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The Corona-crises. 

An establishment fear for human rights and a global democracy! 

Do any swedes die by covid? (19/10 2020)

The last two months the number Swedish covid-victims are reported with an average number fewer the 2/day of a total number average dead of about 250/day. Reported as covid-victims are everybody that do die infected with covid. That number has to be more then them that are infected and also do die by covid.With such a low number reported covid-victims it is a very relevant question to ask if there now are anybody at all in Sweden that do die by covid? That question Mr Obama should ask in accordance with his accusement about a Swedish strategy failour.

An Obama lie into the Biden-campaign. (18/10 2020)

Mr Obama is missusing his former presidental position for a back up of the Biden campaign. In the ambition to put fear into the US-population he tells the Swedish strategy to keep schools open etc has totaly failed. It would be a disaster both for his and Mr Bidens credibility if he did tell that the number of covid-victims in Sweden the last two month are fewer then 1 % of the individuals that during that period have did die by other reasons. The in Sweden average, about 250 deaths/day, has during the last two months had an average number covid victims at about 1,8/day. The US-democrats do use Mr Obama lies in their ambitions to let an establishment representative be elected for the presidental office. In accordance to the headline. "An establishment fear for human rights and a global democracy."

The establishment pandemic-strategy disaster. (16/10 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party recommanded hugh-strategy to win a national immunity has all the way been to by an active speeded spread among the population outside risk and during that process protect them at risk. The pandemic had by that strategy been over, for free, already at easter.

The by the establishment chosen strategy has been to try to hinder a spread of the virus. That when already classified as a pandemic and by the classification is told as impossible to hinder. The only reason for that chosen strategy is an attempt to missuse the pandemic for political purpose. It is from the very beginning, by the classification, told impossible to hinder a global spread. Impossible to stop before reaching the level with a won immunity, about 60 percent of the population, that can carry the national immunity.The establishment chosen strategy, with national close downs, has just extended the national immunityprocesses with gigantic cost, long time isolations for individuals at risk. Very much extended time for people in need of protection and by that also a much raised risk to be infected. A chosen counterproductive strategy that has caused many more covid-victims then what ever other strategy would have caused. 

Conclusion. If not the establishment had done everything possible to hinder the humanity access to science and knowledge, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and rejected the Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party offer to manage the recommanded stratetgy, the pandemic would have been over, for free, in easter with a much lower number of covid-victims. 

The unethical hugh-strategy. (15/10 2020)

The WHO General Director,Tedros Adhanom, says it is unethical to rely on the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party recommendation to use the hugh-strategy to win a immunity for free. The president for the World Bank, David Malopass, do announce they will support with a 12 billion USD amount for covid-vaccine supply to the least developed countries. That are countries that have a very few individuals not able to stand a covid-infection, can get a immunity for free and do suffer very much due to the restrictions recommanded by WHO. Recommendations only ment to serve establishment interests and only for political populism purpose. The developing countries are in need of almost everything else then a covid-vaccine. They do much better and are better protected by the hugh-strategy and a immunity for free. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do kill the global demand for a covid vaccine and recommands to transform all global covidvaccine set budgets to be used for investment to hinder global warming. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have stolen the budgets ment for establishment political populism and do transforms them to investments to maximize human values and by that also to be Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party brandbuilding assets. From the establishment view seen as an robbery followed by accusements for beeing unethical. Accusements that are for the Atlantis Party very easy to handle.

More censored covid facts. (12/10 2020)

WHO did tell that India and Africa will, due to low healthcare standard, be very hard hit by the pandemic and a gigantic human disaster will there occure. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did tell that will not be the case. The covid-virus is far from as harmful as the establishment for political purpose do tell. Also explained that India and Africa do have a relative few individuals that can not stand a covid infection. GB has alone more victims then total Africa. The relativ deathrate in GB 645/million. India 80/million and total Africa about 28/million. The by WHO recommanded national close downs has in India and Africa sent hundred of millions into starvation. Starvation that creats political destablisation and a need for establishment assistence by UN, WHO, Nobelprice honnered organisation WFP etc. An establishment traditional market building strategy for their own organisations and build up markets for military equipment. The by starvation raised number of victims, mainly among childrens, are many times higher then the number very old and very sick indivduals not able to stand a covid-infection by whom nobody have been saved by the establishment recommanded close downs.

Censored covid facts. (9/10 2020)

The annual flu is the same virus as the Hong-Kong flu that hit the humanity in 1968. Almost nothing was done to hinder the flu, no restriction and no financial effects and we did very soon get a global immunity. The total number of global victims was then about 1 million in a global population just the half of the global population today. So far the Hong-Kong-virus is twice as deadly as the covid flu. Of much more importance is that the life expectancy since 1968 has in Sweden extended about 10 years and such healthcare progresses are also made all over the world. The number obese has since 1968 raised dramaticly. The conclusion must be that the typical covid-victim can be estimated as a part of the population that now is 50 to 100 times more then it was in 1968. The typical covidvictim was probably just about 1/100 of the global population 1968 compared with the numbers potential victims in the global population today. Anyway the Hong-kong-flu then was twice as deadly as covid is today and probably 50 to 100 times more harmful then covid. We can without any scientific risk define the annual flu as much more harmful then covid and nobody has cared about the annual flu. When the covid-virus also has passed thrue the global immunity-process the annual flu will cause 50 to 100 times more victims. The establishment fear is now that the demand for a covid-vaccine will totaly fade away. That will happen as soon as the humanity understands that the annual flu is much more harmful. No political efforts during more the 50 years have been made to hinder the annual flu. Everybody will soon understand that the pandemic is by the establishment heavily missused for political populism.

Pandemic is over. (7/10 2020)

The covid spread in Sweden is bigger the ever but the number of victims has dropped from over an average of 100/day to an average of 1,5 / day, in a 10,3 million population. The virus has not changed but the political reality has. When Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did prove the high number victims as a combination of political failure and cynical political populism the high number of victims was transformed from a establishment political asset to an establishment political burden. When a high number of victims not longer was useable for the establishment to strenght their political impact by raised governmental power, by reduce democracy, by reduced human rights, told as needed reductions for the purpose to hinder a human disaster, was stripped as political populism, the high number victims became a political burden. That is why the numbers of victims so dramatic have dropped. The establishment and the establishment media solution is now to concentrate and report just about the spread as if the spread is a problem. A spread that close to, cause no victims at all, if one percent of the population in need of protection also is succesfully is protected. A protection withdrawn the Swedes that lived in the Swedish establishment center, Stockholm, where those in most need of protection were most of all citizens exposed. The pandemic is over at the very moment the high number victims is transformed from an establishment political asset to an establishment political burden.

Mighty God is a Trump fan. (5/10 2020)

Mr Trump is one of the US-citizens that with his covid-immunity now is a reprensentive for healthy adults that with their immunity will win the overall national immunity for free. Mr Biden is one of the covered establishment representatives that by egoism hands over all risks to others to carry the immunity, extends the time for the pandemic, raises the fear and rely on a gigantic feed of the stockmarket by very costly vaccine-programs. Mighty God could not have found a better moment for Mr Trump to be covid-infected. Mr Trump can now during his campaign skip the mask. Mr Biden will be the establishment mask-representative and a representative for the egoistic, non-solidaric and covered citizens that feeds the stockmarket with the populations money. Mr Trump is the alternative for solidaric healthy adults that by beeing exposed wins for him self the very best immunity and also is one of the carrier of the national immunity for free. Mighty God could not have chosen a better moment for Mr Trump to be covid-infected to clarify and separate two different pandemic strategies.

Time for a Swedish national psychotic depression treatment. (3/10 2020)

During the last 2 month the average number of victims in covid in Sweden is about 1,7 individuals each day. The average number suicide victims is about 3,5 individuals each day. As the number victims are twice as big due to psychotic depressions compared with covid-victims it must be much more appropriate to make an overall Swedish population psychotic depressions treatment then an overall Swedish population covid vaccination. 

UN-Guterres is stripping the pandemic. (1/10 2020)

UN-Guterres do now strip the UN and WHO fear for the pandemic. He says that UN needs 35 billion USD for their role to find and distribute a covid vaccine. Added to that nations and international organisations have big budgets and preorders for a covid-vaccine. There must be a big global fear for the covid-virus if the establishment representative leaders will be able to motivate such big financial efforts by the humanity. Especially when Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do offer a far better immunity, to a relative harmless virus, by the hug-strategy for free. UN-Guterres do make everybody to understand that the vaccine is not a vaccine to save lifes, it is vaccine only with the purpose for a gigantic feeding of establishment financial interests.

The establishment leadership disaster. (30/9 2020)

As the number victims for the pandemic rapidly has fallen the establishment has concentrated on the mission to hinder a virus spread. Nobody can or have explained why? The establishment do run an impossible mission. Restrictions just extends the time before reaching the level for a national immunity and restrictions just extends the time and risk for people at risk, people with very low health standard, to be exposed. It is a counterproductive strategy if the ambitions are to reduce the number of victims. The establishment interests is not to save lifes it is to keep the fear alive and the try to keep the political trust that the national close downs have had any other purpose the showing up a need of establishment political strenght. Close downs that all over has been counterproductive in the aspect of victims and with gigantic costs that are handed over to citizens. Costs just caused by establishment for political populism in the purpose to show up a need of a strong establishment leadership, needed for the mission to hinder a global disatser. The truth is that it is the restrictions, national close downs and the establishment leadership have caused more victims due to pandemic and many more victims by the very negative effects caused by the global recession.

The youngsters that saves the world. (27/9 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis party did offer a wise and good leadership based on the hug-strategy among children, youngsters and healthy adults and by hugs speed up the immunity processes and win a national immunity. An offer by the establishment rejected. They have instead tried to by restrictions isolate a worldwide spread virus. A strategy from the very beginning total impossible and used just by political purpose to show up political strenght and motivate the establishment non-competative leadership. The establishment has all by them selves proven their non-competative leadership, ruined their credibility and authority. Youngsters do not longer follow the governmental recommendations and restrictions and starts to meet and hug. They  are running the Atlantis Party wise and good leadership their leaders has rejected.

The WHO survivel gamechange. (24/9 2020)

WHO has understood there is no future in challanging Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party by acting as an establishment representative. They have hired the Swedish political and financial independent pandemic expert, Johan Giesecke, to tell that people younger then 60 years should not avoid the corona-virus. WHO has now rejected the establishment strategy to hinder spread and enjoyed the hug-strategy that from the very beginning is the by Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party recommanded strategy to win the national immunity. The time when it was possible for the establishment to missuse the pandemic as a tool for political populism is over.

Hug each other or keep distance. (21/9 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party has all the way recommanded a fast spread among childrens, youngsters and healthy adults as the most efficient solution to win the national immunity and minimize the time to hinder spread and victims among them in need of protection. That means to friendly hug each other and by that expose for virus, trigg the immunitysystem and hand over an immunity. The very best solution for free. The establishment recommendation is to keep distance, hinder a national immunity, very much extend the time and the risk to expose the individuals in need of protection and rely on a very expensive vaccine-program. Keep the fear among the public in the purpose to feed the establishment interests in multinational medical companies. Let national leaders order billion of expensive vaccine dozes and win public opinion by national vaccineprograms. Keep out yhe knowledge that covid-19 is a relative harmless virus. The recommendations differs from the Atlantis Party friendly hugs to the fobidden and 10000 GBP fee for doing it. It is obvious that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party recommendations will win the global public opinion.

Mr Trump do know he has a vaccine. (17/9 2020)

Mr Trump says there will be a covid-vaccine in just a few weeks. That is a very lowrisk statement. The Russians and Chineese governments have already told they have efficient vaccine. Lowrisk political statements as they can use placebo as told below. (5/9 2020). Mr Trump can also use that lowrisk strategy but do not need to fake an efficient vaccine. He can during his campaign let infected supporters hug as many children, youngsters and healthy adults and by that expose and give all his supporters their covid-immunity. Long before the electiondate all his supporters will have won the immunity and can without any fear vote in the elections. The establishment representative, Mr Biden, with the strategy to scarry up as much as possible, has to warn all his supporters not to sample at the same area as the infected Trump-supporters to vote. In accordance with the scarry up strategy Mr Biden has to tell all his supporters they most probably will take a huge risk to die if they vote on the electionday.

Huge pandemic problems! (14/9 2020)

Nations that by hard restrictions hindered a national immunity are also the nations that now have the most virus-spread. The huge pandemic-problem now is that the covid-virus acts exactly similar as all other virus. What now happens is by Global Scienific Authority and the Atlantis Party, since the very beginning, forcasted. Establishment media talks about a second wave in the purpose to tell the populations the previous restrictions had some positive effect. Restrictions that just had delayed the immunityprocess, caused gigantic costs and withdrawn their populations to win a national immunity. A withdrawel that now will be solved by more costs fora a vaccine to hinder a relative harmless virus. Political populism and an establishment failour will be solved by keeping the fear among the populations, let them take the costs for a vaccine they can get for free and much better if the restrictions were lifted off and they did rely on their own immunitysystem. There is a big need of establishment expertice to explain the covid-virus as hard to predict when it acts exact as all other virus. Expertice that establishment media has and still do missuse in the purpose to keep the fear among population, a need of the establishment concerns that can give "leagal" reasons and a need of reductions of democratic and human rights. Just a copied Chineese strategy.

UN has run out of money. (11/9 2020)

When the pandemic not longer excists in Belarus that has done nothing and Sweden, that has not closed down as hard as the rest of Europe, also has reached the level of national immunity, UN-Guterres is asking for 15 billion USD for letting UN and WHO run a united vaccine strategy. We are very impressed by Mr Guterres that seems always hit the point when his statements are at itīs lowest credibility. Mr Guterres, UN and WHO lac of timing do depend on the fact that they now are fully engaged by rescuing their own organisation by being even more representative for the establishment interests then before instead of analysing the global problems. UN and WHO have run out of money as the world is no need of their bad analysies and foolish advice. The global market for a covid-vaccine is in it way to collapse and will do as soon establishment media tells the world that the pandemic in Belarus and also in Sweden is over. 

 Establishment fake news. (8/9 2020)

Establishment media has now changed strategy and is reporting the number infected instead of the number victims as if the spread is a huge risk. The spread among children, youngsters and healthy adults is the solution for winning a national immunity and is a progress and only solution to get rid of the virus. We also know that the relative harmless virus do cause a deathrate about 1/1000. The Swedish total deathrates are now lower then ever and that proves that the victims mainly was indivuduals at such a low healthstandard that they anyway just were a few weeks or month from death. Sweden can now be seen as has reached a national immunity and if media did report the average number Swedish victims the last 30 days it would be lesser then 2/day in a 10,3 million population. Thats why media has decided to report the spread as a problem as  nobody would accept restrictions if they did know the very low, if there is any among childrens, youngsters and healthy adults, risk to die due to this almost harmless virus and relative the annual flu, total harmless. 

Good Russian news. (5/9 2020)

The Russians do now tell good progresses about their corona-vaccine with global interests and hope. The results are exactly the same as they will have if an infected staff injects healthy people with placebo. An immunitystrategi told by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party already in March but without an injection. Let infected people expose childrens, youngsters and healthy adults as a tool to speed up a national immunity. The national close down are proven just a matter of political populism that just has extended the immunityprocesses, counterproductive in ambitions to hinder victims and with gigantic costs. A pandemic missused by the European establishment and a highrisk strategy in the purpose to regain political credibility by doing exactly the opposite to what Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did recommand in a purpose to undermine the Atlantis Party 95 % claimed democratic mandate. The European establishment has just proven that the Atlantis Party claimed 95 % democratic mandete is an underestimation and the establishment has proven them selfs as able to harm without limits in their ambitions to preserve their fake democratic mandate.

Time to strip where the pandemic is missued as a political tool. (30/8 2020)

Establishment media is with huge interest reporting the number proven infected. The tests without any possiblity to hinder the spread is a total waste of money and only made for propganda purpose. The reports about the number infected are total inrelevant as the number has full correlation with the number of tests made. A very relevant figure is the number reported coronavictims in relation to the total number of deaths. That figure do show what nations and regions that are successful with hindering the corona to infect people in need of protection and those that by political purpose do fail or do overreport the number of coronavictims. We know that that figures very much differs in Sweden and is about 20 times higher in the establishment dominated region, Stockholm, then it is in the most etsablishment critical region, Blekinge. Figures with very high relevans to strip where the pandemic is misused for political purpose. Thats is also the reason why establishment and establishment media create and report statistics total without any relevans because relevent statistics will strip political missuse.

The WHO created corona hysteria causes an African disaster. (27/8 2020)

WHO did forecast a huge cathastroph in Africa due to the corona pandemic. That the pandemic was and is missused for political purpose has all the way been by the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party a statement. The pandemic is relative harmless and will not harm children, youngsters and healthy adults. Individuals in risk are mainly people that have not survived in countries with low a healthcare standard. People in risk is and was very low in Africa. WHO told Africa would be a disaster and Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party told that in Africa national close downs and restriction would be much more harmful then the pandemic. The pandemic is now in Africa fading away with a total deathrate of 28 000 and about 21/million. With the same relative deathrate as Sweden the number victims must be 770 000 and compared with Belgium almost 1,2 million. The WHO forecasted cathastroph has made it possible for a lot of political populism in Africa and sent 100 of million people into deap poverty with million of victims in starvation. A marketbuilding for WHO, UN and a huge number of aidorganisations. Also created an arena for political populism and opportunists to tell their concerns about the starving and suffering people in Africa. 

Reinfected with corona is good news. (26/8 2020)

Some individuals are reinfected with corona and that is good news for the humanity. That means that national close downs just ruin the immunitysystem itīs capability to protect and when not trigged and exposed the immunity do fade away. That also means that a vaccine is no solution as the by a vaccine trigged immunitysystem the protection also will fade away probably faster. It is good for the humanity that the coronapandemic not longer is a possible tool for political populism. A political populsim that by national close downs and restrictions has dismantled much of the immunitysystem for many billion people all around the world not just for corona but also for a lot of other virus. Nations that have done nothing to hinder corona have just added a corona immunity to their populations. Nations with hard restrictions have withdrawn their population a corona immunity but have also added a number of, due to lost national immunity, before harmless virus and transformed them to harmful virus. Virus that together with corona will attack a populations with a lost immmunity. Costs and consequences just based on bad leadership and political populism. The humanity deserves better leaderships that are not establishment representatives but representative for the humanity interests. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party do offer such a leadership and an establishment total failour, how to handle the pandemic, is for the humanity good news. 

WHO and European establishment close into a credibility total crash. (23/8 2020)

WHO, EU and the European establishment is close to a total credibility-crash. Establishment media tells about a rapidly growing huge number of identified infected but do not tell that the number of daily deaths are decreasing. Sweden that did keep schools open has almost, and will soon be able to be defined as have, reached the level with a national immunity and is now close to zero victims/day. The by Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party told as a relative harmless virus is proven to cause a much lesser number victims then the annual flu do when they both are at the level of a national immunity. This facts do make WHO and the establishment to recommand children and youngsters to raise their efforts to hinder a spread. The Swedish government do keep their restictions in the purpose to hinder a spread among childrens, youngsters and healhty adults: Individuals that are the tools that should be exposed and used to win a national immunity. WHO and establishment do try to manage the pandemic and extend it as long that it still will be a demand of the several hundred million vaccine dozes preordered in an attempt to feed the establishment using the populations fear similar as traditional warpropaganda. The demand would collapse tomorrow if the situation in Sweden is global told. A position reached already in springtime if not the Swedish government the 29:th Marsch had taken more control over the Swedish expertice, in the purpose of missusing the pandemic for political populism, and changed strategy to hinder spread instead of winning the national immunity. At least 100 billion Euros will be kept among the European populations instead of transformed to the establishment if the national immunity i Sweden was global told. That is the reason why it is not. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did from the very beginning offer a 95 percent democratic mandate with an authority that could hinder national close downs. By the fake European democratic mandetes rejected. 

Just a traditional establishment warpropaganda.(21/8 2020)

The establishment fear for the corona-pandemic has now reached the level that it can be classified as a traditional warpropaganda. Told is that just the leadership concerns, decissions and deads to do the very best for the population survivel is the only reachable solution and for that purpose their populations must accept gigantic sacrifices. Sweden is very close or have already reached the level for a national imminity and the total relative dethrates is now far below that it ever in history has been. Anyway the Swedish government tells the coronapandemic still as a huge national threat and do keep the restrictions with the only purpose to hand over financial capability from the population to the establishment. 6 million vaccine shots are ordered for a ten million population and thet is to the same level that it is for the whole over 500 million EU population just for the purpose to financial feed the establishment. The Swedish restrictions are for that purpose essential to keep as the Swedish national immunity process is far ahead of all other European countries and with a Swedish total open up, will be without any effect on deathreates, and would ruin all the establisment credibility and warpropaganda.

WHO is again trying to fool the humanity. (19/8 2020)

WHO now also recommands a vaccination for the annual flu, told that it will cooperate with the corona and will be more aggressive then normal. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have told that the annual flu virus is more aggressive then the corona-virus and missused for political populism. The by WHO recommanded restrictions and the all over the world, leaderships attempts to gain political on the pandemic and show up political strenght by closing down their nations with individual isolations, will ruin each individuals immunity also for all other virus. A immunitysystem that is doing the very best when it is continous trigged and trained. WHO now understands that their recommendations will cause a much more deadly fluseason then normal and now tries to find a solution for not being blamed for their counterproductive recommendations in the purpose to show their solidarity with all national establishments and their ambitions to gain on the pandemic.

 Russia humiliates the European establishment. (15/8 2020)

The European politicians have tried to show up political strength by frighten their citizens for a relative harmless virus, closing down countries and causing a global recession by closing down their nations. From the very beginning criticized by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party as a matter of political populism. Now EU has order 300 million shots vaccine, when ready to deliver, not because they are needed to hinder the pandemic but just to keep the fear alive and fool the Europeans they are dependent on their leaders concerns. They have to speed up the process for a vaccine as all countries that have not closed down will soon have passed thrue the national immunity process and the pandemic will fade out. 300 million shots of vaccine just for the purpose to save political authority and the their guilt for the global recession. Outside Europe, as descreibed below, they will do a much better immunity-process almost for free and without one single shot of vaccine.

Free covid-immunity offered already since the middle of March. (12/8 2020)

The German Minister Jens Spahn do criticize the Russians to start a vaccination-program before all test are fully made. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have offered a free immunity-program since the middle of March. Let infected individuals meet children, youngsters and healthy people that will, for them this harmless virus, build up an immunity much better then what ever vaccine is able to do. Most probably the Russians have understood to use that recommendation and now starts a vaccine-program where infected staff injects placebo. By that stategy the Russinas will get the very best result of all vaccine-programs there ever will be and by using av wellknown placebo also succeed without any side effects. The Russian dito Minister, Michail Murasjko, do reject the criticism and he knows he has nothing to fear.

Censorship by the establishment. (6/8 2020)

The pandemic as an establishment political tool is under collapse. The relative harmless virus can not be told as harmless without being censored. When Mr Trump tells that the virus is almost harmless he has been censored by both Facebook and Twitter. In region Stockholm, with a very high concentration of Swedish establishment interests, political, financial and medial,  the deathrates among the risky group is about 20 times higher then in the most antiestablishment region, Blekinge. If it is a political need of high deathrates and a useful fear, the establishment chooses to fail in protection of the risky group.The strategy to make fear among the humanity by the establishment in the purpose to gain political has no ethical limits. Thatīs the reason why immunity is a matter of tabu and when Mr Trump and others tells about immunity they are by the establishment media censored. Mr Trump did tell exactly the same as Swedish expertice do say and why the Swedish schools never have closed down. Sweden is now the only country in the EU-region that seems to avoid a second wave by being close to a national immunity.

UN and WHO are catching up. (4/8 2020)

WHO tells that the humanity should not set their hopes on a vaccine and UN recommands the childrens to go to schoool. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have all they way told that the virus is, for the children, youngsters and healthy adults, almost harmless. They should be used as a tool that infected, and with an about 60 percent national immunity, reach the immunitylevel needed to defeat the virus. It seems as the international organisations are in the process to catch up what was told by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party from the very beginning and before any national or regional close downs, Wuhan excluded, had been done. Still left to catch up are the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party accusements on the Chineese non-deomcratic government as responsibile to use the virus as a political tool and in their propaganda in the purpose to prove their non-democratic system as superior. We will see if the international organisations have the currage to follow the Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party political lead and tell the truth.

WHO and establishment in desperation. (29/7 2020)

WHO do now give credit to them selves and credit to nations that by national close downs have hindered the virus to spread. Swedish expertice recommendations has been criticized not because they have done wrong but because they have acted most in accordance with Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party recommandation to not close down.

Sweden is the European nation with the lowest costs for the pandemic. Sweden is also the nation that now differs from all others when the restrictions are lifted off. The number of victims and individuals in need of healthcare are just a few percent of the topnumbers in April and now close to zero. 

The WHO and establishment chosen, and now by them selves, honnered strategy have just extended the process and the close downs only effect is a harmed economy, a global recession and many hundred millions sent into starvation. WHO recomandations has extended the market for global aid and we have the reason why they all the way have given counterproductive recommandations. The Director-General of WHO, Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and his staff, have caused a global disaster in the purpose to raise the importance of their organisation. There is a total desparation in WHO and among establishment that have missused the pandemic in political purpose and now are stripped when statistics, true facts and the scientific truth is catching up. WHO and the establishment have chosen to run the pandemic strategy more harmful as a "starvation pandemic" then the pandemic it selfs. A pandemic WHO and establishment do say they had ambitions to hinder but just have missused for political purpose and own indivudual greed.

 WHO as a non-democratic representative. (28/7 2020)

WHO has all the way during the pandemic acted in accordance with non-democratic and establishment interests. The pandemic is political missused all over the world in the purpose to gain political impact as a reason to reduce democratic processes. WHO has backed up them by frighten the humanity that the corona-virius is a global disaster. All their warnings have been total wrong and their recommandations to hinder the virus to spread has no scientific relevans, very much harms global economy and is counterproductive. The corona-virus is relative the annual flu, harmless, and do very little affect children, youngster and healthy adults. Swedish statistics tells that Sweden most probably now has won a national immunity and also would have been there already in the middle of May if not the Primeminister, Mr Löfvén, and the Swedish government had not stepped in and extended the immunity process. The WHO tactics: As more fear WHO can bring into the humanity as better for establishment and non-democratic governments and as more financial support WHO will get from them as a replacement for the withdrawn US-financial support. 

The political pandemic. (25/7 2020)

Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have all the way told that the pandemic is by the establishment missused tool to raise the establishment political impact. As more told as a global cathastrophy as more need for a strong and non-democratic leadership and decisions. As higher deathrates as more need of a strong leadership. In Sweden the political, financial and media establishment are very concentrated and concentrated to the capital,  Stockholm. The deathrates in Stockholm are the highest, about 1000/million and decreases as more far from the capital. Stockholm has about 11 times higher deathrate then the region to the lowest deathrate with 88/million. What it is all about is that Stockholm has had very low ambitions and has total failed to protect people in need of protection. The political aspect for high or low deathrates is obvious. 

Everything as expected. (17/7 2020)

In the purpose to motivate raised political impact the pandemic has been told as very dangerous and very difficult to analyse. The corona-virus has a much lower deathrate then the Hong-Kong-virus had when i appeared 1968 and that still is the main reason to the annual flu. In in spite of a national immunity, several times has in Sweden the Hong-Kong virus caused a much higher relative deathrate since 1968 then the now brandnew corona-pandemic. When the pandemic now expands all over the world, due to reduced restrictions, the relative deathrate in Sweden now is lower, not just relative, but also in number compared with the five previous years. The by the establishment hard criticized strategy, not to do a total close down, is stripped as total foolish and counterproductive, will have to be political explained. That will be by a total astonishment and the political explanation that the corona-virus acts in a way impossible to forecast. The corona-virus acts exactly the same way as all other virus and based on that historic knowledge Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have all the way pretold what will happen and what is the best to do. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party, not an establishment representative,  have during the whole pandemic made 100 % correct and superior analysies based on the fact that the corona-virus acts similar as all other virus. The strategy to missuse the pandemic for political populism is in itīs process to be an establishment disaster.

Why do we have WHO? (11/7 2020)

The Director-General of WHO, Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, did yesterday say there is a need of global political leadership to hinder the pandemic. As WHO has honnered the Chineese leadership we understand that he and WHO do prefer non-democratic leadership with China as a model. Just after the executive director of WHO Health Emergencies Programme, Mr Mike Ryan, tells that the pandemic probably is impossible to hinder. The conclusion must be that WHO is representative for a global non-democratic Chineese leadership that anyway will not succed to hinder the pandemic. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did already in March offer a good and democratic leadership that has the currage and authority to tell that national close downs will not hinder the pandemic and that such efforts will be counterproductive and will just harm without any sense. So far WHO only has been a problem that has frighten the humanity in the political purpose to make them accept a non-democratic and strong leadership. The have been very active to encourage nations make total close downs and have due to Oxfams reports caused many more victims in starvation then the number the relative harmless corona-virus. A virus that causes victims almost only among elder-elder and people already at a very low health-standard. The corona-virus do in Sweden have no impact on the total deathrate-statistic and the deathrate is far below what we have had before due to the annual flu.

 Fake News about the coronavirus effects. (3/7 2020)

Swedish statistics do tell that so far 531 individuals/ million has died due to coronavirus infections. The total relative deathrates have many times before been higher due to the annual flu. The total deathrates are now at the same level as the average during the previous five years and the covid virus do not affect the total deathrates at all. The conclosion must be that almost every individual that do die due to a coronainfection are at the standard that they would die anyway. Establishment and establishment media do still present the coronavirus as global disaster and misuses the pandemic for political populism. There are now time to find excuses for the overreactions and national close downs that just has extended the immunityprocesses and overall have been counterproductive. Nobody did know! The truth is that the covid-19 virus in no aspect differs from all other virus and there was also not one single reason to expect anything else. To not have the political capability to consider experience and history is a huge problem that should disqualify to be at a leading political position.

 Five times higher immunity then public told. (30/1 2020)

 The tests to identify individuals with antibodies and immunity have dramatic increased. The problem by that is that the most common solution to gain immunity is by developing T-cells. That kind of immunity is 4-5 times more common then getting immunity by antibodies. That is the case also for other kinds of virus and nothing new. The conclusions are that the deathrates among covid-19 are at least 5 times by political reasons overestimated. As a brandnew virus that nobody had any immunity to hinder, has a lower deathreate then the annual flu, the Hong Kong virus, that the politicians have accepted since 1968. When populations have gain the immunity to hinder covid-19 it will have just a few percent of deaths relative the annual flu and the political bluff to political gain on the pandemic will be stripped. 

Political populism ruins immunity. (24/6 2020)

The hard national restrictions to hinder a corona-virus spread also hinders, from what ever other former seen as harmless virus, to maintain and improve every individuals immunity system. If the restrictions continous, what ever former almost harmless virus, will occure as lifethreataning dangerous virus. EU do now set orders and hope to companies that first can deliever a coronavirus vaccine. To wait for a coronavaccine is total without any sence. If the restrictions continous until then all individuals immunity system will be ruined and a big number other virus will then be lifethreating virus. The ambitions to political gain on the pandemic will become a created human disaster with many more victims then the relative harmless coronavirus has the capability to take. The establishment corona-bluff is a very dangerous political game. Sweden is all around Europe seen as a dangerous and infected country but has now an all over normal deathrate on daily basis compared with the number previous five years. That also during a summerseason without any annual flu. What can be forecasted is a much raised deathrate during autumn and winter by the annual flu and other virus infections, especially in countries that by hard restrictions have hindered a corona-virus spread, based on ruined individual immunity systems.

The establishment breeding of an aggressive corona-virus.(30/5 2020)

The establishment has by political populism closed down and isolated whole nations just by the purpose to show up political strenght. Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have warned about that the chosens strategy extends the time and the number of isolated regions very much raises the risk that a very aggressive and mutated corona-virus will occure. Swedish scientiests are now by testing the virus DNA and similarities in the purpose to tell the origin and how it has been spread and arrived to Sweden. The Swedish virus has similarities with the GB, USA and French virus. The Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party conclusion is that there are an evolutionary process going on in each isolated region with a huge number of processes that when ever can bring a mutated aggressive virus. The establishment is running a high risk strategy. The Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party warning about the risks for the whole humanity, about the establishment strategy to win political credibility by national close downs, is proven.


Corona-pandemic for political populism. (29/5 2020)

In Sweden April 2020 had the highest deathrates reported as corona-victims about 101/ 100 000 citizens. The years 2000,2003,2005,2009 all had months with higher monthly deathrates due to the annual flu 1993 had a deathrate about 120/100 000 citizens. Probably almost every year before since 1968 had a higher monthly deathrates due to the annual flu then April 2020. That even if the relative number of elder people and people in need of protection then was much lower. Summery: The Hong-Kong virus is so far much more aggressive and any political attentions about the annual flu and deathrates has never been on the political agenda. What now differs is that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party is by the establishment seen as a threat to their political domination and there has to be something to unite around. The Chineese leadership did the corona-virus drop and the European establishment tried to copy the Chineese strategy. The corona-pandemic is missused for political populism and proven that the establishment are able to harm without no limits in ambitions to preserve their favoured political position.

Statistics strips the corona-bluff. (25/5 2020)

More and more statistic can now be presented and real facts are to be reviewed. Sweden has now passed 4000 victims, (400/million), for the coronavirus but the overall deathrates do not succed other years with high deathrates caused by the annual flu. The last 30 years Sweden has had at several occations higher monthly deathrates due to a annual flu the due to the corona-virus. To be considered is that the annual flu is a lefting from the Hong-Kong flu 1968 that occures in spite of a national immunity. The brand new coronavirus do not cause more victims even if there was no immunity at all. A corona-vaccine will have a very low demand as there are other things much more urgent to spend money on then a corona-virus-vaccine. The corona pandemic is missused just in political purpose for political populism. Political misstakes by establishment are solved with the excuse, nobody else would have done different. That is now not an option. The Atlantis Party has all the way told that the national close downs are political populism and is also counterproductive as an extended process that have added the risks for people in need of protection. The overall deathrates do now strip the corona-bluff not just in Sweden but will also do so for other countries. All efforts have withdrawn people the opportunity to gain immunity and have a raised risk for a second wave with a much more aggressive virus. A second wave will start when we have winter and we spend more time indoors. Everything by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party pretold.

The Corana-virus.

The corona-virus is, so far at the first wave, a relative very harmless virus. The Hong-Kong virus, that did hit the humanity in 1968, had then an estimated number of 1 million victims. That virus is still active and causes an annual number of victims not far below the number of victims for the brandnew corona-virus. We have to consider the Hong-Kong virus with a global immunity with the corona-virus without any immunity. Back in 1968 the global population was lesser the the half of the global population today. The expected lifelengt among Swedish male people was 10 years lower and 8 years lower for female. The conclusion is that better medical care is the reason why there now are people in need of protection from infections by the corona-virus. When we compare how the Hong-Kong-virus and the corona-virus will be when they both have reached the level for a global immunity we should consider the deathrates in countries and regions with low healthcare standard, more alike the healtcarestandard in European countries 1968, and then had a very low number of individuals at the standard they canīt survive a corona-virus infection. The deathrate for India by corona is just about one/million. Placed in 1968 it would have caused about 4000 victims global if it had been in 1968. The conclusion is that the Hong-Kong virus is 250 times more harmful then the corona-virus. The arguments do not have any ambitions to be exakt but just do prove that the corona-virus will futher on is far below the annual Hong-Kong flu. Aflu  that no politicians never ever have taken notice about. To find a vaccin to hinder corona is the very best way to waste money. There will never be a market. The fear for the corona-pandemi is just a matter of political populism started in China and copied by the Europeans. The reason for that populism now but not 1968 will be below explained.

How to best handle a pandemic.

A pandemic is a disease that has spread across a large region, continents or worldwide affecting a substantial number of people. We have a corona-pandemic that at the very beginning had so many affected in Wuhan China that it was obvious that it would be a pandemic. The only solution to get rid of a pandemic is when a populations has been infected at a level at about 2/3 of the total population and won immunity. We did also know before the virus entered Europe that it was almost harmless for childrens, youngster and healthy adults but did cause victims among the very old and people with a multiple diseases, age or other physical problems. The logical solution would then be to speed up the process to win national immunity. That is by letting the virus flourish among the people the virus do not harm, let them be the part of the population that wins the immunity and during that process isolate the individuals in need of protection. When the national immunity is won and the pandemic has faded away the isolated can without any risk be released. The logical process is all the way the process recommanded by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. Why did the European establishment do the opposite? They also have all facts. The close downs do not hinder the corona-virus to spread but is just an obvious extension of the process to reach the level of national immunity. It is also an extended time for individuals in need of isolation and a every day added risk to be infected. Why extend the process when the only possible solution to stop the pandemic is when 2/3 of the population do carry the national immunity? The only thing that matters is anyway how well the individuals in need of protection during that process are successfully protected. The European establishment has closed down, very much harmed the national economies and extended the process and time and risk for people in need of protection to be infected. The establishment has chosen  very high costs with a raised number of victims for a relative very harmless virus. Why? Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party can give the explanation. It is the fear for peace, democracy and human rights for the humanity.

The win-win-win-concept.

Based on the scientific breakthrue, Mediterranena refill 3500 B.C. Global Scientific Authority and itīs political representation, the Atlantis Party, do own the copyright thatīs gives an outstanding scientific, religious and political global authority. An authority no political interest or international organisation is able to challange without being defeated. That authority is offered the humanity as a guarantee for peace, democracy, human rights etc that will make it for every nation possible to elect the government that is their most representative. The populations do win. The elected democratic governments do rely on the guarantee and have not been without the it. The populations and the governments have won on the guarantee and will be well motivated to pay a voluntary fee of one USD/month and individual for such a guarantee. The global voluntary fee will be 7,7 billions x 12 USD =  92,4 billions USD annual. The volentary fee is the revenue for the copyright and the win for Global Scientific Authority political interest represented by the Atlantis Party. Money that will be invested where it has the highest revenue in global brandbuilding and that is in investments that maximizes human values. The win-win-win-concept is an outstanding political solution far more competative then what the humanity now by the international establishment now are offered. Thatīs why the national and the international establishment do illegal hinder the humanity access to science and knowledge about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. It is a fear for an outstanding political concept that will bring in peace, democracy and human rights for what ever human individual with or without the establishment participation.


The Swedish government, authorities, media and a united Swedish establishment have since more then a decade known about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. but have done everything possible to hinder the Swedish population access to science and knowledge. Therefore Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party in September 2017 started to act very active on the international political arena using the active hinderings as a political tool. That strategy is almost as political efficient as if using the authority by a scientific breakthrue. Sweden would by a verification of the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. benifit with a 92,4 billions USD annual national export but do prefer to reject that national income to hinder a superior political concept. The fear for a real democracy and to set hinders do have no limits. The Atlantis Party do claim a 99 %  Swedish democratic mandate and that is not an underestimation as the Swedish establishment so far has rejected a national income of accumulated almost 500 billion USD by their active hinders. Thatīs just by the reason that the Swedish establishment would by a scientific verification will have redused political impact. The Swedish establishment is in a big need of a national threat and did adopt the corona pandemic as the political tool to show political strenght.


China is with the worlds biggest population but also a nation without democracy and human rights. Alone China is a 1,4 billion x 12 USD = 16,8 billion market with a very motivated and relative wealthy population to pay a voluntary fee. The Chineese government is offered to participate and voluntary implant the win-win-win-concept or a by the Atlantis Party, without their participation, implanted win-win-win-concept. Without their participation there will be a very probably revenge for 70-years of dictatorship that will hit the individuals seen as governmental representatives. With 1 % a revenge on 14 millions and with 10 % a revenge on 140 millions seen as governmental representatives. So far the Chineese government has rejected the offer but would be a quick fix if to convince them by an outstanding authority if the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. was verified. As the Swedish government do hinder a verification they was in November 2019 given a deligation to convince the Chineese government to participate in a democratization process for an implant of the win-win-win-concept. If not it would be a very high risk for a huge number of victims in China but also foolish acts by the Chineese government in an attempt to preserv the communist party leadership. They did choose to drop a virus in an attempt to show the Chineese population and the humanity their system as superior and able to hinder an epedemic to be pandemic. The did at least fool WHO that did honner their success but has placed them selves in a political position as an Global Scientific Authority and Atlantis Party hostage. 


The EU and itīs memberstates leader did all before the elections 2019 know about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. and also did understand that the scientific breakthrue would reduse the European establishment political impact. More the 500 million Europeans was by that reason withdrawn access to science an knowledge and was by the European establishment fooled to elect an establishment representation that has scientific fooled them all. EU and the memberstates leaders are in panic and in a huge need of a EU and national threat thatīs give them the opportunity to show up political strenght. They did put all their trust into the pandemi and the coronavirus and in the purpose to show up political strenght they did cause a global recession.

Political problems by missusing the pandemic.

Allready the 2/2 2020 Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party did public accuse the Chineese government for their virusdrop as a political act. That was three weeks before the first death in Italy and the statistics from Wuhan did already show that there was just indivuals with very bad health that did die due to the corona-virus. From that moment known it was a harmless virus for childrens, youngsters and healthy people. Old fashion knowledge is the immunitylevel of 2/3 to will make a pandemic to fade away. All the facts were there for a logical act if the epedemic in Italy would become a pandemic. Very soon there were infected people all over Europe and it was obvious that the epedemic had become a pandemic. The political problem then did occure. There possibility to political gain on the pandemic was fading away as the was nothing else to do then let the virus flourish and win the national immunity as soon as possible. The main political problem was also that Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party already has told that a speeded process was the best solution get rid of the pandemic and to follow that advise would give a scientific credit that also would give a scientific credit for the scientific breakthrue about the Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. The European establishment did do the total opposite to what was recommanded in i try to hinder scientific credit and to gain revenue for a proven political strenght. The establishment did close down whole nations, caused a global recession, extended the process to win national immunity and raised the number of victims. In Sweden, where the Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party had informed media about what was the very best startegy, the authorities did not dare to do total opposite. The Swedish process was most accurate by keping the childens in school and allowing 500 people in a group. The problem was that such a process was close to the process  recommanded by the Atlantis Party and due to that heavily by European establishment criticized. When it was known that there was a total failour in protecting the individuals in need of protection the Swedish primeminster, Stefan Löfvén, did step forward and did enjoy the EU establishment by much harder restrictions, warned for a very long process and economical hard future befor the pandemic was over and several thousend more victims. That was a very correct statement by his introduced harder restrictions and to enjoy the EU establishment strategy but total opposite to what have been the very best to stop the pandemic and minimize the number of victims. The European establishment is now doing what ever they can to keep the fear for the relative harmless corona-virus to be seen as a global disaster and their close downs as political motivated. They have united to collect eight billion EURO to be investment in a corona-virus-vaccine. A vaccine that will, when national immunites are there, save about one/million and about 500 deaths annual in whole Europe every year just half of the annual number of victims among the 10 million population in Sweden due to the Hong-Kong flu.

High risk processes.

The Spanish flu history do tell us that the first wave of the pandemic was a relative halmless flu. In the second and thrird wave the virus had mutated and did kill the most wealthy part of the populations and did global reach an estaimated deathrate about 5 %. If the first wave had given a 50 % of the population an immunity the conclusion is that the deathrate was 10 % among the population that had not won immunity in the first wave. The now chosen strategy to close down and hinder infections do extend the pandemic and is also the most efficient process to bread a virus to be mutaded and become much more  aggressive. Then the lucky ones are those that have won the immunity in spite of the estabalishment recommandations, their close downs and their efforts to hinder national immunities. The Chineese government has succeeded to keep 1,4 billion citizens out of immunity and Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party have no reason to keep that secret. With a mutaded aggressive virus with a similar deathrate as the Spanish flu about 140 million among the most weathy in China will be victims. We will see if the European breeding process will cause such an aggressive coronavirus in their attempt to hinder scientific knowledge and a global implant of democracy and human rights.


The relative harmless coronavirus is missused by the Chineese government to show up their political system as competative in a very hard, by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party, challange to replace their dull political system with the win-win-win-concept. As the Swedish an EU establishment also are challanged by the win-win-win-concept they did try to copy the Chineese strategy to show up political strenght by closing down whole nations. A chosen strategy in total conflict with the obvoius and well known only solution to stop a pandemic. The only solution is to reach the infected level that gives a national immunity. Just in the purpose to show up political strenght they did cause an extended process,a global recession and more victims then if they had followed the recommendations told by Global Scientific Authority and the Atlantis Party. Recommendation that was impossible to follow as that also would give scientific and political credit to the Atlantis Party and the scientific breakthrue, Mediterranean refill 3500 B.C. The establishment mission impossible is now to confirm the national close downs as motivated. They will fail. Now their chosen strategy is breading a mutated and much more aggressive corona virus with a very high risk for every indivudal that has been withdrawn the option to gain immunity, especially the 1,4 billion Chineese population. The European breading combined with a withdrawn immunity can cause 140 million Chineese victims and a global a risk for several 100 millions more. To cover their failour EU has decided a founding of 7,5 billion Euro for corona vaccine investment. A global recession with gogantic costs just for the purpose to hinder an implant of the the win-win-win-concept and all global individuals peace, democracy and human rights.


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