Mr Jingping that the very best is volutary democratization process in China. The second best altarnative is that Global Scientific Authority will do the democratization process in China. Mr Jingping was told that Global Scieintific authority has an outstanding  superior scientific, religious and politicals authority, an almost unlimited financial capability and a 100-years persistence. Most important, Global Scientific Authority will not hesitate to put it all into a Chineese democratization process. Mr Trump gave 90 days respite for Mr Xi Jingping to take irreversial democratization steps as US any moment can present the evidences for the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. From that moment Global Scientific Authority is able and will, if not voluntary started, bring in a democratization process into China. Buenos Aires G-20 was the very best ever. 

US should not leave Yemen. (29/11 2018)

US senators have voted for a US military withdrawel out from Yemen. That is a very bad decission as Yemen now has to be backed up by democratic nations and not leave the arena open for nondemocratic nations interests. Global Scientific Authority will financial and political back up the democratic processes but Yemen also will need help from stable democratic institutions. The US military presence will not be there to fight a war. They have to be there to protect the build up of democratic institutions. Saudi-Arabia alliance nondemocratic military forces has to be replaced by democratic UN backed up military forces. A withdrawel in this situation is to betray the democratic peaceprocess in Yemen and only benefit the nondemocratic nations interests in the region. 

Russia has proven the do rely on Global Scientific Authority.(26/11 2018)

The Ukraina-Russia conflict was over before it even had started. A conflict between Ukraina and Russia is not in the interest of Global Scientific Authority. Russia did this morning open the blocked strait before EU, NATO and UN-security counsil even had decided what to do.

House of Saud needs an independent investigation. (23/11 2018)

The Saudi-Arabia Minister, Abel al-Jubeir, has told that the House of Saudi will be excluded from the investigation about the Khashoggi murder. Global Scientific Authority do not accept anything else then a from governmental impact independent investigation by Saudi-Arbian police and authorities. If not, there will be a copyright boycott from access to knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That is similar as a boycott from everythings origin in the Saudi-Arabia society and the population will think they as well could be govern by their local fool. The House of Saudi will not risk to lose their authority and be seen as local fools by hinder a trustworthy investigation. A to high price to pay for the hinder of one single journalist critisism.

Wrong US-solutions for the Khashoggi case. (21/11 2018)

The Khashoggi case seems to be transformed to an internal US political conflict. That is very bad. The very first thing to do is to back up the Saudi-Arabia police and authorities to make a fair investigation. If they do not deliver an investigation with high credibility it would be a reason for statements and actions both from Mr Trump and other US politicians. Primarily the investigation is a Saudi-Arabia case to which Turkey has delivered evidencies for a well planed murder of Khashoggi. To precede the investigation with own conclusions, statements or sanctions is foolish and withdraws the Saudi-Arabia police and authorities to act independent from governmental impact. Global Scientific Authority will wait until Saudi-Arabia police and authorities has delivered their investigation. If it seems as not independent from governmental impact it also will be matter for Global Scientific Authority.

International organisations will enjoy. (21/11 2008)

Global Scientific Authority revenue from copyright will be volentary payed by the global populations as long the brand can be a guarant for peace, understandance, democracy and independence. The very best way to build the brand is to make investments in projects where the human revenue is maximized i.e where human suffering is highest. Warzones are market-targets for Global Scientific Authority investments to which Global Scientific Authority now have a financial capability of about 300 billion USD added with more the 90 billion USD annual. That the UN-staff will be very happy to enjoy and bring in competence, global, regional, local knowledge and expert knowledge into the projects is obvious. Their own UN-brand as a peace-organisation will gain a lot with being a Global Scientific Authority partner. So as a lot of international nonpolitical organisations for aid, environmental protection, sports, etc  that also will have ambitions to gain PR in partnerships with Global Scientific Authority. If they do qualify as good for brandbuilding also for Global Scientific Authority, there is a win-win where Global Scientific Authority will have access to skilled organisations for each project.

Summery: Global Scientific Authority has access to the whole UN-staff and a lot of international organisations that will eager to help Global Scientific Authority to run projects in a win-win strategy for maximizing human revenue.

Macron is the man on the moon. ( 19/11 2018)

Manuel Macron has in Germany told that Europe has to take the lead to preserve peace and to hinder a world to get into chaos. He seems to have missed the fact that we just a year ago was close to a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula and the Middle-East was seen as the origin to a WWIII. Conflicts that just have faded away when Global Scientific Authority stepped in. Global Scientific Authority has stripped and dismantled establishment that intrigues into tense reagions to encourage conflicts and create a demand of westworld produced weapons. Global Scientific Authority has given the UN staff a choise to become a representative for human values with an outstanding scientific, relegious and political authority added with almost an unlimited financial back up. UN has been given the opportunity to be representative for creating human values in accordance with the interests of Global Scientific Authority. What Manuel Macron calls chaos is the fact that Global Scientific Authority has conquered the UN as an establishment organisation for establishment interests runned by establishment representatives and now is transforming it to an organisation in duty for the humanity. UN has now for at least 100 more years the opportunity to become the peace-organisation it once was meant to be, in service for the humainty. If not, UN will be dismatled just without any purpose. Manuel Macron seems to have missed the positive peace and reunionprocesses in Korean, democratization processes in the Middle-East, that the impossible war in Syria soon is over and the in September, by the UN envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths, told the impossible war in Yemen just a few weeks later is very hopeful to set a paecetreaty. All outstanding positive processes that all just a year ago was by diplomats told total impossible to solve. When the future for the humanity is better then ever before Manuel Macron is warning for chaos. The problem for Manuel Macron is not chaos. It is the risk that the humanity will understand it will do better without both UN and EU as long they tries to reamin as representatives for the establishment. Therfore he takes the political lead with statements that places him as the man on the moon.

European leadership has shown their muscles. (16/11 2018)

Swedish government has for allmost four years had the description and evidencies for the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. An EU member that since 1/1 2017 also is a member in the UN security counsil. All along the process Global Scientific Authority has told and pushed for the enormous political potential there is in this scientific breakthrough and how important and benificial it will be for the humanity. By Swedish government and establishment rejected and by that backed up by EU and UN just to preserve establishment economical favour from revenue in international conflicts. Sinca just one year ago Global Scientific Authority dropped the Swedish government and stepped into the international political arena and began to use the knowledge in advantage for the humanity. A very tense world has just in one year transformed to the very best situation ever for the Middle-East and the divided Korea. Still remains a try, from the interests above told, to make resistance and a reject science  Four wasted years, some 100 000 wasted lifes and some million refugees is what the humanity have had to pay due to the stupidity to gain establishment interests. 

Now EU members have united to a common statement and shown polititical capability and EU muscles.They criticizes Tanzania for their treatment of hbtq-individuals. For that issue and all international concerns about a processe with reduced democrazy in Tanzania, Global Scientific Authority has today spent some time.  President John Magufuli and his government will be very good representatives for human values in Tanzania and Africa.

Whats wrong with Erdogan and the Turkish government? (13/11 2018)

Once again the Turkish airforce has made an attack in another country that have a much better representative government then that of Turkey. We allready know that Mr Erdogan is a mental wreck that dropped access to science, buildup markets for 100 of billion USD e.t.c and has proven that he have no ambitions at all for his own population, can harm them without any limits as long it benefits his individual political position. The problem Mr Erdogan is allready solved. The reamining problem is that EU and UN do hinder Global Scientific Authority to drop him. At the very moment they verifies the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. it will be total clearified that Mr Erdogan has fooled his whole population in his ambitions to remain as president. 24 hours is the maximum timelimit for him to remain at his office after such a credibility and authority loss. Unbelievable that the "peaceloving" organisations, EU and UN, do everything to hinder human rights to science and Global Scientific Authority to drop him.

UN and EU are defending their lead in hypocrisy. (13/11 2018)

UN and EU have since years rejected and hindered the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. They have since almost a year back rejected the decided democratic constitution of Syria. The Israel-Palestian conflict would have been transformed into a very positive peaceprocess if not UN and EU had done everything possible to hinder it. Now UN and EU are condemning the voilence based on that still nondemocratic interests, and foreign political and financial support of them, are accepted by them both. An almost outstanding position in hypocrisy.

100 years rememberance of the eleven o´clock 11/11 1918. Has history teached? (11/11 2018)

Global Scientific Authorithy offers science, knowledge and an outstanding authority to bring peace,understandance, democracy and independence into the humanity. Global Scientific Authority can also in short terms put more then 1200 billion USD, and to that add about 90 billion USD annual for at least 70 more years, to the most urgent human needs to build the brand as a guarant for human values. More then 60 national leaders are in Paris to descreibe how hard they work to support peace, understandance, democracy and indepenence. They have the opportunity to add the above told to the humanity but will they do?  

Yemen peacetalks will be helped by claening up of the Gulf of Aden. ( 8/11 2018)

Global Scientific Authority has an open request to the Middle-East countries,the Koreans and some others to identify investments and projects that maximizes the revenue in human values. Obviously the by war suffering countries are a target for such investments. During the political instable situation both in Yemen and Somalia the sea inbetwean them, Gulf of Aden, has been a dump for industrial chemical waste that have destroyed the habitat for fish, animals, plants and other organism. For Global Scientific Authority a pick up and cleaning of the Gulf of Aden is a very good project to convince the global population to pay a volentary fee for access to knowledge and copyright. It also builds the brand of Global Scientific Authority as a guarant for peace, understandance, democracy and independence. A fully guaranted financing is by Global Scientific Authority for a total clean up of Gulf of Aden is put into the Yemen paecetalks, later this month, in Sweden.

Rouhani confirms his stupidity and is still supported by EU-leadership! (3/11 2018)

Hasann Rouhani, has by decieding the build up of a new Iran-produced airforce, convinced every Iran citizens his priorities and his own stupidity. He will let them suffer, starve, punish, harass them etc. just to preserve the nondemocratic and illegal government he represents. EU-leadership supports him economical and political simultaneously as they forces the European population to pay 160 billion euro annual in their told mission to be a guarant for peace. How long will the Europeans accept such told bullshit from European establishment?

Mr Trump should rely on Global Scientific Authority. (2/11 2018)

US and Mr Trump have conflicts with European allies that political and economical supports nondemocratic and corrupt governments. Conflicts with allies that are corrupt and nondemocratic. Conflicts with nonallies corrupt and nondemocratic governments. Problems with Central Americans that now are walking towards the US border for a hope to be let in or as protest for their desperate situation caused by corrupt and also partly nondemocratic governments. A lot of problems for US and Mr Trump to deal with. Much lesser problems to deal with if they did rely on Global Scientific Authority capability to transform or replace governments and political interests that are not representative for democracy and other human values. It is impossible for any government or political interest to win a challange in an ambitions to hinder Global Scientific Authority interests to be a global guarantee for democracy and human values. There will soon just be left governments that do everyting to be representatives for the same interests i.e. democracy and human values. Those who did try to refuse have challange an unbeatable interest and are replaced. If US and Mr Trump did rely on Global Scientific Authority, Global Scientific Authority will, as a representative for human interests, solve most of the problems. Mr Trump has an option to have a relaxed future during his remaining presidency.

US initiative for Yemen. ( 31/10 2018)

The statement from United States Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, with a peacetreaty for Yemen already in November releases 14 million Yemenites as establishment hostage. It also lifts of billions of people, all around the world, a bad conscience for their impotence to help the suffering Yemenites. The UN envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has access to and can into the negotiations put in an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority and an unlimited financial support as a representative for human values. As long as a democratic process for Yemen is moving forward based on a democratic constitution, Global Scientific Authority will fully back up the process. UN is transforming from a establishment representative to a representative for human values and humanity interests. A very important step for UN and necessary to remain as an international peaceorganisation. When the whole humanity is striving in the same direction there will be no limits. 

Turkey did humiliate Russia, France and Germany. (29/10 2018)

Just a few hours after Russia, France, Germany and Turkey have annonoced a common peaceambition for Syria, Turkey airforce did attack kurds in Syria. A by Erdogan total humiliation of Putin, Macron and Merkel. They are fooled as once Hitler fooled Chamberlaine. " Peace for our time." Erdogan is used to fool people. He has fooled the whole Turkish population to vote for him without telling that Turkey in that case will be boycotted from access to the copyright and knowledge about the Mediterranean refill and will, without an accurate history and accurate science, as a tourist nation be marginalized. Their companies and turkish laubor will also be set under boycott without access to the rebuild market to all investments made by Global Scientific Authority in the Middle-East. A several hundred billion market that Mr Erdogan allready has withdrawn Turkey and the Turkish population. Why did Putin, Macron and Merkel set their trust into a mental wreck? For Global Scientific Authority such a political move seemed very risky. Hopefully some political wisdom will come out of the mistake!

High risk exposing of Swedish independence by Swedish government and establishment.( 27/10 2018)

The Swedish elektions outcome are based on the fact that the Swedish government and establishment done everything possible to hinder common knowledge about the Medeiterranean refill 3500 B.C. A strategy that costs the Swedish nation 760 billion/Sek annual and have hindered and delayed peaceprocesses all over the world. A chosen strategy by swedish government that just have establishment, maximum 1 %, democratic support. Swedish government has made a Coup d´etat and high treason. Their leading of the nation is illegal and especially the police and military forces are protecting an illegal regime. The 28/6 2018 a russian submarine did show up in Stockholm to mark the exposed Swedish situation. Such a show up is an interest for both Russia and NATO to keep stability in the region. Now the Swedish military leadership is lying to the Swedish population and saying that the submarine was not a submarine. 50 000 NATO-trups are now placed in Norway and are able to invade at any moment in a mission to recapture democracy for the Swedes. 99 % of the Swedish population will be them for ever thankful.

Stockmarket will collapse. (25/10 2018)

The globals stockmarkets are as forecasted closing a collapse. That is not due to the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C.. That is knowledge with a very high value and gives very much scientific solutions as an origin for the second human civilisation based on the first almost vanished first human civilisation. The reason for a collapse is the collapse of establishment credibility as it has done everything possible to hinder common knowledge about the humanities most important scientific breakthrough. Newer before has there been such a big opportunity to create peace, understandance, democracy and independece for all humans. Something establishment tries to hinder! That credibility collapse, also among establishment representives them selves, will cost a dramatic stockcollapse.

14 millon starving Yemenites as establishment hostage. (24/10 2018)

The UN has been given access to Global Scientific Authority scientific, political and religious outstanding and superior authority to bring peace into Yemen. UN has also access to Global Scientific Authority almost unlimited financial capability to invest and repair the country. Mark Lowcock, the head of UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, now says that 14 million Yemenites are under starvation. He also knows that there is a from Global Scientific Authority outstanding offer and solution available that from the international establishment is rejected. By confirming the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and supporting the democratic constitution of Syria it also would solve the problems in Yemen. So far the international establishment keeps 14 million Yemenites in starvation to hinder knowledge that will bring peace, understandance, democracy and independence. The international community, with all their organisations and told skills to build human values, has failed. Thats why 14 million Yeminites now have to starve.

Good news for Global Scientific Authority when US and Trump is leaving the INF-treaty. ( 21/10 2018)

US and Mr Trump tells the world that they now are leaving the INF-treaty. A treaty between US and the Sovjetunion to reduce intermediate-range nuclear forces. Mr Trump says that the treaty is not adopted or followed nor by Russia or China. For Global Scientific Authority this is very good news.  Mr Trump has to, by taxing US citizens, to finance a build up of intermediate-range nuclear weapons. For the Russian and Chineese populations even a relative bigger taxing burdon. Global Scientific Authority can offer an alternative and a volentary fee to do not. Instead their citizens volentary can choose to pay one USD/month for investments where it gains human values the most. As more the tensions raises between the superpowers as eisier for Global Scientific Authority to motivate a volentary fee for a much better alternative. ( Global pupulation x 1 USD x 12 month) = 91,2 billion USD volentary paid for  democratization guarantees and investments in human values. Superpower leaders offers an alternative for much higher costs, without any human values, investments made in weapons in what mainly are leadership conflicts. The humanity has entered into the era of science and intellectual skill and do not want to participate, pay for and waste their lifes in establishment conflicts. As more tension between superpower leaders as more obvious and well motivated is the volentary fee for a much better alternative. The establishment still do everything possible to keep the scientific and intellectual alternative out of common knowledge.

Five minutes that would have saved Khashoggi. ( 18/10 2018)

Swedish media and journalist have several years had an open invitation to see the evidencis of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Five minutes used to confirm the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. is so long by Swedish media and journalists refused. Also more then ten times by swedish justice at all levels five minutes refused. The Swedish and European establishment have financial and political supported the non-democratic governments of Turkey and Iran and rejected to support science and the democratic constitution of Syria. Swedish and European establishment have done everything possible to intrigue and hinder the democratization processes in the Middle-East. Mr Khashoggi did pay the highest price possibel due to that media and journalists did back up and run for establishment interests and establishment money.

A few minutes from a Swedish an Turkey governmental collapse. (15/10 2018)

The in the Swedish parliament represented parties, media and the rest of the establishment is playing democracy in an attempt to fool the swedes that they have made a democratic election. Now the establishment are trying to form a new establishment-representative government by doing everything to keep the establishment critical party, SD, out of all governmental impact. In five minutes media time Global Scientific Authority is able to convince the humanity about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. In five minutes more Global Scientific Authority is able to convince the Swedes that they have gone thrue a coup d´etat by a leadership guilty for high treason. Five minutes more and Global Scientific Authority can do the same for Turkey. 15 exciting minutes that will rock non-democratic interests not just in Sweden and Turkey but every interest, where ever, that are able to harm, kill, lie and do everything possible to remain in a ruling position.

Coup d´etat and high treason. (9/10 2018)

Swedish government and establishment have done everything possible to hinder the swedes the knowledge and the national revenues from the copyright about the Mediterranen refill 3500 B.C. That strategy, if known, would have been supported just by the most benifited representatives of the establishment. Most probably lesser then 1 percent of the swedish voters and due to that strategy is in conflict with the constitution. Sweden is now a case for a coup d´etat and high treason. By the Global Scientific Authority boycott from access to copyright, science and also a boycott of turkish companies and labour to participate in investments made by Global Scientific Authority, Turkey is in a similar situation as Sweden. Mr Erdogan is the very best man to know how to punish people that are planing or making a coup d´etat and have guilt for high treason.

Erdogan, a raw modell for political and intellectual incompetence. (6/10 2018)

Erdogan and his government are in very big domistic credibility trouble. Trouble that just are based on their own political an intellectual incompetence. In lack of intellectual skill they have to use the most old fasion and basic method used by fools, violence. Eight turkish soildiers were thursday killed by, what Erdogan says, was a PKK-attack. Would that had happened if not the turkish army had occupied the Afrin region and killed 500 kurds? Now Erdogan is making a Lidice lookalike. 172 male Lidice citizens were shot by SD due to the deadly attack on Reinhard Heydrich. Mr Erdogan will capture and punish 800 kurds as responsible for the 8 soldiers lost lifes. It would have been much better if Mr Erdogan was able to understand that if he orders an invation into Syrian soil and kills 500 kurds it will cost some turkish soldiers lifes. For most of the humans that is a very expected and adequate consequence and hardly a surprise. A respond for such a crime can not be seen as a terrorist attack. Erdogan is a raw modell for a political and intellectual incompetence. He will historic be political useful as a deterrent example of a desperate politician that has lost his mind. Mr Erdogan met Mr Macron just a few days before the invation into Afrin region. With their good relations, Mr Macron, and France also as a permanent member in the UN Security Council, should tell Mr Erdogan that if turkish soldiers occupies kurd soil and kills 500 of them in a foreign country, they will be a target for kurd attacks. The responsibility for 8 turkish soldiers lost lifes has just Mr Erdogan himself. 

Isreal-Palestina close to peace. (27/9 2018)

"Donald Trump says, Israeli-Palestinian peace plan to be announced within months." is a headline in The National 26/9. A more then 70 years long conflict will in some month be solved! A total wreckless statement if not Mr Trump and the Washington administration do know they are working in full accordance with Global Scientific Authority interests and will have full scientific, political and an unlimited financial support to successfully implant a peace plan. Mr Trump and the Washington administration have also, by this statement, told that they now have decided and are close to verify the Mediterranaen refill 3500 B.C. 

EU-leaders are confirming their worldrecord in stupidity. ( 26/9 2018)

After Mr Trump speech in the UN National Assambley about the risk with a aggressive nondemocratic Iran government it was with full accordance to what Global Scientific Authority before has told. The establishment, represented by Mr Macron, did responds with full political support of Iran government and Mr Rouhani. To tell the EU-citizens that EU represents a political interest for peace and democracy, EU, combined with a political and financial support of the nondemocratic aggressive Iran, will convince almost everyone of 650 million EU-citizens the stupidity of establishment and EU leadership. The establishment representatives in the UN National Assambley did laugh at Mr Trumps and Washington administration outstanding success in Korea. When a bunch of political fools are laughing at political outstanding progresses Mr Trump should see is as a compliment.

Swedish government has today fallen. (25/9 2018)

The Swedish socialdemocratic government has today fallen. Swedish historic knowledge is trying to find a retreat to avoid responsibility for keeping knowledge hidden that could have hindered the Syrian civil war and 500 000 Syrian victims.

EU-leaders are now also setting a worldrecord in stupidity. ( 22/9 2018)

Iran nondemocratic government will immediately lose all scientific, political and relegious credibility in the very moment Mr Trump and US decides to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. To try to keep the Iran-treaty is total out of intellectual sence. Such a treaty will be without any interest for a new democratic elected government. The EU leaders do tax their citizens about 130 billion Euros annual in the PR-cause of supporting democracy and hinder war and conflicts. Now the three biggest EU-countries,Germany, France and still GB are trying to preserve a treaty with an aggressive and nondemocratic government. They seems to hurry so they can make political failours before US or any other country decides to verify the Mediterranean refill, let the Iran government drop and drop EU-credibility for taxing. The question must be, is GB fooling Germany and France into EU political disaster in the purpose to undermine EU credibility to have a better Brexit? Anyway no limits in political humuliation for EU leadership by setting a worldrecord in stupidity. A magnificient political success for Russia and China that gets rid of a international political player.

EU-leaders are now setting a worldrecord in hypocrisy. ( 20/9 2018)

All EU national leaders are today in Salzburg to set a new worldrecord in hypocrism. Their concerns about migration would be solved if they did support the decided democratic constitution for Syria and science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. They fake the need of a extended EU-bordercontrol, Frontex, with about 10 000 men, when the migration would be out of EU, back to the Middle-East, if they did not reject the Syrian democratic constitution and scientific knowledge. They do instead choose to represent establishment interests to keep the Middle-East as a military playground. They must be seen as a international criminal gang without any limits about what they are able to cause in human suffering to represent establishment interests. 

Without westword establishment representatives concerns we got a treaty for Idlib.(18/9 2018)

The dangerous situation for the civilians in Idlib has now momental been solved and done better without westworld concerns. Now there is time to separate domistic democratic political movements from nondemocratic terrorist organisations that some also are financial and political supported by foreign political interests. Global Scientific Authority now acts as a guarant for the Idlib civilians to be able to enjoy democratic political movements in accordance with the decided democratic Syrian constitution. A process that will marginalize the nondemocratic terrorist organisations.

UN-Guterres is most concerned about his own ass. (12/9 2018)

We can on television see how UN-Guterres is concered about the civilians in Idlib. If he did care he would support the decided democratic constitution of Syria and science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That would also benefit peaceprocesses in the rest of the Middle-East and also stop the conflict in Yemen. UN, UN-Guterres and other UN authorities still refuses. They have to chose between being representatives for the establishment, that has given them their positions, or be representatives for the humanity. They continues to represent the establishment because they do care much more about their own asses then risking to be seen as not unreliable representatives and lose their positions. If they and UN do not change and starts to be representatives for the humanity, they will lose their positions anyway.

Countries with interests in Syria. (9/9 2018)

We can on website: see a SVT-presentation about other nations with interests in the Syrian war. Noone presented is representing the interests of the Syrian population. It is obvious that Global Scientific Authority is the only interests that represents the Syrian population interests. Create human values for the Syrians themselves. With an outstanding superior political strategy, outstanding superior authority and a unlimited financial capability there is no doubt that the final winner will be the Syrian population. Their interests are in accordance with Global Scientific Interests as a guarant for peace, democracy and independence.

UN has no alternative for Yemen. (6/9 2018)

UN has access to the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and it´s outstanding potential to create peace and understandance. UN can by supporting and protecting copyright then also offer an almost unlimited finacial support for investments in the country by Global Scientific Athority. By entering into the era of science and intellectual skill UN can´t fail. If they tries to remain in the era of military strenght they do reject science and an unlimited financing. A failour for UN in Yemen is an examination for the organisation. If not UN succeeds in Yemen Global Scientific Authority anyway will do without them.

Fake concerns about the Idlib civilians. ( 4/9 2018)

The war in Syria will stop at the very moment when the decided democratic Syrian constitution and science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C., are accepted and political protected and supported. Almost unlimited financial support from Global Scientific Authority for investments can be set into a build up of Syria. Peace and a build up that by establishment are rejected. The concerns about the civilians in Idlib are just establishment concerns about them selves. Establishment interests that strives to remain in the era of military strenght lead by leaders that understands they are not competititive in the era of science and intellectual skill. Obviously, as they rejects peace and a build up of Syria they do not care at all about the civilians in Idlib.

America is great again! ( 2/9 2018)

In ambitions to remain in the era of military strenght EU, Europe and UN have political and financial enjoyed the nondemocratic regimes in Turkey and Iran. Military aggressive nations that by EU, European and UN are used political and financial to support terrorism in the Middle-East. Terrorism for hindering and sabotate the peaceprocesses in the Middle-East just to keep the impact based on military strenght. Middle-East has an amazing future with a global scientific interest if the European establishment did or do not reject and hindering science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Stuck in that political position US and Mr Trump can act total free from European protests. US can set economical sanctions on Turkey and Iran and leave WTO if EU tries to  undermine US sanctions. US can stop financing into Hamascontrolled Palestine regions as EU-countries and Iran are not able to replace US in the regions. If they try, US and Mr Trump can just by a tweet ruin their political credibility by confirming the Mediterranena refill. He then also will strip UN,EU, Europe, Turkey and Iran and their concerns about the suffering people in Middle-East just as political fakes to support domistic establishment  interests. US and Mr Trump have had an easy task to make America great again. They just have had to compete with European political incompetent fools that are striving to remain in an era that not longer exists.

Are UN pleading for a gasattack fake? (30/8 2018)

UN still refuses to support science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and the decided democratic constitution of Syria. If the rebellians, or any of them, in Idlib wanted a democratic constitution there would be nothing to fight about. If UN did convince the rebellians that they would only support political movements that wants a democratric Syria all rebellians with nondemocratic interests can be identified as terrorists. If UN did support science the concerns about Turkey and Iran impact in the Syria would fade away in a democratic process in these countries that would withdraw all actions from Idlib and elsewhere in Syria. UN refuses and instead they now have warned for gasattacks in Idlib. Most probably a hint to the rebellians to place gascans that will break when hit by bombardments. Are Syrian gasvictims a by the establishment and it´s representative organisation, UN, a chosen strategy to regain lost impact in the Syrian civil war?

Rohani is asking for a statement that will bring EU into credibility collapse. (26/8 2018)

Mr Rohani has asked EU if they will keep and stay with the treaty that Mr Trump and US have left. That is the same as asking for a statement to support Mr Rohanis nondemocratic government, their financial, political and military support of terrorism and their ambitions to be a nuclear weapon nation. EU will also chose to remain in their statement to reject science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C., and the decided democratic constitution of Syria. A strategy that will withdraw the Iran, similar as Turkey, their populations to benefit of Global Scinetific Authority offers. Rohani is giving the Iran population a boycott of access to science and, a never ever before, bigger market of severel hundred billion USD for investments in the buildup and restoring the from by war suffering Middle-East region. We are very curious about which choise EU will do.

Military industry lobbyist right hand to Swedish government. ( 24/8 2018)

The Swedish Minister of Defence, Peter Hultqvist, has during all his office, since sept 2014, had a military industry lobbyist, as his right hand. Försvarsminister Peter Hultqvists (S) pressekreterare Marinette Nyh Radebo avgår efter kritik mot hennes lobbykopplingar.

Primeminister Stefan Löfvén has his political background and is dependent on votes from military industry. There is a real Swedish governmental reasons for intrigueing and sabotating the peaceprocesses in the Middle-East. A market that will fade away and Löfvéns voters will lose their jobs when Global Scientific Authority sets it´s authoric strenght and financial capicity to make peace and democracy into the Middle-East region. 

All time high in hypocrisy. (22/8 2018)

When the humanity has a very big interest to hinder the nondemocratic government in Iran, that financial and political supports terrorism in the Middle-East, to be a nuclearweapon nation, The Boston Globe as a representative for US establishment did organize 350 medias an 300 congressmen into a protest and accusements against their elected president. The worst chosen moment for humanity interests to bring peace and democracy into the Middle-East and the best moment chosen for Mr Rohani and Mr Erdogans interests. The Boston Globe attack, in the name of democracy, is probably the establishment all time high in hypocrism. If they had an interest for democracy they would have, since long ago, chosen to supports scienc, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and the decided democratic constitution of Syria. That is not the case. Global Scientific Authority and democratic interests are as Mr Trump and US population in conflict with both Rohani and Erdogan governments and also obviously with US establishment. US establishment that in the name of democracy gives Mr Rohani and Mr Erdogan the very best political support ever. The Boston Globe attack is a stabb in the back not just on Mr Trump. It is also a stabb in the back for all democratic interests among US citizens and the humanity. When the humanity has very high interests in supporting democratic movements the US establishment now is most interested in if Mr Trump, for more then a decade ago, have had sex with a pornstar.

UN rejects peace in Yemen. ( 21/8 2018)

UN say they are striving to bring peace into Yemen but ha representative, Martin Griffits, has invited representatives from Yemen government and Huithe rebellians into peacetalks 6 september in Genève.( Martin Griffit have told he has little hope to succeed. Last UN-initiative collapsed 2016). He tells also that it is uncertain if even representatives from Iran, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirate will enjoy. UN is an establishment organisation with establishment representatives. Global Scientific Authority is a representative as a guarant for human values. If UN supported human values they should support science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and Global Scientific Authority that by superior scientific, political and relegious authority added with an unlimited financial strenght can stop the war. From a total superior position can the actors be convinced that there is nothing to gain and no space left outside a democratic constitution and a noncourruptive government. Just hard work left for a, by the Yemen population democratic elected competative government, that then will get full financial support from Global Scientific Autority to restore Yemen. An option possible for the UN representatives to offer that immediately would stop the Yemen civil war. An option rejected as UN still do reject the knowledge about the Mediterranaean refill 3500 B.C. Summery: The Yemen war is there because the establishment prefers a war. UN refuses to support science that brings peace. Global Scientific Authority is outstanding in political and financial strengt to solve international problems. International problems that UN believed and wants to preserve as an establishment monopoly arena. Years of failour and a hopeless future for Yemen is what UN, as establishment representatives, offers even if the war can be stopped tomorrow.

Three countries suffers from lost political credibility. (19/8 2018)

Three countries have more then others challenged Global Scientific Authority. The same three that have currences that have already gone through dramatic drops. Especially the SEK-drop is public not explained as the Swedish economy is very strong and the SEK should develop the opposite. The market has seen the risk with a Swedish nation that reject a national income of about 200 billion USD and choses to transforms it to 200 billions into claims for it´s hindering of the revenue and knowledge. That only by the reason to protect establishment interests in corruption. If not the hindrances have been made the Syrian war had most probably not occured. As better Global Scientic Authority succeeds in the peace and democratization-processes as better arguments for the 200 billion claims can be set on the Swedish state. 200 billion USD + annual added 90 billion more to convince about the scientific strenght are destinated to be invested in projects that most contributes to peace and democracy. The Middle-East is obvious a very appropriate region. ( Also the Korean peninsula.) As long Iran and Turkey do intrigue and sabotate with war and conflicts their countries and their participation in rebuilding others are set under boycott. They will also not have any access to the copyright about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. They will scientific, political and religious lose all credibility. The market has so far seen nothing yet! We also know that just a sudden tweet from Mr Trump can verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and start a total currency drop especially for the SEK. A tense market situation and a very tempting thing for Mr Trump to do.

US media and senators did chose the very best moment to undermine the democratic processes. (17/8 2018)

When US and Mr Trumps political pressure on the nondemocratic governments in Iran and Turkey is on it way to succeed, essential to bring peace and democracy into the Middle-East, 350 US Newsmedias and 300 senators did unite in a common statement in their ambitions to undermine Mr Trump and US authority. For Mr Erdogan and Mr Rohani a gift from heaven to convince their populations that the sanctions is just set by Mr Trump him self. The US establishment has united to preserve nondemocratic governments, war and conflicts in the Middle-East in a fake PR-mission for free media and democracy. As long as they do not support the decided democratic constitution for Syria and science, Mediterranaen refill 3500 B.C. we know that all their ambitions is to protect establishment positions. They represenst interest for lesser then 1 % of global population as 99 % of the global population would benefit on a democratic Middle-East and access to the  knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. The Boston Globe campaign has it´s origin in the global center of economical and political interests, interests that did stabb Mr Trump, US and democratic processes in it´s back to preserv war and conflicts in the Middle-East.

A raised tempting position for Mr Trump to deliver a verifying tweet. (16/8 2018)

350 Newsmedias in US, representativefor the establishment, are now attacking Mr Trump for his criticism of fake news. Establishment have for years rejected and hindered the common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. For the humanity the most importent scientific breakthrough as a tool for peace, understandance, democracy and independence. It must be a very tempting situation for Mr Trump to deliver a tweet with a confirmation of the scientific breakthrough that is very positive for 99 % of the global population that the rest 1 % or lesser, establishment representatives, do everything possible to hinder. It is a risk that the by media and establishment so criticized Mr Trump will bring peace in Korea, Middle-East and elsewhere. Such a credibility disaster for the peacestriving establishment that tells them selves as a guarantee for peace that also qualifies them to their highpayed positions and fortunes.

Tempting position for Mr Trump to deliver a tweet. (14/8 2018)

Mr Erdogan and Mr Rohani are accusing US and Mr Trump. It must be very tempting for Mr Trump to deliver a tweet where he verifies the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. A tweet that also strips that the problems for Turkey and Iran population have is based on the fact that their national leaders are hindering them access to scientific knowledge and Global Scientific Authority guarantees for human values. Political choises made by their leaders and governments that have set their countries under boycott for access to the scientific knowledge about their cultur, ethnic and religious origin and for more then a 1000 billion USD market for build up and restoring of the Middle-East. A political victory for US and Mr Trump possible to achieve just with a tweet that verifies the Mediterranaen refill.

A fullfilled order from Erdogan is no international conspiration. (13/8 2018)

Erdogan and his government have been pretold and warned. No access to copyright and the build up market, after wars and conflicts in the rest of the Middle-East, if Turkey did cross Syrian border and enter into the Afrin region. Erdogan did set NATO-trups into the Afrin region and did by that also fullfill the order to a pretold boycott. Global Scientific Authority has an interest to be seen as a guarantee for human values, peace, understandance, democracy and independence. In that mission Global Scientific interest has a common interest with the Turkish population. The problem is that Erdogan and his government do not have the same. There is no attack or international conspiration on Turkey. It is a pretold attack on Mr Erdogan and his government, chosen by them and performed as pretold with it´s pretold consequences. Turkey and it´s population are not under boycott. They have the same interets as Global Scientific Authority to be released from Erdogan and his government. 

Erdogan has decided to help Global Scientific Authority. (12/8 2018)

Erdogan has played a very important role to strip and prove that EU and Europe have ambitions to intrigue and hinder peace-processes in the Middle-East. With financial and political support from them he crossed the Syrian border and set NATO-trups into the Afrin region. As he now have lost all US political support he invites other leaders and nations to become his and Turkeys new friends. Global Scientific Authority is for that Erdogan initiative very thankful. Every national leader or nation that enjoys his invitation has clearified them self as political fools that enjoys a mental wreck. Leaders and nations that obviously and voluntary will identify them selfs as in conflict with Global Scientific Authority interests to be a gauarant for human values. Global Scientific Authority will not underestimate Mr Erdogan contribution in his efforts to identify political fools.

Mobilization of a bunch of idiots will not give intelligent decisions.(8/8 2018) 

Gobalt Scientific Authority has offered the Iran population access to copyright and knowledge about the origin of Islam. They have also been offered unllimited financial support for investments that supports processes for peace, understandance, democracy and independence. US and Mr Trump have offered the Iran population a new treaty that hinders the government to spend money on nuclear weapons. Everything is by the Iran government rejected as they do not want a democratic process. They want to continue to force the Iran population to finance terrorism and waste money on nuclear weapons and military strenght. An Iran governmental stupidity fully supported by European establishment. Suddenly Federica Mogeherini is given a political mission. She has to represent EU to avoid accusements on the European establishment and their national leaders for evidential stupidity.

Swedish government and establishment now in open conflict with Mr Trump. (7/8 2018)

Swedish government and establishment are now in open conflict with Mr Trump and US-strategy in the Middle-East. The political and economical pressure set on thegove nondemocratic and terrorism financing government of Iran is by minister Margot Wallström criticized. The by state controlled media, SVT, is making a campaign about how risky the world is with individulas as Mr Trump and tells that the Iran-treaty is dropped by Trump just by the fact that it was a treaty accepted by president Obama. US and Mr Trump have now been a target for the same Swedish interests that also are rejecting and hindering the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Interests that political supports terrorism, intrigue and sabotage into peace-processes in the middle-East. A strategy chosen to convince the world and give evidences to that the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill is not a scientific tool that will create peace, understandance, democracy and independence. Essential for swedish government and establishment as Global Scientific Authority have an opposite interest to convince and prove that the knowledge had hindered the Syrian civil war and 500 000 victims.

Turkey military forces will soon solve the Erdogan-problem. (2/8 2018)

Syria is more and more cleaned from foreign military forces and foreign political and economical interests. It is obvious that the remaining political problem with the Turkey military and NATO-forces in Afrin region now is in focus. That problem will be solved by it self. The military forces are there to defend a mental wreck in office, to defend their right to be scientific and intellectual boycotted and be left behind, to defend the boycott for Turkey construction companies and labour to be involved in all the restoring of Syria, Irak etc financed by Global Scientific Interests. They are also defending the Turkish population and turism-industry to remain in a historic level as accurate as it was before Copernicus. For those high missions the turkish soldiers has to risk their lifes and their officers have to tell the mothers that they have offered their lifes for the missions told above. The Turkey military strenght is not a problem for Syria and international politics. It will soon be tured against the Erdogan government. No Turkish soldier will risk his life for the Erdogan governmental missions that dramatic harms Turkey population and the Turkish nation. For Turkish officers and soldiera the obvious enemy to the Turkey nation and it´s population interests is Mr Erdogan and his government.

Friendly talks will succeed. ( 31/7 2018)

In lesser then a week US diplomats have convinced the Iran government that US and Mr Trump any moment can withdraw their religious and political authority and win the Iran public opinion. A total victory for science and intellectual skill that have dismantled all Iran military strenght. Mr Trump will now by talks offer the Iran government an opportunity to step into to the era of science and intellectual skill by starting a democratization process in Iran. A total political success for Mr Trump and political disaster for Europe and it´s establishment that made the choise to support the nondemocratic and aggressive Iran government. A government that no longer will be. Left is the choise for Mr Rohani to be a part of the democratization process or for him and his government to step aside. 

Rohani threat without any substance. ( 23/7 2018)

The Iran government have now had some months to start a democratization process in accordance with the interests of Global Scientific Authority. When Mr Rohani is threating with waracts as all wars mother we understand that the Iran government has chosen to challange Global Scientific Authority. We have the scientific knowledge that is essential for the muslim leaders to adopt into the Islam religion. Without a democratization process the Iran government will be banned from access to copyright but accessable for Iran political movements with a democratic agenda. The Iran government will lose all their religios credibility and will be seen similar as a bunch of Santa Claus. They will not be able to mobilize any army even to shoot a cat. US and Mr Trump are representatives for democracy. They have the oppertunity to, at any moment, chose supporting science, annonce the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C and get access to the copyright that transforms Mr Rohani and his regime to a bunch of Santa Claus.

European and US establishment stripped and heavely beaten. ( 19/7 2018)

As the attempt from a united European and US establishment has been stripped and failed Mr Trump could without any political risk admit national leaders responsibility when foreign interests tries to influence into democratic elections. Nothing controversial and a good statement to all such efforts that we have seen many times before especially by US them selves.The Quisling, Paul Ryan, will not be any political threat and it is very hard to see anybody that, supported by establishment, will be able to challange Mr Trump for a second period. In US-office we will until 2025 have a nonestablishment president. In desparation European establishment now tries to restore the Skripal-case. New evidences are now found with videos that can be the individuals that was responsible for the poisoning-attack. Very interesting information that proves that the accusements on Russia, in accordance to UN-Guterres told was the worst diplomatic crises since cold war, then was accusements without any evidences.

EU and US establishment last attempt? (18/7 2018)

Was the attack on Mr Trump the European and US establishment last desperate attempt to restore war and conflicts? European establishment has tried to hinder the step into the era of science and intellectual skill. The consequences by challanging Global Scientific Authority interest are a total credibility defeat for European national, EU an UN-leaders. The US and European establishment united, mobilized and have promised Paul Ryan political support to Washington office by undermining Mr Trump after his summit with Mr Putin. The former republican presidental candidate and weapon industry lobbyist, John McCain, is the most critical republican US-senator to his own parties chosen and by US-citizens elected candidate to Washington office. The establishment had before, whatever had happened in the summit, decided to undermine Mr Trump. What has happened is that the US and EU have been stripped. Paul Ryan choise to be a establishment tool to intrigue and sabotate peaceprocesses has ruined his political credibility. He will never ever be able as a candidate for Wahington office. With European national, EU and UN-leaders marginalized and now also Paul Ryan stripped as a Quisling there are no more cards left to play for EU and US establishment. They have challanged the unbeatable interests of Global scientific authority and also gained a total loss. A friendship between Mr Trump and Mr Putin is of global interest. A friendship in conflict with establishment interest based on revenue from war and human suffering. A big credibility problem for establishment as Global Scientific Authority do the historic analysis and writes the history. 

Establishment tries to undermine Mr Trump presidency( 17/7 2018)

The world stood lesser then a year ago in front of a nuclear war in Korea and a WWIII start in the Middle-East. Very much has this been avoided due to that Mr Trump has taken political steps not in accordance to a traditional spokesman for establishment interests. Now the US establishment has decided to undermine his presidency as if Russia did have impact on the elections to Mr Trumps advantage. The establishment has now mobilized critisism also among individuals in the republican party that do believe they have the opportunity to step in as candidates. No limits of disgrace among establishment to preserve war and conflicts and the economical revenue they do, on them.

 Mr Trump dubbelfooled European establishment.(13/7 2018)

The European establishment has refused to enter into the era of science and intellectual skill. They strives hard to remain in the era of military strenght based on the situtation after WWII. In that strategy Russia as a political and military threat has been European establishmen heavily excessive. Mr Trump has had a domistic problem by US establishment. Positive peaceprocesses in the Middle-East and Korea will reduce the demand of weapons and US armory industry. Mr Trump did fall into the excessive Russian threat and raised the demand of weapons from US armory industry. The European establishment that strives to keep the conflicts and the weapondemand in the Middle-East alive has now been exchanged to be a demand in Europe. Mr Trump has satisfied the domistic establishment and can now go futher with the peaceprocesses in both the Middle-East and Korea. The European establishment has been dubblefooled by them seen and often told as the idiot in Washington office.

Also Africa is now leaving EU and UN behind. ( 10/7 2018)

Suddenly also very good peaceprogresses happens and peace and democratization-processes starts in Africa. Turkey, Erdogan and the support he has got from EU establishment and a paralized UN has very accurate shown the huge differences by stepping into the era of science and intellectual skill or try to preserve and remain in the era of military strenght. The African nations have now understood that they can get peace, understandance, democracy and independence when people all around the world volentary pays a fee of one USD/month for access to the copyright about the Mediterranean refill. Science that is needed to explains their ethnic and religios orgins. A fee payed when they buy and read their local newspaper. EU, UN and Erdogan government have challanged Global Scientic Authority and have now to pay for it. They are stripped as both political and financial burdens for human values, values that the rest of the humanity efficient and with very low costs enjoys by stepping into the era of science and intellectual skill. Africa can now see them selves as released and are able to rely on Global Scientific Authority. With common interests they will get the financial support that builds copyright brand as a guarantee for human values. Especially the African continent has a very high interest to make their countries independent from international impact as a cost for aid. Aid most needed due to a lack of interests to support human values. The Middle-East, Russia, US, Korea and now Africa is leaving EU and UN behind. EU and Donald Tusk now desperate calls for Donald Trumps attention. Do remember who is Your friend!

Was the worst diplomatic crises since cold war a marketing strategy? (6/7 2018)

From the end of march and some week futher there was a diplomatic crises between westworld countries and Russia that Mr Guterres descreibed as similar as the cold war. A statement just to raise the need of UN and take advantege of the diplomatic crises caused by the poising of the Skripals. A diplomatic crises that now seems as a total fake set to convince the Polish government to buy a Patriot system for 3,8 billion Euro. Compare below 28/3. More initiatives and fake concerns about the Syrians is by Swedish government and their representation made in UN Security Counsil. If Swedish government had followed the Swedish constitution they would have supported science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C., the deceided democratic constitution of Syria and the war had since month ago been over. If Swedish government had fullfilled the swedish democratic constitution they had supported and not hindered scientific knowledge. If so, the Syrian civil war had not even started. The Swedish concerns in UN are just a political fake in a stripped diplomatic situation.

EU has withdrawn Europeans 380 billion Euro that instead is used for terrorism.(1/7 2018)

EU and the European politicians have done nothing to punish VW AG for their fake producing and selling environmental disasters as environmental good dieselcars. EU establishment has tried to awoid the same compensations as US buyers, retailers and US nation already have become. US had just about 4 percent of the number sold. With a similar level of compensation for each car sold in Europe a copensation would be about 380 billion euro. Still for the VW AG their dieselfake has in overall at a very good economical revenue. A revenue that gains the descendants of the nazi, Ferdinand Porsche, that have built their fortune and dominant ownership in VA AG on nazi warcrimes. The individual that now has most impact into VW AG is the emir of Qatar,
Scheich Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, that owns 17 % of the shares. Qatar is boycotted by other arab countries due to their finincing of the Muslim brotherhood, by those countries a banned terrorist organisation and also the orgin of Hamas. US and Mr Trump has told Qatar as one of the biggest financial resources for terrorism. Qatar terrorism has financial and political an in Erdogan a Turkish allied. Nazis and Muslim brotherhood also have similar opinion how to handle Israel and jews. European establishment helps VW AG to avoid compensations of 380 billion Euro that instead are used for finincing terrorism in the Middle-East. EU has also by a "refugee-treaty" of 3 billion euro financed the turkish invasion into Afrin region in an ambition to destabilize, keep political and military impact in the Middle-East. EU, European establishment, Erdogan and Qatar are political and financial supporting terrorism in the Middle-East. Obvoiously in conflict with Global scientific authority interests that have to convince the public opinion to pay a volentary fee for peace, understandance, democracy and independent countries also in the Middle-East. Global scientific authority interest can now add 380 billion euro for common interest with public Europe and europeans as compensation for VW AG dieselfake. 

Europe played out of the Middle-East and the whole world.( 27/6 2018)

 EU and the European countries did have the oppertunity to support science and hindered a reelection of Erdogan. Their critisism of Erdogan and AKP combined with their hindrence of scientific knowledge is a total credibility disaster for European politicians. They have played them selves out of the Middle-East and lost all political credibility. We can now neglect all European efforts into international politics and forget European political impact.That will very much reduce the number of interest and is a big advantege to create peace, understandance, democracy and independent countries. Erdogan and AKP have to rely on lies that now every day are added to their political deads. As longer they do cheat and fool their own population as better for the opposition. Mr Erdogan is the very best asset for the turkish opposition and also a very good asset for Global scientific authority. He will soon be stripped and until then let the political burdons grow for his cheating, fooling and the reasons why Turkey has to be scientific boycotted. 

European establishment will be heavely punished.( 25/6 2018)

 The Swedish and European establishment could have hindered a reelection of Mr Erdogan and AKP. The result will be a scientific boycott of Turkey with big negative economical consequences. Something that european establishment very actively has hindered the Turkish population the knowledge about. The european establishment has challange Global Sceintific Authority and will be heavely punished.

US has dropped UN. (20/6 2018)

 US is in the process for a total drop of UN. The first step is to withdraw from the UN human rights counsil. If UN had any ambitions to fullfill their mission as a peaceorganisation they had long ago supported science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C, and the democratic constitution of Syria. Their only ambitons left is to exaggerate political problems and international conflicts that rappidly are fading away. They intrigue and have hopes that Erdogan or other political fools will create new missions for UN staff and diplomats. We have now stepped into the era of science and intellectual skill when political fools impact into the global political arena no longer can exist. Political fools are in conflict with global scientific authority interests to create peace, understandance, democracy and independent nations. Political fools authority will be total dismanteled and it is with great satisfaction we can see how Mr Erdogan volentary acts as an example for all others. US has understod that UN now has lost all it´s purpose. Left is a playground for diplomats and UN-staff, a gigantic  organisation, that are most anxious to preserve and find a mission. What Global scientific authority now does has UN during 70 years failed to do. US has started to drop UN and will soon have a lot of followers.

Erdogan, such a national idiot! ( 18/6 2018)

 Some days before the elections that confirms that Mr Erdogan and his AKP have cheated and fooled the whole Turkish population the turkish airforce strikes in Irak. Irak and the kurds will become full financial support to build up their country. Turkish participation, due to Mr Erdogan, has been well  informed about that they will be boycotted  due to their attack into Syria and Afrin region. Also boycotted in access to own history, science and will gain a dramatic drop in tourism-industry. Just to verify that the boycotts are appropriate Mr Erdogan attacks into Irak. Sorry about the turkish population that have a national idiot as president that is so anxious to loose his position that he in total panic just a few days before the election makes him even more as an international criminal. At the very moment when the knowledge about the Mediterranean refill becomes common knowledge it will also be common knowledge that Mr Erdogan and his AKP has cheated and fooled every turkish citizen. Mr Erdogans political era is already over.The problem seem to be that he not yet have understood it. If the Turks insists to keep Erdogan and AKP the Irak kurds will not be a problem. They will need the Turks to do their laundry.

Establishment seems sceptical to the progresses in Korea. (12/6 2018)

 Since the Korean war the situation in Korea has not been better and big progresses have been made in the relations. Establishment in both US and Europe are sceptical to the progresses. No details, nothing concrete etc. The global opinion is very satisfied with the summit and understands the importance in a process. The scepticism is very good for the Middle-East peace-processes. The establishment have with all their efforts, organisations and institutions have  had since 1953 to reach the level that now is Korea. EU,UN, diplomats etc have all not reached the same level. In the Middle-East always in war somewhere without any political solution. A total waste of money. With Global scientific authority and individuals, very hard criticized by and without support from the establishment, the peace and reunionprocesses in Korea have made more progresses then ever before. It is obvious that successful progresses in the Middle-East also will be much better without participation by establishment, EU, UN etc. A sitution that global scientific authority consequent has told will be an advantage. A situation that also fits Mr Trump very well. A peaceful future also for the Middle-East seems be possible and the global political situations is very promising.

Global scientific authority played IMF out of Jordan. (11/6 2018)

 Finacial and military interests tried to intrigue in the Middle-East by setting Jordan under financial pressuere. At a very improper situation IMF sets financials pressure. Global scientific authority gave Jordan independence back by promissing Jordan full financial support with fair conditions. Three days later Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates has promissed Jordan even better conditions. A very good lesson learned by financial and military interests that uses UN and IMF to regain profit on poor peoples suffering.We have entered into the era of science and intellectual skill when military strenght, and now also financial strenght, as political tools are useless.

Swedish govermental hypocrisy without any limits. ( 8/6 2018)

 Swedish foreign-minister Margot Wallström stand today and have very big concerns about Turkey and the Erdogan nondemocratic government. Swedish government has made big efforts, she tells, both by them selves and also together with EU. She continues with Swedish governmentel big efforts and concerns for the rest of the Middle-East. She do not tell that EU did support the attack into Afrin region with 3 billion Euros. She do not tell that the problem in the Middle-East will be solved if the swedish government fullfilled swedish law and constitution and supported science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and supported the democratic constitution in Syria. The world most evil and dangerous terroristcell is also represented in EU and UN security counsil.

20 more days to fool the Turkish population before election. (4/6 2018)

 With the common knowledge about the Mediterranean refill it also will be clarified for the Turkish population the national cost for Mr Erdogans political disaster to try to gain political credit for Turkish invasion of Afrin region. He did know before but did anyway. As long Mr Erdogan is at office it will be very costly for the Turkish nation and population. Before the elections the costs for his misstake can not be public among the turkish population. Mr Erdogan and his administration has to fool the whole Turkish nation 20 more days. As long Mr Erdogan remains in office Global scientific authority will not give Turkey any access to the copyright. Knowledge that is very essential for the Turkish history. Turkish scientiests have to leave Turkey to be able to participate in allmost any science. When Greece and Middle-East countries can build a amazing, interesting and intellectual tourism industry Turkey will attract tourism that wants sun, bath, cheap living and  cheap booze without any interest of Turkish history or culture. Syria, Irak and all over the Middle-East are full of very good projects for Global Scientific authority to build the brand strenght to create peace, democracy and independent countries. As much as possible, hundred of billions, will be invested but Turkish companies will not, as long Erdogan remains in office, be able to participate. The costs for the Turkish population to keep Erdogan in office is total out of sense. He and his administration has to fool the population 20 more days to get Erdogan reelected. The strategy is total insane. If the only possibility to be reelected is to fool the whole Turkish population everybody, except a mental wreck, would give up. There is no political future for Mr Erdogan and if he have any friends left they would be kind to convince him about it.

Once again a total credibility loss by UN. ( 2/6 2018)

 The nondemocratic and aggressive Hamas on the Gaza-strip has conquered a peacefull palestine protest and made it to warprovokation against Israel. About 160 palestine victims has been the result by the provokation and Hamas ambitions to intrigue and sabotage the peaceprocesses in the Middle-East. Just in their ambitions to preserve them a political purpose. Hamas has never had any ambitions to support democratic and peace-processes. Their impact is dependent of a the warsituation in the region. A Kuwait resolution for protection of Palestine civilians can be seen as a international poll about which countries that do have the same intentions as Hamas to keep the whole Middle-East in a warsituation. Those countries are: Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Peru, Bolivia, Sweden and Italy. Permanent members France, Russia and China. That EU-countries France, Sweden and Italy have military industry interests to keep a warsituation in the Middle-East have several times before, agenda below, been told and criticized. UN has once again been stripped as an international playground without any peace-ambitions. Let the Palestinians get rid of the "help" from outside countries that just misuses their situation to keep Hamas and other nondemocratic interests in power. Hamas that political and finacial is supported by interests that have ambitions to create a demand and market for weapon industry. Swedish socialdemocratic party, socialdemocratic government, with primeminster Löfvén and his political base from weapon industry, has now soon a 10 years anniversary by doing everything possible to hinder the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. A scientific breakthrough that is essential and a magnificient tool for creating a peacetreaty between Palestine and Israel.

Is there a last nondemocratic attempt to set the Middle-East on fire? (31/5 2018)

 The attacks from Gaza-region seems to be a last desperate attempt from nondemocratic interests to start a war against Israel. The palestinans costs have so far been about 160 victims in actions that have no democratic support among the palestinans. Not even UN security counsil is longer a possible tool to missuse to support nondemocratic and aggressive interests. Both US and Russia have now entered inte to the era of science and intellectual skill. There are a total split in international politics between winners and losers. Winners are those who have entered into the era of science and intellectual skill. Mr Erdogan is a very good example how dramatic political credibility drop will be for those who tries to remain and preserve the era of military strenght. Mr Un has entered the era of science and intellectual skill and is now as an international politician very well accepted, respected and also by Mr Trump him self, honnered. 

Very good news is that also Libya now has stepped into the era of science and intellectual skill. Democratic elections will be in december. Some Libyan politician will raise to international respected politician and by his own population honnered leader.

No end of European politicians stupidity. (23/5 2018)

 The French foreignminister Jean-Yves Le Drian has told that US withdrawn from the Iran-treaty has no purpose. It will also risk to destabilize the Middle-East region. There seems as there are no limits of European politicians stupidity. When global scientific authority in august 2017 decided to engage in the Middle-East the region was seen as an arena for a start of a third world war. Some also said it already has started. The third world war has faded away with a European warindustrial disappointment. During the processes EU, France and the rest of Europe have had the oppertunity to support science and the decided democratic constitution for Syria. Political strategys that will end the civilian war in Syria and give a efficient scientific tool to reduce and solve conflicts.They have so long refused. Instead Macron met Erdogan. Some weeks later Turkey crossed the border of Syria. For that mission EU payed Turkey 3 billion Euro and called it a "refugee treaty." There is no doubt about the French and EU ambitions are to keep the Middle-East continuously in a conflict and war-situation. An arena for a demand of their military technology. The two most aggressive countries in the region, Turkey and Iran, are by the French and EU-leaders most supported. France, EU and the rest of Europe countries are intriguing and sabotating into the Middle-East peace-processes. Macron is already stripped. When Drian then do almost the same misstakes it seems as there is no end of European politicians stupidity. The Iran population, the Syrians, Palestines, kurds etc etc. has to rely on science and intellectual skill to gain peace, understandance and be democratic, independent countries. As also Mr Trump and US has entered into the era of science and intellectual skill there are just EU and Europe that still strives to remain in the era of military strenght. That the reason why European politcians are acting like political fools and there are no end of their political stupidity. In reality, preserve European jobs, satisfy the own population, be elected on the cost of war and victims in the Middle-East. A stripped and dead end strategy.

European politicians without credibility. ( 21/5 2018)

 The european companies has responded to US decision to leave the Iran-treaty. The foolish efforts to support a nondemocratic government in Iran and support the nondemocratic movement, represented by Mr Erdogan, european politicians believed they were able to convince the european companies to remain and also raise their engagement in Iran and Turkey. Instead they ruined their political credibility. They have showed the world that democrazy, especially in the by wars suffering Middle-East region, is for sale. European companies are now leaving Iran and canceling planed investments.

EU and Erdogan fake concern about the palestines. ( 16/5 2018)

As usal the Israel- Palestina conflict are misused to gain domistic political credit. The spokesman for the German government, Steffen Siebert, has called for an independent investigation about the 60 palistinian victims. A call supported by GB. In critisism they unite with the honnerable Turkish president that have very big concerns about the 60 palestianian victims. When Erdogan crossed the Syrian border and caused 300 kurd victims and 400 000 refugues he was by EU financial supported with a "refugue treaty" with 3 billion Euro:s. ( Compare agende below 11-21/3 ). In Gaza the Iran-supported Hamas, by EU and US defined as a terrorist organisation, has conqeured the initial peaceful palestianan demontration and made it to a conflict. GB and EU now also supports the Iran nondemocratic government that want´s to keep the Iran-treaty. If GB and EU realy had concern about the people in the Middle-East they should support science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and the democratic constitution decided for Syria. The only concerns there are, are the risk for a peaceful process in the Middle-East that would reduce the demand from their military industry. By enjoying Erdogan, supporting Hamas and Iran they are also supporting nondemocratic and military aggressive interests. Their fake concern about the 60 victims are, as usual, concerns for domistic military industry. 300 kurd victims did not cause any diplomatic protests and concerns as that military aggression caused a raised demand for military industry. GB, EU and Steffen Siebert are stripped. The palestinan-Israel conflict and the Afrin coflict had not been there if nondemocratic governments not have had GB and EU support. A support just as a try to remain in the era of military strenght and hinder the entrance into the new politicala era of science and intellectual skill.

 Donald Tusk has today, 16/5, said that EU political, economical and military now must stand united. If not it is over for Europe and EU. 

A very promising future if global politics can get rid of EU and European interests that rejects science, prevent democratic processes, enjoys and supports nondemocratic governments. 


Palestinian "friends" in very big political trouble. (15/5 2018)

It has since September 2017 been told that revenue from copyright will be well invested to gain the peace-process in the Israel-Palestina conflict. Told also that the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill will combine ethnic groups to a common history that all groups have an interest to preserve. The common and friendly future for jews and arabs have never been better. A knowledge that by Palestinian "friends" should have been told but have not. Swedish government but also UN, EU and arab "friends" are very intense informed of the opportunity but have choosen to reject this opportunity. The only reason is just cynical to gain own political authority on the conflict and the critisism of violence that causes palestine victims. It will be a very very big political problem for the Gaza-Hamas and other Palestinian "friends" when it among the population will be known that they have encourage violence and spared Palestianan lifes but rejected knowledge of much better and peaceful alternatives. UN and EU has also for a long time rejected the knowledge and have refused to support the Syrian democratic constitution. They intrigue into and sabotage the peace-processes in the Middle-East as there among them are interests that benefits on the conflicts. Most desperate to try to win political symphaties on palestinian spared lifes is Mr Erdogan. Not surprising that a mental wreck makes desperate and foolish political statements just to verify his mental status. More surprising is that Theresa May invites a mental wreck to Great Britain and dishonner the British generation that in WWII risked and lost their lifes for freedom. Something the British voters have to consider.

Iran government can create Mr Trump to a muslim "Pope". ( 14/5 2018)

Mr Trump and US has entered the era of science and intellectual skill. When ever needed, US can present evidencies for the Mediterranena refill 3500 B.C. and get access to new science not accessable for aggressive nondemocratic countries. New science of such importance for both Cristianity and Islam that Mr Trump then will gain a enormous religious authority. The Iran government can choose to set a democratic constitution and implant a democratic process. They have a choise to make before they can gain access to knowledge and copyright. As long as Mr Trump is the only westworld national laeder that want´s to bring Iran democrazy and guarantee the Iran population essential knowledge about Islam, he will gain authority and be seen as their muslim "Pope". Turkey, i.e. Erdogan that have ambitions to reduce Syrian indepence will not have access to knowledge. EU and European leaders are financial supporting Erdogon attack on Syria by a "refugee-treaty". Syrian refugees that would not exist if foreign military and political impact leaves Syria. Now EU and European leaders want´s to support and keep a nondemocratic aggressive government in Iran and criticizes MR Trump. Mr Trump will, by science and intellectual skill, be the Iran populations political hope for democrazy. Iran government can also reject a democratic process and then choose to create Mr Trump to a muslim "Pope". A consequence due to challanging global scientific authority. 

New more hopes for Iran population and a tense Middle-East. (9/5 2018)

The US drop of Iran-deal now breaks up the status quo and a democratisation process can start in Iran. No nation can challange global scientific authority without a defeat. Iran government is very aware of that fact. They have sat in the frontline and have seen how the selfconfident Erdogan rapidly has turned into a desperate mental wreck. That in spite that he have had full support from EU to intrigue and sobatage the peaceprocess in Syria. As now also Mr Trump and US has entered into the era of science an intellectual skill Iran government will understand the hopeless situation to challange. The critisism against Mr Trump and his deeds will soon fade away. Iran government will leave the era of military strenght and enters the era of science and intellectual skill. Iran goverment has no other choise then start a democratization process and find a solution how to political gain on it. Hassan Rouhani can still choose between being another Erdogan or like Mr Un be a international respected progressive national leader. 

Very promising if Mr Trump and US drops the Iran deal. (8/5 2018)

A US drop of the Iran deal will be a very good injection to a democratisation process in Iran. Elections in Irak and Lebanon, a decided democratic constitution in Syria, a mental wreck as president in Turkey that will replaced are examples of positive democratic movements in the Middle-East that just 8 month ago was supposed to be a gigantic arena to raise demand for military industry driven by strong economical interests. They was not prepered that such an interest would be in conflict with global scientific authority that has an economical interest of creating peace, understandance, democracy and anticorruption work. The Iran deal is made before and with total changed conditions the Iran population also will enter the era of science and intellectual skill. Iran government will not be able to spend any money on developing nuclear weapons as the needs of their own popuplations is urgent. To drop the Iran deal will give a very good democratisation injection and will also send a strong signal to Europe. Europe wants to keep global political impact based on the situation after the WWII.The era of military strenght is over and we have now entered the era of science and intellectual skill.

Erdogan do not surprise. As forecasted, he copies previous political maniacs. ( 7/5 2018)

Mr Erdogan is not just kept in the era of military strenght. He has also stept some centuries back in political strategy when military aggressions did impress on a countries own population. The turkish population lives in the 21:s-century, can read, has access to internet and have friends, relatives and contacts that can tell them that they have a president that wants to be reelected by impressing on the least intellectual part of the turkish population. Erdogan tries to rely on a warstrategy. The French population did reject such a strategy allready when they deposed Napoleon Bonaparte. Erdogan has made a very convinient start of his reelaction campaign. Nobody can longer hesitate in the previous, below told, conclousion. Erdogan is a mental wreck without any contact with today reality. What ever he does just gives evidencies for the previous conclusion. Erdogan has set NATO, EU and especially France and Sweden in very big political problems. The Syrian democratic process is hindered by their allied maniac that due to his aggressions will place Turkey outside access of the copyright about Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Erdogan has placed, the above told countries, and their military industrial interest, in the political bowl of shit. The very correct place for interests that not supports democratic processes and hinders science to create peace in the Middle East.

Political success v.s. Political fiasco. ( 28/4 2018)

North-Korean leader Mr Un has adopted science and entered the era of science and intellectual skill. With great confidence he now speaks to the global population about peace and reunion. Billions of people all around the world have turned from anxiousness, about what he would be able to do, towards a politician to whom the Koreans and the global population set their trust to a peaceful future. 

Turkey leader Mr Erdogan has chosen to remain in the era of military strenght. He now is mental wreck that is not able to talk with public without taking protection, both political as real, behind a nine years old girl. He is a political burden both for the Turkish population as the global. He will not be able to make any public political campaign before the elections 24/6. There is a very huge risk that he will meet a public that ruins his political authority as once Ceaușescu met. Four days later was he executed.

It is obvious that an entrance into the era of science and intellectual skill is the only possible choise for politicians and those who tries to remain in the era of military strenght very soon will be marginalized. Erdogan did challange global political authority when his trups crossed the Syrian border. At that very same moment he also started to ruin his political authority and political future.

US and Trump have chosen to step into the era of science. ( 25/4 2018)

For US and Mr Trump ambitions to reduce the global military engagement it is a very big advantage to enter into the era of science and intellectual skill. By Mr Trumps comments in accordance with Global scientific interests and the disagrement with Macron gives a significant signal that US and Trump are in their move into the era of science and intellectual skill. Mr Trump looks forward to the meeting with Mr Un and wants to have a new treaty with Iran based on a solid ground. The very best solid ground is based on peace and democratic processes in the Middle-East. Macron and EU have used Turkey and Erdogan as a tool to intrigue and sabotage the peace and democratic processes in Syria in an ambition to replace Assad-regime with a westworld oriented and supported oppositon. If US and Mr Trump decides to support science and the decided democratic constitution, Macron, EU and Erdogans ambitions to gain more political impact in Syria and the Middle-East due to the civil war has failied. The disagrement between Macron and Trump depends on the fact that Mr Trump has decided to enjoy the solid democratic,scientific and intellectual ground. Macron wants to return to good old days when France had much more global political impact than they will have in an era of science and intellectual skill. Time Magazine:

Macron’s speech was a call to action of sorts, urging American lawmakers to defend the 21st century world order that was established after World War II and protect the planet they will bequeath to future generations.

Will Trump and Macron step into the era of science? ( 24/4 2018)

We can look forward to the meeting between Mr Trump and Mr Macron. Hopefully they have understod that their political future depends on their own choise. Enter into the era of science and intellectuel skill and raise political authority or try to remain in the era of military strenght and lose all political credibility. There is a common problem to solve for Trump, Macron and global scientific authority. Withdraw the NATO trups in Afrin region and get rid of an unpredictable political mental wreck, Erdogan, in the Turkish elections 24/6. If elected, Erdogan will be a political burdon for NATO, EU and everyone outside and inside Turkey. Very simpel if Trump and Macron decides to enter into the era of science and intellectual skill by supporting the democratic constitution of Syria and science, Mediterranean refill 3550 B.C. Erdogan has challanged global scientific authority. As long he remains as president Turkey will not get access to copyright and will be marginalized scientific, touristic and political. Bad for Turkey but good for all the surrounding and nearby countries.

UN enjoys world most evil terroristcell. (22/4 2018)

If anybody before had doubts about the statement that Swedish government is the world most evil terroristcell they not more can reject the evidencies. The Syrian war will stop immediately when UN supports the decided democratic constitution and science, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. Democratic, financial and humanitary everything is ready to set in action in the very moment as science is official supported. Syria do not need any help from UN and will be a democratic independent country. Global scientific authority is able to put superior authority and unlimited finacial resources to make it happen. For UN interests to keep impact in Syria and the whole Middle-East it is necessary to intrigue and sabotage into the peace and democratic processes. To the UN Security Council meeting in Backåkra Sweden, ( to honner the former UN president Dag Hammarskjöld.), was also the Swedish prime- and foreignministers invited, with the common interest. Swedish representative in UN- S.C. is Olof Skoog that now has declared. UN S.C has united in three problems:

1: Diplomatic solutions. = Support the nondemocratic opposition that, similar as UN, boycotts the decided democratic constitution.

2: The chemical weapon question. = Support military attacks on Syria whenever to undermine Assad regime, that supports the democratic constitution.

3: Human aid. = Make Syrians dependent of aid from westworld countries.

UN and Swedish governmental interest are now the same and UN has enjoyed the world most evil terroristcells ambitions.The main problem for Syria is the fact that a foreign country, Turkey, has NATO-trups on Syrian soil. As that is the most urgent problem to solve to make Syria independent and implant a democratic constitution it is for UN even not on the agenda. Erdogan is for UN essential to intrigue and sabotage into the peace and democratic processes in Syria. Without the conflict in Syria probably many thousend UN-diplomats and employeds will lose their mission. The UN-meeting in Backåkra was a try with common interest, for both Swedish government and UN-staff. Keep the conflict, UN-staff mission, impact and paychecks. 

If UN-Guterres choses to supports science and democracy he can stop the Syrian war tomorrow. 

Instead UN-Guterres is marketing UN with the announcement: Cold war is back!

UN-Guterres is trying to return to era of military strenght. ( 21/4 2018)

UN-Guterres has in a pressconference here i Sweden said that the Syrian government has to start talking with the Syrian opposition. It is the Syrian opposition that have refused to adopt the democratic constitution. So also UN. They did boycott the Sochi-meeting and did chose not to participate in the peaceprocess. UN has a very long time had the opportunity to support the democratic constitution and science, Mediterranean refill. When UN-Guterres says that the Syrianconflict has to be solved the diplomatic way he also requires that interest must paticipate that are rejecting the democracy process and science. Why now invite interests that before did boycott the Sochi-meeting and so far not yet supported the decided democratic constitution and science? The only thing UN-Guterres has is an interest to return into the era of military strenght when UN did matter.

Mr Trump has stepped into the era of science and intellectual skill. (20/4 2018)

Mr Trump has decided to go for a new term. Such a decission and announcement is total out of sence if he remains in th era of military strenght. It is obvious that he now by his comments about Korea, Syria and direct talks with Putin, positive will participate for a reuninon and democratic processes. He has understood that political authority only is possible to gain by leaving the era of military strenght as nobody is able to challange global scientific authority. If you can´t beat them, enjoy them is Mr Trumps chosen political strategy. A strategy that will make him to one of the most successful and respected US-president ever. Mr Trump is not a man that will drop such an opportunity. He has decided to step into the era of science and intellectual skill.

Erdogan is speeding up electiondate with 17 months. (18/4 2018)

Erdogan is now speeding up the election date with 17 months to precede the global knowledge about the Mediterranean refill. His problem is that global scientific authority has decided to boycott Turkey due to their invaision into Syrian soil. Turkey will not get access to the copyright about the Mediterranean refill. That will dramatic harm Turkish economi as they scientific will be left behind. Global scientific authority sees it as a very big potential that already in the elections in 24 June get rid of president Erdogon, withdraw Turkish troups and make it possible to release Turkey from a scientific and economical boycott by global scientific authority. 

EU has proven them self as a nondemocratic NATO-puppet. (17/4 2018)

28 EU foreignministers met 16/4 in Luxemburg and did all condamn the use of chemical weapons in Syria and supported the missile attack made by US, France and GB. There a lot of problems combined with the statement. Has there been a use of chemical weapons ? If there was any, who is responsible? Why should Assad regime use chemical weapons as it is obvoius that it political just gains the rebells and westworld interests? It is a huge problem that a punishment has been made before, with all questions left to be answered. The missile attack is a crime against international rules but was by UN Security Council not condamned. In UN eight countries did not support international rules, US, GB, France, Netherlands, Poland, Ivory Coast, Kuwait and Sweden and had a majority for as NATO-puppets not respecting international rules. Without any democratic support from EU-parliament or their national parliaments has the 28 EU foreignministers supported the missile attack. As NATO-puppets they enjoy the strategy to dishonner UN and international rules but also define EU as a nondemocratic organisation. The westworld politicians strategy:  If NATO tells us to neither respect international rules or democracy we give them full support. The foreignministers statement would not have been on their agenda but by predecide a support of the missile attack the democratic debates in the EU parliament and their national parliament hopefully for NATO-interests do not occure. The democratic critisism of the attack is meant to lose interest both for representatives, media and the public opinion. What now first must be solved is the question if any of the 28 foreignministers had any democratic mandate to support the missile attack and make the statement. A very big political misstake for EU is made as they now have given evidencies for being a NATO-puppet.

EU-foreignministers wanted to send a united signal to Russia that an intervention of Sweden as a respond of the missile-attack is a respond not political accepted by EU. The foreignministers says that all EU countries supports the missile attack. Fake, they have no democratic support for the statement. Instead they have given more arguments for an intervention to a release the swedish population economical burdons and release the humanity world most evil terroristcell. Now also the opportunity to release all EU citizens from beeing nondemocratic NATO-puppets.

There is no doubt that EU-citizens will prefer to step into the era of science and intellectual skill instead of remaining in the era of military strenght. Thats the reason why 28 foreignministers tries to hinder a democratic debate both in EU and in national parliaments. It is hard to create better arguments for leaving the era of military strenght and step into the era of science and intellectual skill. 

( G7 insists now that Russia must admit the poisoning of the Skripals. A normal act is to present evidences before accusations. The credibility of the accusations do not raise in trust when an organisation without any democratic mandate to have any opinion in the Skripal case tries to force Russia to admit their quilt. It seems as there a endless queue of diplomatic foolheads among the people that represents international organisations.)


The asshole countries have defined them selves. (15/4 2018)

The missile attack was against all international rules and based just on accusements without any evidencies. Very similar to Iraq, once crowded with nuclear and chemical weapons. Harsh accusements without evidences. As there wasn´t any, US did create them selves. 

United i the mission that international rules are just appropiate for others, the 29 NATO countries, lead by their Secretary General the Norwegian former socialdemocratic Norwegian primeminister, Jens Stoltenberg, all 29 NATO members has official supported the missile attack on Syria. They have supported  and enjoyed the mission that international rules are not for us, just for others. They have defined themselves as asshole countries. We therefore have to analyses their impact in other organisations. 

China, Russia and Bolivia supported the protest against the missile attack. UN Security Cuncil did not condemn the missile attack. Which asshole countries did vote agianst. Asshole countries in UN supported the attack against Syria. The permanent members US, GB and France supported the attack. Not permanent members, already by their membership in NATO defined as asshole countries, Netherlands and Poland supported the attack. Ivory Coast had no other choise as their president Quattara has been supported by France. Kuwait is a nondemocratic country that since after the Iraq invasion is a US puppet. Peru, Kazakstan, Etheopia and Ivory Coast were the shilly shally countries that had no opinion. Not a NATO member in UN Security Council is Sweden. Sweden also enjoyed the asshole countries. 

Summery UN: Five NATO asshole countries, Sweden and two puppets voted for a support of the attack = 8. Three countries did support international rules. Four more also did, but had not the political courage = 7. The resolution that codemned the missile attack lost in UN Security Counsil by 8 to 3. UN became an international organisation for representing the asshole countries interest. If Sweden had chosen to defend international laws they have voted yes to the resolution. Probably the four shilly shally countries also then had dared to support the resolution. Then it have been 8 to 7 for the support of international rules and the UN could have gained some political credibility. Sweden did chose to represent the asshole countries interest and ruined UN credibility as a representative for asshole countries. Norwegian and Swedish socialdemocratic parties close relationchip and their political ambitions are very easy to understand. NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, knows his swedish socialdemocratic friends. If they do think they can gain something, they follow whatever asshole.

EU: Without any democratic debate EU has told they supports the missile-attack. Nobody in EU has any political mandate to make such an statement. Most NATO-members are also EU members. A nondemocratic statement made by the asshole nations that have no democratic support by EU parliament or EU-population. Where NATO acts is no interest for democracy. Thats the reason why NATO-trups can cross the Syrian border, occupy Afrin region and kill 500 kurds without crossing Mr Trumps moral red line. Poisoned Skripals caused a very tense diplomatic situation. That was compared with the times of the cold war and about 150 Russian diplomats were sent home. Most of them from the asshole countries. To kill 500 kurds and create 127 000 refugees is on the right side of the Mr Trumps moral red line.

Media: Politicians and media in the asshole countries are very concerned about that their populations are so influenced by fake news. It is a risk for the democracy. It seems for them most democratic when NATO decides what EU must support and what both organisations memberstates must support and by media tell the populations what opinion they should have so they can resist and not be fooled by fake news. Otherwise it is a risk for the democracy.

Fake resolution: Asshole countires and the missile-countries, US, GB and France, have now to the asshole UN Security Counsil sent a resolution for aid to the Syrian population and wants to force the Assad regime to participate in the peace-negotiations. That is a fake resolution more of interest for asshole media.  UN-aid and other helporganisations are already working in Syria. The main problem left for Syria is that asshole-country NATO-trups have occupied Afrin region. Syria has already decided to adopt a democratic constitution in a conference in Sochi which asshole countries did boycott. They also have guarantees for financial support from global scientific authority thats makes them total independent of asshole aid. 

If asshole NATO-trups withdraws from Afrin region, asshole countires did not missuse asshole UN to adopt fake resolutions, most for asshole media, but instead chose to support the Syrain democratic constitution and science, Mediterranean refill, the Syrian war will end tomorrow.


History has been written. Asshole desperate military acts to keep the world in the era of military strength. Asshole NATO forces asshole countries to support their aggressions. EU has been stripped as a nondemocratic NATO puppet and ruined all it´s democratic credibility. The outside world has already stepted into the era of science and intellectual skill and left the era of military stenght. Peace, democracy and independent nations will raise even if NATO and military interest are fully engaged in creating diplomatic failours.


A total victory for Global scientific authority and intellectual skill. (14/4 2018)

The urgent missileattack on Syria was made in a situation when the diplomatic failours by the accusements was in it´s way to turn among public opinion. The lack of evidencies and the the fact that the rebellians and westworld would gain political by a chemical attack made it as a total foolish to use chemicals by the Assad regime. The missile attack was a desperate act to set the political and medial focus on the missile attack instead of the close opinion defaet by the accusements. Another diplomatic failour in a attempt to hide a previous at a moment when also the world community in UN more and more questioned the accusements of a chemical attack by Assad regime.

If France, GB and US instead chosen to support science, Mediterranean refill, and the democratic constitition in Syria the war had been over months ago and the democratic processes in the Middle-East had alreadey been in full progresses. The message to the global population from France, GB, US and NATO is:


The attack has now also been supported by EU, Donald Tusk, and Turkey that have caused about 500 casualties and 127 000 refugees in the Afrin region. We have a valuation of kurd lives with a total acceptance 12 times more kurd victims then nondemocratic rebellians that are fighting against the Assad regime.

A total defeat in credibility with the consequences that everybody now will understand that the era of military strengt must be left. It is time to step into the era of science an intellectual skill.

Russia will most probably respond intellectual and an intervention of Sweden fits very well into the new diplomatic era.

Hand over the keys into the Swedish kingdom, Mr Löfvén. (13/4 2018)

The Syrian conflict will immideatley stop as soon science, Mediterranean refill, and the Syrian democratic constitution are supported. Swedish government, authorties and rest of the swedish establishment has done everything to hinder public knowledge about the Mediterranean refill. Knowledge that would have hindered the Syrian war and 500 000 victims. This chosen strategy has also caused Sweden and it´s population an exportloss of about 200 billion USD. As a respond of a missile attack on Syria the Russian ambassador in Stockholm, Victor Tatarintsev, can walk over to the Swedish primeminister, Stefan Löfvén, and ask him to hand over the keys to the Swedish kingdom. The act by Russia will have full international political support. An act of humanity to release the world from the most evil terroristcell and release Swedish population from it´s economical burdons.The Middle-East, Russia and Korea has entered into the era of science and intellectual skill. They have seen how efficient tool the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill, as new science, has been to favour peace, understandance, democracy and independence. They have in a very short period gained marvelous political success and respect.

The westworld tries to remain and return to a the era based on military strenght. The only way to remain in that era is to provoke, intrigue and start conflicts. That is what Macron, May and Trump now are keen on by accusing Russia for everything without presenting any evidences. Harsh accusements, conflicts, attacks and creating a tense global situation by diplomatic failours is the chosen method to try to return into the military era. A strategy to regain lost impact from science and intellectual skill. A strategy that have no support among their own citizens. If Mr Tatarintsev asks for the Swedish keys Macron, May and Trump can do nothing. They have all rejected and denied the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill. They will be stripped as hindering science to keep the world in an era of military strenght by harsh accusements, conflicts and possible wars. Hard to convince their citizens about their political skill when Russia just by superior intellectual skill can conquer a whole country nearby NATO. Reelection slogan: WE WILL HINDER SCIENCE AND DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES. If they had concerns about the Syrian people they had supported science and democracy months ago, war had been over and all chemical debate and accusements had not occured. The sudden concerns about the Syrian people are just bullshit. 500 000 are killed already due to Swedish governmental hidden knowledge a strategy that now is supported by the westworld countries.  Macron and May have chosen to challanged global scientific authority and have been reduced to political leftovers. Trump and US seems to have reached some insight and have dropped the harsh accusements to a more  respecable diplomatic level. We will see! In the saturday morning, 14/4 2018, Mr Trump also failed.


National leaders that refuses to enter the era of science and intellectual skill. Total ruined their credibility and reduced them selves to political leftowers.


Macron, May and Trump are keen on creating a diplomatic failour. (11/4 2018)

If US, France and GB did care about Syrian lifes they would support science, Mediterranean refill, and the decided democratic constitution. The problem they faces is the loss of impact in the region as they had relied on military strenght instead of sceince and intellectual skill. Total played out of the arena they now tries to return to the era when military strenght did matter. Strategy: Create diplomatic failours and a mission for the military forces. A strategy that will risk a total war in the region thousend of victims, both in Syria and elsewhere. Their concerns about the 70 syrian victims for the gasattack, who did it or if it ever has happened, are just fake. Macron gave acceptance to Erdogans war in Afrin. Theresa May failed in the Skripal accusements and is desperate to find a new accusement on Russia. Labour leader Corbon do not support an attack on Syria. Paul Ryan leaves the Washington administration just in a moment when it can be seen as an escape to avoid to be involved in the diplomatic failours. He already has plans to take over the republican nomination for a new presidency. Macron, May and Trump are three national leaders that all very fast are loosing support and have lost political impact as they have remained in an era when military strenght did matter. They are not able to play the political game in the new era of science and intellectual skill. Desperate they tries to return to the old era based on military strenght by creating diplomatic failours. They are now rapidly loosing both international and domistic support and this diplomatic failour is probably the last one they will be able to do as national leaders. 

Whats wrong with a OPCW investigation? (11/4 2018)

Wikipedia: The organisation was awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize[4] "for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons".[5] Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjørn Jagland said, "The conventions and the work of the OPCW have defined the use of chemical weapons as a taboo under international law".[6]

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said the Syrian government and its Russian allies invited it to send in a fact-finding mission. The watchdog group has a mandate to "establish facts surrounding the allegations of the use of toxic chemicals, reportedly chlorine, for hostile purposes in the Syrian Arab Republic."

UN Security Council failed. Why should global population finance an organisation that is a political playground for diplomatic fools? The Syrian civil war will end at the very moment when the decided democratic constitution and science also by westworld countries are supported. There are economical interests considered that gains by the war and have been given priority in the UN Security Council.

UN-Guterres says he is worried over the raised tense situation. He can by his authority open his mouth, support science and the democratic Syrian constitution. By such an initiative he would immediately stop the tense process but he do not. UN-Guterres is fullfilling his role and diplomatic qualities as a political puppet. 

West, hold your horses! (9/4 2018)

 Once agian the westworld countries are united to blame Russian government for participation in a chemical attack. Is the diplomatic failour with the Skripal case ment to be hidden by new accusations by use of chemical weapons in Syria? For Assad-regime, Russia and Iran a chemical use would be a diplomatic and political disaster and very foolish as the Assad regime now have all advantages to regain total control of Syrian soil. For the rebellians, US, UN and EU it would be a gift from heaven if Assad regime did such a foolish chemical attack. NATO:s foolish engagement in Syria by Erdogan will also by the accusations be of less importance. The weapon-dealers will lose a market if Assad-regime gets total control over Syrian territory. Some interests wants to keep US trups in Syria. Cloride and Sarin is no hightech. Some more intellectual skill would be appropiate before the accusations became so definite. Very high risk for another diplomatic and political loss by UN,US,EU and NATO.  If they had supported science and the in Sochi decided democratic constitution for Syria, the civil war already had been over. Peace and democracy would be very easy for Global scientific authority to implant if westworld political leaders realy had such an ambition. 

Hello NATO, your allied is a naive and political fool. (5/4 2018)

 After a military win over all rebell groups the Syrian government and army has one big mission to fullfill. Get rid of the turkish invasion in Afrin region, a NATO-allied army. Yesterday Erdogan had a friendly meeting with Syrian allied Russia,Putin and Iran,Rouhani. The true message to NATO from Putin and Rouhani, by shaking hands in front of global public, is that your NATO-allied in Syria, Erdogan, is a mental wreck that acts naive and as a political fool. Erdogan is not just our problem, he is as much yours. US, Mr Trump, NATO and the Turkish army has from Putin an Rouhani got a very distinct message. US and Mr Trump are agitating for a rapid end of presence and a pull out of Syria. They wants to aviod any engagement along with Turkey and a mental wreck.

 A funeral of a political authority. (4/4 2018)

 President Putin and Erdogan met yesterday to celibrate their industrial cooparation in powersupply. World viuwers could see a national leader that just a few weeks ago did rejected the warnings from global scientific authority and with a big selfconfidence crossed the Syrain border. Later he had to put his faith into the turkish childrens and now we saw an anxious national leader that in front of the world public could not hide that he has become a mental wreck. What yesterday was supposed as a celibration was a funeral of a political authority. Erdogan did challange global scientific interests and the efficiency in dismantling his political authority came as a very big surprise.

Once again fake concerns by UN. (3/4 2018)

 UNHCR appeals Israel and Netanyahu not to cancel the refegue-treaty between UNHCR and Israel. It would be much better if UN supported the democratic constitution in Syria and science. Millions of refugees in the Middle-East and Middle-East migrants in Europe and elsewhere would be able to return home. Migrants from Africa would also be able to return home if UN supported science and democratic processes. If William Spindler had concerns about the refugees he would have sent a mail to UN-Guterres with claims about supporting democratic processes and science instead of sending it to primeminister Netanyahu and asking him to keep a obsolete refegue-treaty.

UN-Guterres is also afraid of loosing the Israel-Palestina conflict. (31/3 2018)

 UN is played out of the Syrian conflict. EU, represented by Macron, met Erdogan in a try to regain impact by political and finacial supporting Turkey and Erdogan to cross the Syrian border. EU and France have now been stripped. They have understood that they are not able to challange global scientific authority and intellectual skill. To avoid a political disaster they are now trying to slip out and have taken initiatives for peacetalks between Turkey and the attacked kurds. Erdogan has lost all international support and will also lose all domistic support. It is now a reduced war between the individual Erdogan and the world where he forces young turkish soilders to risk their lifes to rescue his own political position. UN is already total out of the game in Syria. They are therefore keen on keeping the Israel-Palestina conflict alive. All national politicians have avoided to try to gain domistic political authority by supporting either side. When Swedish foreignminster Margot Wallström has understood that it a political risk for foreign politicians to intrugue into the conflict we can establish that everybody else also have understood. UN-Guterres has now taken initiatives for an investigation with the only purpose to put some more fuel on the conflict. He can chose to support science, Mediterranean refill, that explains the reason why there are two different ethnic groups. Two groups, both refugees caused by the Mediterranean refill and with a common history. A history that will be best restored just by themselves without foreign impact. UN and Guterres has chosen to add fuel to the conflict instead of supporting science.

UN-Guterres fake concerns about a new cold war. (30/3 2018)

 UN has the possibilty to support science, intellectual skill and democratic movements. They should support a build up of a Syrian democratic constitution and lift of the UN-sanctions on North-Korea that now has lost all it´s purpose. UN and the westworld do not want to accept that the era when military strengt did matter is over. The world has now entered into the era for scientific authority and intellectual skill. On that arena they have been played out from both the Middle-East and Korea and are now striving for a return to the era whith old military rules. Old rules when UN still had some purpose. Guterres has a political position that makes it possible to immediately step into the scientific and intellectual era. Instead he is boosting the created diplomatic failour by describing it as a new cold war. He is striving for a return to a political situation when UN had a much bigger political role and military strenght did matter.

A diplomatic crises with Russia came very appropiate for a Patriot- treaty. ( 28/3 2018)

 Poland has just signed a treaty for 3,8 billion Euro:s for deliverance of Patriot robots. The diplomatic crises with Russia came at a very appropiate moment to convince the Polish government the need of such a system. The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, did yesterday announced that the Russian attempts to split NATO has failed and NATO has deceided to send 10 of a total of 30 Russian NATO-diplomats home. Everything as a strong message to Russia. The engagements for a poisened former spy has no proportions and is total out of credibility. The crises came at a very appropiate moment both for the Patriot-treaty and to hide the political failure in the Middle-East. If there are any intentions to create peace and understandance they have to support science, Mediterranean refill, and the democratic constitution in Syria. The only thing so far that can unite US, EU, NATO and others westworld countries is a diplomatic crises with Russia.

GB and EU are very keen to make a diplomatic crises with Russia. ( 24/3 2018)

 The political misstakes by the western countries in the Middle-East has to be hidden behind a diplomatic crises with Russia. They did boycott the meeting in Sochi and the unanimouse decisson to set a democratic constitution into Syria.They have supported and encouraged Turkey with 3 billion Euros, named as a extended refugee treaty, to cross the Syrian border to hinder and intrugue the peaceprocess in Syria. By the boycott they now are allied just with political interests in Syria that rejects and have no ambitions to set a democratic constitution. They also know that new scientific knowledge will deliver facts that undermine all reasons for war and conflicts between ethnic groups in the Middle-East. This positive process for the Middle-East would have been enjoyed by the western countries. They would support science and the ambitions to implant a democratic constitution. They have not and their engagagments in the Middle-East have been stripped. A total diplomatic failour that have to be hidden from media interest and critisism by inventing a diplomatic crises with Russia.

Security Counsil meets in Sweden. ( 23/3 2018)

 The UN Security Counsil will meet in Sweden in April. Never before has the annual strategy meeting been placed outside the UN-building on Manhattan. The reason to place it in Sweden is obvious. UN has been played out of global political impact. The wants to come to Sweden to learn how to use scientific authority and intellectual skill. Especially is the Swedish dismantled government and authority very interesting to study as a model how to get rid of a corrupt government and establishment. 

Suddenly was Merkel back on track and Turkish invasion is damned. ( 21/3 2018)

 A open split has now occured between EU and Germany in how to political handle the Turkish invasion. 3 billion euro for a extended refugee-treaty will be withdrawn. Erdogan will try to missuse the refugee-situation. The best way for Germany to handle Erdogan is to support science, Mediterranean refill, and the process for a democratic constitution in Syria. A political strategy that will save 3 billion euros for EU-citizens and play out Erdogan from the political arena.

Turkey crossed the Syrian border and are causing 400 000 kurd refugees. (19/3 2018)

 Turkey are by their invasion causing a number of about 400 000 kurd refugee that has to leave to Syrian army controlled region. EU pays 3 billion EURO to Turkey for a refugee treatment. For the 400 000 kurds that Turkey, backed up by the rebelian Free Syrian Army, are causing in Syria gets nothing. GB and EU politicians are very engaged in the diplomatic crises with Russia and all mediafocus is on a poisoned former Russian spy. Russia could not have chosen a better moment to support interests that want´s to hide what happens in Syria and for Putin and Assad not a worse. A diplomtic crises that for Turkey, GB and EU came at a very suitably moment.

Suddenly it is obvious why Erdogan has so big problems with the kurds. (14/3 2018)

 EU has announced a new deal with Turkey of about 3 billion Euro:s to take care of Syrian and other refugees. With a positive peaceprocess it suddenly would be no nead for a new refugee-deal for EU and 3 more billions Euro:s would be withdrawn. The refugee situation has also by Erdogan several times been misused as a political advantage in discussions with EU and it´s memberstates. Both money and influence will fade away for Erdogan if peace in Syria will be reached. There must be a political acceptable reason to keep the Syrian conflict unsolved. Some military actions against kurd terrorists across the border of both Syria an Iraq would probably plant some new energy into the conflicts and beware both the money from EU and the political advantage. Turkey and Erdogan is hired by EU to do the dirty work in Syria with a mission to keep the war alive. Sorry Mr Erdogan and EU. Try to fool somebody else in your nobel fight against terrorism!

Erdogan humuliates Turkey and it´s population. (12/3 2018)

 The turkish airforces has made attackts in Irak at the kurdish population. Erdogan tries to justify his attack into Syria and Afrin with another attack on Irak on what he says is an attack of PKK. This time he had hopes to gain some support to his deads as PKK also by US and EU named a terrorist organisation. Erdogan is fighting a war, he aginst the global population. We have seen many such individuals before. A leader that has dragged his country and it´s population into humiliation just by a mission to strengt political power to one singel individual that has lost access to reality.

Erdogan is desperate!  (11/3 2018)

Erdogan seems total desperate. He is hunting all opposition and dishonner his allied in NATO. How many wars has been won by a leader that dishonners his allies or his own soldiers? None! On the other hand it do often appears in the final act before defeat.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğa did challange global scientific interests. (28/2 2018)

The knowledge of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C is human right to know for the global population and of global scientific interest. Every ethnic group, especially in the Middle-East, have in their culture, relegion, local myths etc, details that added to the knowledge of the Mediterranean refill will build up our human history. Our human civilisation number 2 built of the knowledge that refugees had from the floded human civilisation number 1. It is due to that of global scientific interest to preserve all different etnic groups culture and knowledge and in many cases down to individual level of knowledge and tradition. With the military attack on the Afrin region Turkey was told they would challange global scientific interests and the global intellectaul elite. Interests no military force can beat. Turkey and Erdogan had a choice and they did chose to challange global scientific interests and intellectual elite. 


Turkey and Erdogan was pretold the consequeces by challanging scientific interests. No access to copyright nor for media, politicians and science. Turkey will be left behind and one of the most interesting regions will not be able to benefit on new science. Something that will gain the surrounding countries that have access. They will be able to develop a very interesting tourism industry,Turkey will not. Turkeys most attractive scientists and professionals will leave to the nearby countries to cover up their raised demand on competence. Turkish soldiers have wasted their lives to the mission of destroying a part of their own history and identity. Everything pretold Turkey and neglected before the attack into Syria and Afrin region.

Will the turkey population accept the consequences?

The only, but unbeatable, tool avalible for global science is to hinder Turkey access to copyright. A copyright they will gain access to if their government and population are willing to volentary pay the fee. A fee for a guaranty of a democratic constitution and media that fullfills the journalistic mission of anticorruption work. Any turkish political interest that fullfills the democratic required statutes will get access and be in opposition to the Turkish government. Global science can and will not make the choises for the turkish population but there must be a benificial relation between copyright and the population if the fee volentary will be payed. To gain access there must be a democratic constitution and a efficient anticorruption work. A choise only the turkish population by them self can do. If rejection to access is chosen, all surrounding countries will control that Turkey not intrude into my copyright. 


Good luck, Mr Erdogan and Mr Löfvén in Your mission to challange global scientific interests.

Armenia has understood the future. 

The peacetreatment from 2009 between Turkey and Armenia is by Armenia withdrawn. They have understood that there is a much better future with better relations with a new leadership in Turkey. At this moment drop the old agreement is very appropriate.



Carl Festin



Tillbaks till start.