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Nine weeks delay for Venezuela. (26/3 2019)

Still the main problem remains in Venezuela. Which one do the people prefer as their democratic representative. The by Global Scientific Authority presented solution to give a statistical significant answer on that question has been possible to use for now more then nine weeks. Why has that not been presented for the Venezuelian population and and what will they and the humanity think about the international community capability that have caused the Venezuelians a nine week delay?

Seven weeks delay for Venezuela. (11/3 2019)

Global Scientfic Authority has since 28/1 2019, see below, presented a solution to solve the political situation in Venezuela. Seven weeks have lasted just in the purpose to keep international establishment impact into the process. Without their active hinder Global Scientific Authority would have made the significant statistical poll described below that fast and cheap can give the answer about which one of Maduro or Guiado is the most democratic representaive leader of Venezuela. The solution to solve the main problem for Venezuela has for seven weeks been there but has by international establishment been rejected. Seven weeks of international establishment failours and a magnificent brandbuilding process in advantage for Global Scientific Authority interests as a guarantee for human values.

Global Scientific Authority brandbuilding due to establishment incompetence. ( 25/2 2019)

Global Scientific Authority has for several weeks ago presented a solution for Venezuela. A solution that by international establishment has been rejected and still the main question is not answered. Do Maduro have the democratic mandate from the Venezuelans? By an outstanding authority and technical solution Global Scientific Authority is able to arrange a very statistical significant poll and deliver such an answer for Venezuela and what ever nation. Global Scientific Authority has delivered a solution that by international establishment is rejected. When international establishment now has proven not capable and fails in Venezuela it is a very good brandbuilder for Global Scientific Authority that would have not.

Venezuela released from foreign financial dependence. (20/2 2019)

Global Scientific Authority is able and offers Venezuela a total financial and political independence in accordance with Global Scientific Authority interests to maximize human values. See Pakistan. Global Scientific Authority has by that thrown out of Venezuela all non-democratic foreign financial and political dependence. The Venezualans can now look forward to a successful democratization process based on Global Scientific Authority decided and set democratic ethical standards.

 EU politicians acts without any mandate. (18/2 2019)

 Five EU-politicians from the EPP-group have taken an initiative in the Venezuelan process. That just proves the desparation among EU-politicians to be left behind in international politics. The five politicians seems not to understand that they do not sit as individuals but as representatives for their voters. If they acts in international politics without EU-mandate they also have to do that as individuals and leave the EU-parliament representation. Their attempt is just an individual try to gain political credit for their participation in the Venezuelan process. It just do show up desperation among EU-politicians to be left behind and a total split in EU-parliament.

Venezuelans are held hostage. (15/2 2019)

 Global Scientific Authority is able to fast, cheap and democratic significant solve the situation in Venezuela. The only thing left is to verify the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. That would give the authority to be the Venezuelan population interests representative and able to run a nationwide and very democratic significant poll about whom the Venezuelans them self believes is their most representative leader. The solution is there but still not used. The problem is not longer about Maduro or Guaidó. It is if Global Scientific Authority would be let to solve the political problems or not. The Yemenites are still a international establishment hostage. They were given a solution far below what was possible. The Venezuelans are now also set as hostage. The international establishment prefers a Status quo instead of letting Global Scientific Authority solve the problems. A rejection of an offer to the Venezuelan population that since almost three weeks has been the international establishment possible to support. Instead the international establishment has chosen a three week political status quo.

More non-democratic leadership are added. (9/2 2019)

 The international community has proven unable to put in democratic processes for Yemen, Venezuela and now also Thailand. North Korea security solved That could have been accepted if not Global Scientific Authority had offered much better democratic solutions then the international community is able to do. EU did fail in Montevideo due to a total lac of political credibility and authority. UN is if possible even more out of credibility and authority. Sweden and Turkey challenges. For how long will the humanity accept political failours just in the purpose to keep the international establishment interests represented in disadvantages for humanity interests, dealing with solutions far below what is possible?

Total waste of time and money. (8/2 2019)

 As pretold. The meeting in Montevideo did not change anything. A total lac of political authority did show up and just did prove they have no political impact into the Venezuelan political process. There was an opportunity to put in the outstanding scientific, religious and political authority represented by Global Scientific Authority and solve the political situation. They did chose to do not. If there had been a verification of the Mediterranean refill 3500 Global Scientific Authority would have been able to pick up anyone from the street and, by a political back up, let a Atlantis Party representative win a presidental election. By the scientific explanation of the Biblic Flood just the religious authority would win all christians votes. A democratic poll for the Venezuelans, descreibed before, as a suggested solution can be set in action without permission from anybody. Global Scientific Authority will obvious pick a, scientific and intellectual skilled, very representative for Global Scientific Authority interests as an Atlantis Party candidate. If Madura continous to reject a fair democratic election it will be hard for the international community to hinder Global Scientific Authority to step in. An election that will end up with a Atlantis Party elected Venezuelan representive president.

Meeting in Montevideo. (7/2 2019.)

 A lot of diplomats and media has now arrived and will discuss the problems in Venezuela. The only intelligent solution is what Global Scientific Authority suggested already 10 days ago. Fast, fair, easy and very cheep to do to get a statistical very democratic significant poll about what the Venezuelans them selfs believe is their most representative political leader. What else agreed about will just be a try to remain in political impact by rejecting a far better solution.

One week spent and time wasted just in a try to keep political impact.  (4/2 2019.)

 Global Scientific Authority has now a whole week offered a solution for the Venezuelan conflict. Why not set in action is just a try for international establishment to keep their political impact. They are no longer competative and the humanity do no longer need their political efforts or financial help. The humanity do much better without them. The international establishment have now let the Venezuelan population wait for a solution that has been there for a whole week. Win-win-win-concept.


An interesting diplomatic struggle about Venezuela. (28/1 2019.)

 Global Scientific Authority has presented a solution to bring democracy into Yemen, Venezuela or any other country in the world. By combining a by several billion known and by EBU associated Public Service technical used solution together with an outstanding scientific, religious and political authority very significant national polls can be made. Polls that are cheap, easy, very quick to set in action and statistical almost as significant as a total democratic and fair election. When there is such a democratic tool available, is it a crime against the humanity to reject or keep such a tool unknown and not available for the humanity? Most of the humanity will see it as a crime. There is something to consider among governments with EBU associated public service and among UN diplomats and leadership.


 Global Scientific Authority national poll in Venezuela.

Suggested national poll for Yemen can be used in Venezuela.

As told the 21/1 2019 at website a national poll with cellphones will be used for Yemen democratization process. Democracy in Yemen.  Just two days after the presentation the Venezuelan conflict between Maduro and Guaido occured. Once again Global Scientific Authority is able to solve a conflict by refering to a smarter solutions then by relying on military strenght. The humanity has for ever left the era of military strenght and has entered into the era of science and intellectual skill. A national poll, as descreibed for Yemen, between those two candidates is very easy done by Global Scientic Authority. That  will give a very good statistic evidence about which one of them that in a fair democratic election would be the elected as president. Such a national poll can just in a few days be done and the big question about which one that has most support among the Venezuelans is solved. Such a national poll will calm down the conflict and nobody will be able to reject a new fair democratic election. The same day also a new national poll, as control, should be done. To stop the conflict in Venezuela is very fast, easy and with almost no cost possible to do. 

 Global Scientific Authority is capable do run a Venezuelan national poll.

A confirmation of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. will with any doubt give Global Scientific Authority the political authority to run a national poll in Venezuela. The solution is there. Now we just have to identify the interests that do want to hinder it.



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Carl Festin